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Seventh American with coronavirus confirmed as the White House declares the global outbreak a public health emergency in the US and closes its border to visitors from China as the illness spreads to more than 11,000 people worldwide

  • A man in Santa Claram California was confirmed to have coronavirus on Friday, bringing the US total case count to seven  
  • US health officials on Friday declared the outbreak of coronavirus a public health emergency in the US 
  • Foreign nationals – except the immediate family of Americans – will be blocked from entering the US if they’ve visited China in the last two weeks beginning 5pm ET on Sunday 
  • All flights from China will be funneled through seven airports: JFK, Chicago O’Hare, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Honolulu and LAX 
  • People who have been in Hubei province – where Wuhan is located – within two weeks of returning to the US  will be under mandatory quarantine for up to 14 days 
  • People coming back from any part of China will be asked to self-quarantine at home for up to 14 days 
  • CDC officials have issued a 14-day federal quarantine for all 195 passengers who were evacuated from Wuhan
  • It’s the first time in 50 years that the agency has had to issue a federal quarantine 
  • Since Thursday, cases of the new coronavirus have increased by 26%, sickening nearly 10,000 people worldwide
  • The CDC said it is possible that someone could test negative for the coronavirus before developing symptoms, but become ill later 
  • The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak to be a global health emergency on Thursday
  • The ‘public health emergency of international concern’ is the highest warning the UN health agency can give
  • Just one week ago, WHO officials said it was too early to declare the outbreak an emergency
  • It comes the same week that the sixth US case of coronavirus was confirmed in a Chicago man in his 60s
  • This marks the first case of human-to-human transmission of the virus in America, and it’s now suspected that people can infect others even if they don’t have symptoms 
  • Currently, there are 168 possible cases are under investigation in the US, 21 of which are in Illinois 
  • Worldwide, well over 11,000 people have been infected and 258 people – all in China – have died  


The corona virus is spreading fast after Chinese authorities tried to suppress the truth about the virus and even arrested people in healthcare and the media who tried to warn others about the outbreak. This video documents the role of China in denying the virus’ growth until it was totally out of control. Strangely, the mainstream media continues to applaud China’s response while covering up for the arrests. Here is a partial timeline of the virus’ growth and China’s questionable actions:

Dec 8: First case reported

Dec 30: Chinese experts arrive in Wuhan to assess the virus

Jan 1: First death occurs

Jan 14: Local Chinese media arrested for reporting on the virus

Jan 18: Local government allows 100K people to attend local News Year’s banquet, sharing common dishes of food—many are exposed and contaminated with the virus

Jan 18: Chinese government says the virus is “not dangerous”

Jan 21: New Year’s celebration in large groups—more contaminated

Jan 22: Government mandates wearing medical masks (so much for “not dangerous”)

Jan 23: Quarantine of Wuhan city announced after 500K had already left to spread the virus

Jan 27: National government blames the Mayor of Wuhan for everything and he resigns

As Breitbart reports, “China Claims Wuhan Virus Spread Is Miraculously Declining, Defying Experts:”

As popular outrage against the Chinese state grows for its mishandling of the viral outbreak, China’s state propaganda wings are increasingly loud about the people’s alleged support for the Party. The Party’s Central Committee published a statement to the Party’s member’s urging them to “organize and mobilize Party organizations, members and officials to join in the frontline battle against the outbreak and transform the Party’s political and organizational strengths and its advantage of close ties with the people into strong political power for epidemic prevention and control.”

And so the habit of saving face continues in China. While the government is letting people fly out of China, they mistakenly use handheld temperature scanners to see if people have a fever and are sick. But this virus is contagious even before people show symptoms.

Even today, China continues to downplay the rapid growth of the deadly virus, and riots have broken out against mandatory quarantine in prison-like conditions. The word is getting out.

The virus is spreading through even the most casual contact with those infected—just by breathing the same air. For example, in two cases in Japan and Germany,

One of the patients was a Japanese tour bus driver in his 60s in the city of Nara who had driven two groups of Chinese tourists who had come from Wuhan earlier this month… A 33-year-old from the Starnberg area south of Munich [Germany] is in isolation as a precaution, officials in Bavaria said. They said his condition was good.

The man took part in a training session at his workplace last Tuesday which also included an employee of the same company visiting from China, said Andreas Zapf, the head of Bavaria’s office for health and food safety. The woman, who had not previously shown any symptoms, flew home on Thursday and went to a doctor after feeling ill on the flight, Mr Zapf said. She then tested positive for the new virus.The woman lives in Shanghai, but had been visited a few days earlier by her parents, who come from the worst-affected Wuhan area.

Health officials are pleading with people who are infected to self-isolate to keep from spreading the disease. But because many people can’t tell they are spreading the disease until symptoms show up later, everyone who is healthy has to self-isolate once the disease starts spreading within your community.

That means you must stock up with food now so you don’t have to go to the store. Once the risk becomes real don’t send kids to schools and don’t go to church, movie theaters or even work. I understand this is catastrophic to people’s life and work obligations, but that is what you must be prepared to do in any serious plague.

People simply won’t cooperate with law enforcement once mandatory quarantines take place outside of their homes, as is now starting to happen in China. Shocking videos are circulating on social media showing Chinese citizens rioting and fighting with police to prevent the construction of a quarantine center in a village in the coastal province of Fujian.

That is why I am preparing readers to self-quarantine, so you don’t get caught in some dangerous government mandate to put people into large buildings with others, without access to your natural products that can help fight off disease. Andrew’s prep tip today is about one very powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial remedy you can take internally.

Here is an important link to an internet site which tracks the growth of the Corona Virus in real time: as of today there are over 8,000 cases of confirmed infection and growing fast. Use this site regularly for your area. It covers everywhere in the connected world.

What is the origin of the Corona 2019-nCov virus?

There is no shortage of conspiracy claims relating to this virus outbreak, ranging from a weapons grade bio weapon release to vaccine manufacturers doing this on purpose. I am no conspiracy denier but it is almost impossible to confirm any of these, short of a credible whistleblower from the inside, which we don’t have. So, I am not going to cover any of these at this time but will in the future if something credible surfaces.

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics shared this letter he got from an expert. In the excerpts below, it points to the possibility of infected medical gloves from the Wuhan bio lab getting used at the local fish market where they claim it started:

I totally agree with you that there is absolutely ZERO evidence to support any conspiracy theories about a “weaponized virus”. But I would like to stress that I still think there is no coincidence that the epicenter occurred in Wuhan where the only Chinese BSL-4 lab exists – a lab that only became fully operational last year…

I have worked in a few companies where we had BSL labs. There were always “accidents” – most due to typical human attempts to reduce work by ignoring protocols… There is a good Lancet article on the Wuhan origins. Again, having worked in BSL related to study for infectious agents, the Lancet overview of infections and also knowing Chinese “culture” there are a couple of salient points:

#1 Gloves. If BSL-2 protocols were not sufficient and yet lots of tests were being run there….Gloves got contaminated. For the lab – no problems, just toss them out – but for any poor person picking through the garbage and suddenly finding a “treasure trove” of “hardly used” gloves…Well. I’ve been to these markets and the sellers all wore gloves. Filthy gloves.

The massive spike of infected people going to some random market suddenly got an incredible boost as a disease vector.

Naively, president Trump claims he has everything under control in the US, and that “it’s going to be fine.” I hope so, but don’t count on it. The virus is spreading here by people going back and forth into China. Only now are airlines starting to cancel flights into China—in part because pilots and crew aren’t willing to fly there anymore and risk contamination via cockpit air circulation.