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Chemotoxic Fake Genetic Vaccines Resuce Protocols Kits, Final Twelve of 24 Elders Around Temple of God in Heavens, Moses – Dr Bill Deagle MD, Elijah – Dr Carrie Madej DO, Witness of Discernment of Spiritual Political Truth, Pastor Butch Paugh, Shofar Announcement of Feasts and Warning and Obstetrical Delivery of Bride of Saved Mankind, Dr Sherry Tenpenny DO, Visionary of God’s Future World of Peace and Harmony, Dr Delores Cahill, Rally of Troops Social Networks and Media and Finances, Mike Lindell, End Times King David of EphAmerica, Donald J Trump 45th 2nd Term Soon, Josh Bernstein, Forensic Pathologist of Facts and Revealer of Sin and Crimes Against God,