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  1. NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday June 25th 2019 - Hour Three - John W Spring, Dangers of WW3 Averted, Pres Trump Humanity Stopped War Mongers, Pray for POTUS, G20 Weekend, ICE Raids Suspended, Russian Nukes Would Fly if Iran Attacked, Israel Will Not Tolerated Iranian Isotopic Enrichement, Armageddon Sulfur Smell in the AIR, Time to Pray John W Spring Has a Audience with Trump Soon,
  2. NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday June 25th 2019 - Hour Two - Ken Klein,, New Video Series to Clarify Israeli Misinfo, Fixing Wrong Church Escatologies, End Times Ezekiel Temple Ministries of Truth, Future Temples are Bodies of Believers, Future Queen of The Heavens is Saved Mankind, Bride of Most High To Cosmos, Agency of Midwife to Universe, Destiny Order of Universal Chaos,
  3. NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday June 25th 2019 - Hour One - Ryan Frace, NutriMeds Expert, Top NutriMeds Science of Wellness, Dr Bill Deagle MD, VitaMineralMAX, VitaMineralMIX, Minerals Plus, SuperNOX, BioLVR, SAMethyl, Power Methyl B12, Super Folate, Red Deer Velvet DR, Oncomycin MyCO D2, MitoThyroid, Nutriodine, Ultra Thiamine B1, Magnesium Glycinate, Cell Defense Plus, Power C Plus, CoQ10 Supreme, AgeLess Drink, Life Support Drink, GlycemX Drink, NutriComplete Drink, XenoEstrogen Detox, ChelorMAX, AllicinMED, DiabetaLean, Biotin Plus, Leptin Metabolic, Berberstatin, Keto Power, Sport EnerG Lyte, NADH, Mitochondrial Catalysts, Omega Supreme Pro, MitoThyroid, CollagenMAX, Forskolin, LipoFlush CLA, Green Tea Supreme, Ultra Thiamine B1, Cell Detox Glutathione, Gamma E Plus, H2 Plex, NutriTRALA, Carnosine D-Link, InflamX, ArthritX, Joint Performance, Tendon Mender,
  4. NutriMedical Report Show Monday June 24th 2019 - Hour Three - Josh Bernstein,, ICE Raids Held Back 2 Weeks, Deportations to Bring Dems to Flores Law Tables, Iran Balanced Trump Response, War Mongers GOP DEMS, World Economy Dangers of Iran War, G20 Russian Chinese Trade Vs. Wars, North Korea Tied to Trade Solution, Iran Inspections to Prevent Nukes, Trump Election Machine in Full Gear 2020, Democratic Debates Blades Drawn, Circular Political Firing Squad,
  5. NutriMedical Report Show Monday June 24th 2019 - Hour Two - Deborah Tavares, Worldwide Lies of Water Shortages, Primary Water Paul Pauer, Primary Water Institute,, Chennai India Crime Against 5 Millions Water Shortages, Oregon governor sends police to find lawmakers  who skipped climate vote, Cyber-Globalism, Cybotting the Human Race Coming Soon, AI Dangers to Human Society, Population Capture in Smart Cities,
  6. NutriMedical Report Show Monday June 24th 2019 - Hour One - CRNTalkRadio Network July 1st 2019 Added, Now Hour 1 and 2 to Red State Talk Radio and Revolution Radio, Many New Ways to Listen, Amazon Alexa, Google Plus, ROKU, iHeart Online, New Satellite and Land AM/ FM, FREE Protocols to Start Your Health Journey, Lloyd Merrifield, Karatbars GOLD Coins and ICO GOLD Crypto Coins, ATMs Launch Fall 2019 Worldwide, Massive Increase in Value, Buy NOW!, Links at Shop By Products, Drop Down, Farid, 7 Synergist Heart Vascular Herbs, Lower BP Blood Pressure, Improve Perfusion, STOP Heart Attack Stroke, Prevent Embolus, Reverse Arterial Blockage, Rebecca Starr Price,, Chasing Beauty Book, Floral Silk Flowers, Tourism to Italian Art, Get the Book and Flowers Now,
  7. NutriMedical Report Show Friday June 21st 2019 - Hour Three - Stan Deyo, EMP Shield, Solar CME, Worse Than National EMP Missile, Protect Home Business Solar and Power Generators, Buy Now Via Link, Shop By Products,,, False Flag Gulf of Oman Drone Strike, Who Benefits?, Economic Crash with US Iran War, Globalist Bankers Chaos Masters, No Agreement in US Military, G20 Timing Suspect,
  8. NutriMedical Report Show Friday June 21st 2019 - Hour Two - Harley Schlanger,, Exoneration of LaRouche, Mannafort Richers Island, Flynn New Atty Developing, Mueller Ignored Fake Documents, Criminal Prosecution of DOJ FBI DNI Five Eyes, Steele Doscie Proven Fake Early, End of War Mongering We HOPE, Trump Pulled Back from Brink of WW3, Iranian Drone Attack Issues, Warmongers, Masters of Chaos, US 2020 Crash World Economy Iran USA War,
  9. NutriMedical Report Show Friday June 21st 2019 - Hour One - Host Michelle, Dr Bill Deagle MD on Wellness ?? Firing Line, Protocols for..., Grey Hair, Depression, Fatigue, Low Energy, Pneumonia, Sinusitis, Vascular Disease, H Pylori Gastritis, Hiatal Hernia, Diverticular Disease, Ulcers, Pregnancy, Iron Deficiency, Bones, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Joint Regeneration, Dermatitis, Antiaging, Red Deer Velvet DR, Oncomycin MyCO D2, KardioVasc, Omega Supreme Pro, NeuroGEN, Biotin Plus, DiabetaLean, Leptin Metabolic, Berberstatin, Drinks, Life Support, GlycemX, AgeLess, NutriComplete, Sports EnerG Lyte, NADH Tabs, VitaMineralMAX, VitaMineralMIX, Minerals Plus, Tendon Mender, Joint Performance, InflamX, CollagenMAX, NutriMeds Royal Jelly, BioLVR, Power Methyl B12, Super Folate, SAMethyl,
  10. NutriMedical Report Show Thursday June 20th 2019 - Hour Three - Matthew Deagle, Rise of ISIS Geo Bush Jr, Presidential Directive 51, SAD CIA Israel Saudi 911, Mind Control Subliminal, Demon-Rats Can't-Did-Dates, Race with Trump 5G GMO Recycled Toxic Water, Iran False Flag, Russian Nuke Defenses Paranoia, Globalist Bolton Neocons War with Iran,

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