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  1. NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday September 18th 2018 Hour One – Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, A to L Wellness Core Protocols Reviewed, Acid Reflux to Life Extension, Integration with Labs and Video Consult Telemedicine Worldwide, Metapathia Scan Reports On Site or Remote, Referrals to Specialty Doctors and Clinics Worldwide, CITRIX Sharefile HIPPA Compliant Records Uploads, DropBox and OneDrive Thumb Drives, Weekends for Full Consults Online,
  2. NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday September 18th 2018 Hour Three – John W Spring, KAL 007 62 American Prisoners by Russia 1963, Public Told Lies re OKC 911 Patriot Act, Deep State Disinfo, Soft Coup on Trump, Kavanaugh Demon-Rats Scam, Danger of AI Artificial Intelligence MOB Mark of The Beast From Future America,
  3. NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday September 18th 2018 Hour Two – Jim Coles, SonicLife, Whole Body Exercise, eGFT epiGenetic Frequency Therapy, Plasma Mineral Amino Acid Harmonic mRNA Induction, Linus Pauling Research Basis, Hemp Nanotech Liposomal Oil, Stress Cancer Pain Relief, Reduces Free Radicals, Mobilize Fat Deposits Topically, Dr Bill Review of Kavanaugh Supreme Court, Trump on North Korea Iran Nuke Missiles, 2018 Midterm Outcomes, Power of Trump with Samuel Advisers from Public, Need for Alternative Info Views for Prevention of War and Ecological Chaos,
  4. NutriMedical Report Show Monday September 17th 2018 Hour Three – Deborah Tavares,, Water Wars, OmiHydroCide Killing Earth and Peoples Water Shortages Toxic Waters, Review of Conflict Charts of Western USA, Globalist Water Rationing Shortages, Plan to Cull Human Race 90%, Check Out the Facts, Read Pray Act NOW!,
  5. NutriMedical Report Show Monday September 17th 2018 Hour Two – Cody Snodgres, CIA Contract Munitions Expert, Refused Demolition of Alfred P Murrah OKC Building 1995, OKC to 911 Inside Jobs, SAD Special Activities Division of CIA Ran with Israeli Mossah Nuke Division, Martial Law Since 911, Patriot Act 1 and sections in 2, Plans for Martial Law USA, Disarming Public, Climate Disasters, Dirty Bombs, Plaques, Water and Food Shortages, Economic Chaos, Spiritual Elements of Warfare, Pray for Fallen Brothers and Sisters Gripped by Darkness, Prepare for Spiritual Warfare,
  6. NutriMedical Report Show Monday September 17th 2018 Hour One – Josh Bernstein,, Christine vs. Kavanaugh Left Demon Rats Hail Mary Attack, 50 days to 2018 Midterms, Bets Dems Talk House Josh, Bets GOP Takes House Senate Dr Bill, Possible Last Two Years of Trump First Term Paralyzed by Dems, End of Civil Government, Painful Unjustified Suits vs. Trump Corp Family,
  7. NutriMedical Report Show Friday September 14th 2018 Hour Three – Gary Richard Arnold,, COPA and Masonic Foundations Trusts, Globalist Druidic Council of 13, UN ICLEI Resilient Cities, COGS, Panetta, Russia-Gate, Russia China USA Nationalist Leaders, Global Financial Controlled Demolition Coming MOB Mark of Beast from America, Check out Links Below!,
  8. NutriMedical Report Show Friday September 14th 2018 Hour Two – Harley Schlanger,, Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche Economics, Need for Trump to STOP Listening to Halley and Bolton, Negotiate with China Russia for North Korea and Iran, Collaboration of World Trade, Belt and Road for All Nations, Trade Prevents World Wars,
  9. NutriMedical Report Show Friday September 14th 2018 Hour One – Wellness Answers on Firing Line, Host Michelle Deagle, Dr Bill Deagle MD on NutriMeds Hot Seat, Cyanobacteria Dermatitis and Respiratory Recovery, Nutriodine, NutruSilver, NutrImmune 26Y, NutriDefense, Power C Plus, Can-C for Eyes Cataracts, Tooth Pain Periodontal SonicAir Floss and HydroFloss, Use Nutriodine or NutruSilver to Irrigate Gums, CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol for Gum Healing, Red Deer Velvet DR Stem Cell Support, Regeneration of Kidneys Organs, Hormone Imbalance Testing, Lower Leg Pain Muscle Spasm Vascular Studies, Blood Lipid Labs on Consults, Power of Metapathia Scan, Coming BioPhilia Scan Video Recorded,
  10. NutriMedical Report Show Thursday September 13th 2018 Hour Two – Sean, LessEMF, How to Install SAFE Solar on Roof, Magnetic Blocking Shielding, Get Meters Package, No Radiation Headphones, Canopies for Bed, Blocking ELF Walls, Don't Silence Your GENES with Electrotoxins, Tony, Nutriodine, Hormone Imbal;ances in Women and Men, Nutriodine to Rescue Mitochondria, 5 Prime Deiodinase Nutriodine, AntiPathogenics Nutriodine, Mitothyroid, Selenium Cruciferate, Minerals Plus, Forskolin, STOP Halides Fluoride, Chloride Toxins Feminizing Pesticides,

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