Quantum Functional Predictive Diagnostics QRMA Metapathia Bioplasm Consultations

Quantum Functional Medicine looks to the underlying quantum physics, genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry, toxicology, stealth pathogens and disease causing deficiencies or excessive needs for minerals, nutrient and biomolecules, that are the basis for aging and disease.  QRMA and Metapathia Quantum Predictive Scans with a Consultation from Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, can find underlying patterns that will lead to future illness and disease, and help unveil causes of current illness and allow you to achieve Optimized Wellness and Regenerative Antiaging Healing.   Our USA and other country testing sites chosts are included. By the summer of 2017, we include Jim Guerci at www.PPRDI.com in NYC, USA and John Mazzone in Fayettville Arkansas, USA at www.QuantumPros.com.  Contact them for a Full Consult and Quanutm QRMA and Metapathia Scans. With additional test kits sent to your home on consult, that confirm suspected issues and imbalances your health can be optimized and illness reversed with medical grade nutraceuticals, stem cell supporting peptides and stem cell supportive regeneration.

Link for LiveStream Simulcast Videos on QRMA Metapathia Scans and Consults