NutriMedical Report Fri Jan 24th ’20 Hr 3 Paugh WORLD ID SARS MOBeast

Pastor Butch Paugh,, Satellite AM/FM Internet Shows, Prophetic Call to Christians to Repent, Churches in Apostasy, SARS US Patented Bioweapon, 11.9 Million Chinese Banned from Leaving City, Five Contries spread of SARC Coronavirus, Dr Bill’s Nutriodine AllicinMed NutruSilver NutriDefense NutrImmune NIOSH N95 Masks Defense Wipes, Prep with Food Water Fuel and Self Protection with Neighbors, Bible Prayer and Fitness in Body and Spirit, 2020 Year of Apocalypse, Oct 1st 2020 World ID, Plaque, Economic Reset, Cyberstate Interment, SARS 48 PCR Test Held at POE Points of Entry into USA and Other Countries, Trump Biggest Budget for Planned Un-Parenthood, Trump March for Life Today Fri Jan 24th 2020, Pray for Conversion, Now Trump is Part of the SLITHER-och-Racey, Left and Right Side of the SNAKES that Rule US!, Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,