Atlassian Cloud Agreement

5. Definitions. Any wholesale terms not defined elsewhere are defined in the Atlassian Cloud Terms of Use or in your current agreement with Atlassian for the relevant cloud products (“Terms”). 1.1. RefinedWiki makes software available through the Atlassian Pty Ltd(Atlassian) online marketplace (Atlassian Marketplace), which is an add-ons, applications and plugin features for Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Desk products. RefinedWiki may also provide the end user with software via cloud services after the end user has accessed Jira, Confluence, or Jira Service Desk. 1.2. Cloud Products. This Agreement does not apply to Atlassian`s hosted or cloud-based solutions (currently referred to as “cloud”) whose use requires a separate agreement with Atlassian. 2 types of Atlassian products.

This Agreement (a) regulates Atlassian`s commercially available downloadable software (currently referred to as “servers” or “data centers”) (“Software”), (b) Atlassian`s hosted or cloud-based solutions (currently referred to as “cloud”) (“Hosted Services”) and (c) any related support or maintenance services provided by Atlassian. Hosted software and services are referred to as “products” and the corresponding documentation. The Products and their Permitted Use are described in more detail in Atlassian`s standard documentation (“Documentation”). Section 6 (Software Terms) applies specifically to software and Section 7 (Terms applicable to hosted services) applies specifically to hosted services, but unless otherwise stated, other provisions of this agreement apply to all products. 21 third-party products. Atlassian or third parties may provide you with third-party products or services from time to time (for example. B through Atlassian Marketplace), including, but not limited to, add-ons and plugins, as well as implementation, adaptation, training and other consulting services. If you purchase any of these third-party products or services, do so exclusively between you and the third party under a separate (and data exchange) agreement. Atlassian does not warrant or support any non-Atlassian products or services, whether or not Atlassian qualifies them as “verified” or not, and disclaims all liability for such products or services. .