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Thank you for your participation if this First Nations Medical Study of the EduCap Oral Exosomal microRNA induction of recognition of the Sigma One portion of the Spike Protein, that allows the COVID19 to enter cells and replicate. After you take orally one Lonza to you end of small bowel EduCap for thirty days, we wait for fifteen and thirty days to perform at a special US Certified Lab Ig4 subclass antibody titer, and if you have immunity will provide a Worldwide to UN and Intl Court of Justice Legal Immunity Certification Passport. This may be helpful in your country, line of work or profession to avoid the toxic fake mRNA or double-stranded DNA toxic vaccines and their consequences for you and those close to you. You may pay $400 per bottle to Dr. Bill Deagle MD for 4 individuals to complete the EduCap First Nations Research Foundation study, with a total tax write-off on your taxes in whatever country you reside. Lab test Sigma One antibody tier analysis is $75 per test, to verify cellular T Cell and humoral or antibody B Cell immunity.  First Nation Research Legal Certificate and Card are $100 per person, Worldwide UN and Intl Court of Justice for flights, service, special access anywhere a Vaccine Certificate is forced on its citizens. We need your full name, birthdate, address, phones, emails, means and times to communicate, short medical history including meds, supplements now, blood group and past medical and surgical issues and any know genetic anomalies personal or familial and lists of concerns or questions. We are not claiming a cure or treatment, but just identifying that this safe means of inducing a T Cell protective and B Cell immune response, like natural immunity has been created. We will be replicating this in other countries, the first to be India in the near future to provide help to their populations.

The price for membership is $400.00 now.

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