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  1. NutriMedical Report Mon May 11th20 H3 JohnMoore_PrepProSeFoodAmmo
  2. NutriMedical Report Mon May 11th20 H2 DrJoeEleidMD_HospitalDangersDOCS
  3. NutriMedical Report Mon May 11th20 H1 BioWarMay2019CHINAvsUSAVacc
  4. NutriMedical Report Fri May 8th20 H3 SPRING_CHINABioWeaponVaccine
  5. NutriMedical Report Fri May 8th20 H2 DrTenpennyVACCINESRNADangers
  6. NutriMedical Report Fri May 8th20 H1 MOTHERSALE7OFF_FIRSTLINEPLUS
  7. POTUS Trump Must Fire Gates Fauci Birx NOW, If he Forced Vaccines He will CAUSE 2nd Catastophic WAVE of Airborn HIV AIDS CCP Virus COVID19, He Must Not Chip and Track American or Disarm the USA Public, Repent Donald or They Will Make You Into A Beast Dictator, MOTHER SALE 7% Coupon at Checkout, Protect from AIRBORNE AIDS HIV SARS2 CCP Virus COVID19, TAKE EVERY DAY FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE PLUS KIT, Build Immune and Herd Immunity with Dr Bill's Protocols, Don't Go Withoutm Masks UNLESS ON NUTRIMEDS FIRST LINE KIT, Chinese May 2019 Declaration of BioWarfare on America and West, Nov 2019 Vaccine Backfires BioWeaponized CCPVirus COVID19,  Hide Data and Spread, WORLD PANDEMIC, China Panic MODE, GATES Death Vaccines and Chipping Soon Fall 2020 Winter 2021, NOW GET First LIne of Defense Kit Plus and Googles Mask, NO SOCIAL DITANCING, Important To Build Immune Defenses, DON'T TAKE FALL 2020 or WINTER 2021 GATES FAUCI FATAL 2nd WAVE Pandemic Inducing VACCINE of HORRORS, A to Z New SALE MOTHER Coupon 7% OFF AT CHECKOUT til Mon May 11th Midnight, May 2019 China War Declared on USA and Western Nations, Nov 2019 Vaccine Backfires CREATING SUPER CCPVIRUS Plaque!!, DON'T Vaccinate CAUSE of Massive Deadly Future 2nd WAVE, Chipping MOB Mark of Beast, Blowout of Global Economy, Kill Billiones NWO MatriXX Plot by GATES Fauci UN WHO Satanic Druidic Council of 13, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Amazing Reviews of A to Z NutriMeds and NEW First Line of Defense Kit, Injection Dangers of REAL Second Wave Super Plaque HIV from Contaminated Vaccine that Sterilizes or KILLS, Dr True Ott PhD ND, German Pathologist Autopsies, Viral Test Garbage DATA, WHO UN Deep State CCP COVID19 Virus Pandemic LIES, Model of Deaths Explodes, Danger of After Labor Day Forced Vaccinations of Peoples of Earth, US Fines or Jail Commerce Clause 1890s Override Constitution, DANGER of Viral Pandemic INJECTED Plaque 2nd Wave Fall 2020, Immune Boost Terraine, First Line of Defense Kit Plus, No Social Distancing But Wear NIOSH Masks and Eye Goggles, Boost Vit D and A Take All First Line of Defense, Block Viruses Boost Mitochondrial Protection, NO Federal Toxic
  8. NutriMedical Report Thurs May 7th20 H3d SPRING_TrumpMUSTFIREGates
  9. NutriMedical Report Thurs May 7th20 H2 ARNOLD_ENDGAMECCPBioWarUSA
  10. NutriMedical Report Thurs May 7th20 H1 AIRBORNEHIVAIDS_CCPBioWARUSANOW

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