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Stan Deyo, EMP Shield, Solar CME, Worse Than National EMP Missile, Protect Home Business Solar and Power Generators, Buy Now Via Link, Shop By Products,,, False Flag Gulf of Oman Drone Strike, Who Benefits?, Economic Crash with US Iran War, Globalist Bankers Chaos Masters, No Agreement in US Military, G20 Timing Suspect,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,NutriMedical Report Show,

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From June 21st 2019 World Affairs Brief …


Yesterday Iran shot down a Global Hawk surveillance drone that it said violated its 12 mile territorial limit over the Strait of Hormuz where 20% of the global supplies of oil are carried by tanker ships. The US claims it was “unprovoked attack” on an unarmed drone in international airspace. But the facts show just that—it was a provocation by the US to fly this military asset within a few miles of Iranian airspace after Iran nearly shot down a similarly sized Reaper drone last week. Iran likely can’t distinguish between the surveillance Global Hawk and the similarly sized armed Reaper drone from the ground even on radar. Both drones have big, long wings that make them a slow, easy target for Iran’s homegrown anti-missile systems. The US would have been on their guard and not risk such a big, slow target, unless they hoped that Iran would take the bait and attack. Now Deep State intelligence briefers and several neocon Republicans are trying to push Trump over the edge to authorize a military strike against Iran, and Trump went along, but canceled the strike minutes before launch. This week we’ll try to find out why.

Initially the shoot down of the drone got Trump primed to strike. Trump said on Twitter that Iran “made a very big mistake,” hinting at coming military action. But during an informal oval office press conference after the attack, he also showed signs of giving Iran the benefit of the doubt, which I am sure upset his briefers and neocon advisors that are pushing for this war. Sadly, I think neocons will reconvince Trump through another false flag event. Here’s why war with Iran is inevitable.

First, Iran has been on the globalists’ war agenda since at least 2004. The globalists want to take down the only Muslim country attempting to be self-sufficient in weapons production so that all Muslim countries will be tied to the West and their arms supplies, which can be cut off at will, as the US did to Iran in prior years. This way they can choose the winners and losers in this hot-spot of the world.

Second, Iran is the key supporter and supplier of arms to those nations who know that the US has falsified the war on terror blaming it on Muslims they trained. These nations know the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia funds and trains al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and uses that terror to continually justify intervention in the Middle East. Iran militarily backs Hezbollah, Syria and Yemen, which are actively resisting the US-backed terror attacks on Middle Eastern countries.

Thus Iran is the key opposition leader to the phony US war on terror and has to be eliminated. But because of president Trump’s natural skepticism of US intervention, he has to be talked into war, and the US Deep State is bringing all their best intelligence and propaganda assets to bear on him.

Sadly, President Trump simply isn’t prepared to challenge the military and intel briefings he receives. For example, in his Oval Office talk with reporters yesterday, he parroted the conclusions fed to him by his advisors as to the drone’s location and its claimed innocent mission watching over shipping in the Strait of Hormuz. The briefers told Trump the drone was in established air corridors between Iran and neighboring countries but conveniently omitted that the drone had its transponder turned off and was in stealth mode. Iran knew that meant the aircraft was not an airliner and had a military purpose.

I have no doubt that constant surveillance in going on around all sides of Iran, including when the two tankers were attacked last week. Where is this earlier surveillance footage of those who really perpetrated those attacks? Perhaps, it is kept secret because it would show that Iran really didn’t do it. Don’t forget the US also has satellite surveillance of Iran, which leads me to believe the aerial surveillance by drones is there to provoke Iran into shooting one down.

Last week, in the US efforts to further blacken Iran’s motives, it announced that Iran tried to shoot down a US Reaper drone that arrived on the scene of the oil tanker attacks. Fox Newsreported on the earlier shoot down attempt:

Iran fired a missile – but missed – at an American drone on Thursday after the supposed Iranian attack on oil tankers, while another U.S. drone was shot down by Iran-backed rebels in Yemen in recent days. A senior U.S. official told Fox News that an MQ9 Reaper drone was fired on by the Iranians on Thursday shortly after it arrived at the scene where the MV Altair tanker sent out a distress signal amid the attacks the U.S. says were perpetrated by Iran.

It takes a bit of bravado to claim outrage that Iran would shoot down an “innocent surveillance drone” when the US had a Reaper-Predator B drone over the tanker last week. The Predator drones are armed, so Iran would certainly be suspicious of any drone in the air, especially since it can’t tell from the ground or radar, whether it is an unarmed Global Hawk or armed Reaper. Thus, the Reaper-Predator drone flight last week made this week’s flight of a Global Hawk an even more likely provocation.

Last week Trump also didn’t have the arguments to challenge the contradictions in his briefers’ claims that Iran attacked two tankers in the straits. He merely repeated their conclusions in his normal imprecise language, saying, “Iran did do it and you know they did it because you can see the boat. I guess one of the mines didn’t explode and its probably got, essentially, Iran written all over it ”

Of course, he’s referring to the boat seen on the US supplied surveillance video. In it the US imputed to Iran all kinds of bad motives, though the video of the Iranian naval vessel alongside the stricken tanker shows nothing definitive at all. In fact, Iranians were the first ones on the scene to help rescue the crew members while the USS Bainbridge did nothing for hours. Why doesn’t the US allow that the Iranians might have been there to help, or to assess damage?

In fact, the Iranians didn’t want the US towing the ship away specifically because they wanted to assess the damage area for evidence of who did it. All the US could do was claim that Iran was trying to cover-up evidence of what the US claimed they did.

The US claims that the boat was there to take off an unexploded mine, which Trump seemed to buy “hook line and sinker.” But there is no mine visible in the footage to confirm this. He should have seen that and questioned their conclusions.

The US simply imputes evil motives on the Iranians when the video shows nothing at all except a boat alongside. Besides, you don’t have a whole bunch of sailors milling around on the front of a boat if they were indeed trying to dismantle a live mine that could explode at any second. This is a very technical procedure, one that needs to be done by experts. Here is an analysis of what is wrong with the US claims about the video by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi of the Eurasia Review.

The US government has released a video purportedly showing an Iranian patrol boat removing an unexploded mine attached to the side of a Japanese oil tanker, Kokuka Courageous, paraded on US media as a ‘smoking gun’ proving Iran’s culpability in the June 13th attack on two tankers in Sea of Oman. Coinciding with Tehran peace trip of Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, these attacks have in essence torpedoed Abe’s mission thus “sabotaging diplomacy,” to paraphrase the tweet of Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

But, the video released by [the] Pentagon in fact raises serious questions, suggesting that we [may be] dealing with another ‘wag the dog’ scenario, recalling the 1997 Hollywood dark comedy dealing with the fabrication of war videos.

First, according to the Pentagon statement, the Iranian boat removing the mine approached the tanker at 4:10 PM, approximately nine hours after the tanker was hit. The video is said to come from the US destroyer Bainbridge, which was some 40 tactical miles from the tanker at the time of the incident.

We can safely assume that after receiving the distress call, Bainbridge sailed toward the tankers as it picked up the crew of one of the tankers from a tug boat. Yet, there is no photo of Bainbridge in vicinity of any of the two tankers throughout the day, despite having its drones filming the tankers.

This simply means that between 7 AM and 4 PM, the US military had plenty of time to observe and detect the “unexploded mine” on the side of Koku and make appropriate response. It did neither.

Second, the US’ claim about mines is contradicted by the crew of Kokuka, who observed “flying objects” that hit the ship [missiles]. The crew’s witness account is a direct evidence that undermines the credibility of the official story put forth by US Central Command.

Third, the video is unusual in not showing any time and date, for a sophisticated US operation (!), nor does it show any fire at the ship, nor does it clearly show anyone from the (unmarked) boat removing anything from the ship’s hull.

Fourth, the principal reason to cast doubt on the video is that it is used to prove Iran’s role behind the attacks, which according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, required a great deal of sophistication and expertise.

But, the problem with this narrative is that the same sophisticated Iranians, who are supposedly so brilliant in pulling off repeated such attacks unseen, are also portrayed as so clumsy as to not wait for sunset and or fail to remove the mine in early morning hour when they responded to the distress call, thus letting themselves be caught red handed in broad day light and when they knew the tanker would be under close scrutiny. In a word, it simply makes no sense, except from the prism of US seeking to incriminate Iran at any cost, as part of a step-by-step strategy of increasing escalations with Iran.

Clearly, [the] US wants to have it both ways, portray the “rogue” Iranians as capable of considerable mischief with a high degree of professional sophistication and, simultaneously, as highly amateurish. This schizoid image of Iran serves US’ interest in smearing Iran and thus laying the ground work for another Iraq-like war scenario based on false pretexts.

As expected, the entire mainstream US media has been enlisted to sheepishly toe the line, parroting the US accusations through the endless parade of “experts” pinning the blame on Iran, when in fact there is plenty of reason to pause and consider the possibility of a US-Saudi operation to sabotage Japan’s peace diplomacy and to escalate tensions with Iran. Iran’s diplomats have in fact pointed the finger at US, suggesting that US has likely masterminded yet another ‘false flag.’

The road ahead after [the] US’s ‘pseudo-diplomacy’: Armed with the irrefutable proof of Iran’s complicity in the form of the video in question, the Trump administration is now in the process of gaining traction in its effort to bring its European allies on board over Iran, in light of the statement by the British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, that [the] UK stands with its “US ally.”

…the US is likely contemplating the military escort of oil tankers, a reenactment of its 1987 role that culminated in a bloody showdown with Iran’s navy, yet knowing that Iran is a much more formidable adversary now and there are serious risks involved, such as with respect to skyrocketing oil prices imperiling the world economy.

The only path to de-escalation of tensions in the region is through diplomacy and, yet, there is no sign that the Trump administration is willing to engage in anything more than a make-believe “quasi-diplomacy” such as giving its nominal blessing to Abe’s Tehran visit without however making any tangible offer that would represent an olive branch toward Iran.

This is true. The US is making no attempt to talk with Iran directly, or publicize their side of the story. This proves the Iranians correct when they told Japanese PM Abe that it wouldn’t do any good to talk with the Americans. They know the die is cast and the US is intent on finding an excuse to attack.

A clue to this “quasi-diplomacy,” on the eve of Abe’s trip, when Iran showed its good will by releasing a foreign spy, the Trump administration reciprocated by imposing fresh sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical industry. And according to the Iranian media, Abe relayed to its Iranian hosts Trump’s request for the release of Americans held in Iran, yet without offering any prisoners’ exchange and the reciprocal release of Iranians in US jails.

Consequently, through a sophisticated web of lies and false flag operations, the stage is being set for another major conflict in Persian Gulf, i.e., another Iraq war in slow motion, with the latest attack on the Japanese tanker clearly showing that US is weary of any undue Japanese role in Persian Gulf affairs and has made sure that Abe’s mission has ended in flames.

On Thursday, Trump held a special briefing in the Situation Room of the White House for Senate and House leaders of both parties—a necessary prelude to making a case for war. Even so, it is doubtful that Trump will follow the constitution and allow Congress to declare war on Iran, but it is probably that he is allowing his pro-war advisors in the National Security Council to make the case for striking back at Iran to Congress to gain their tacit support.

I initially proposed that the first military strike or reprisal will be a small one targeting some of Iran’s anti-missile assets—supposedly sending a message of rebuke. That is apparently what Trump had authorized by the Navy carrier aircraft—an attack on missile and radar sites in Iran. But the real purpose of the strike would not be a mere tit for tat but to try and induce Iran to retaliate at US forces which can then cause sufficient outrage in the President and Congress to enter into a larger war. That isn’t going to happen for now, thank God.

Somehow, before the air strikes were scheduled to fly (some say a mere 10 minutes prior to launch) Trump got turned around. Perhaps It was Pepe Escobar’s column in Strategic-Culturewhere he makes the case that Iran would close the straits of Hormuz and cause a huge spike in the price of oil, which in turn would cause a collapse in the multi-trillion-dollar derivatives markets. He fails to take into consideration, however, that the US has used its financial clout in the past to keep derivatives from being triggered.

Escobar also makes the case, correctly that there is no international waters in the Straits of Hormuz. It is 21 miles at its widest point and the water belong within either the 12 mile limits of Iran or Oman.

With the president’s reluctance to go to a full scale war, Trump is concerned at a US counter strike in Iran that might kill 150 Iranians would be out of proportion to Iran’s shootdown of an unarmed drone. The Daily Mail also reports that Trump has gone against his advisors and asked for a meeting with Iran’s leaders. That’s a real change.

And, even a retaliatory strike on Iran is no guarantee Iran will strike back. So far, Iran, despite being a fairly hotheaded regime that is quick to boast of its military power, has not retaliated against Israel for its hundreds of attacks on Iranian forces and supply depots in Syria. So, it isn’t a foregone conclusion that they will retaliate.

But it is obvious to me that the Deep State will continue to provoke Iran until it has a cause sufficient to talk Trump into going to war. This anti-Iran agenda has been going on far too long for the globalists to let Trump’s reluctance stand in the way.

Worse, once Trump gets on the wrong side of an issue, like his attacks on Syria, or blaming Iran, or his buying into North Korea’s false promises of denuclearization, he tends to keep repeating it so often that he digs himself into a hole and can’t or won’t back down from his mistakes.

Yesterday, Alex Jones had me on his show around noon to talk about the Iran shoot down of the drone. At the conclusion, he asked me about the big picture and where I see all this going.

I said that I fear the greatest problem for the conservative movement is that Trump will be re-elected. Why? Because when Trump buys into false intelligence and jumps on the war bandwagon, he does a lot of damage to the movement. Millions of his adoring supporters start to believe in these wars because Trump supported them. Unknowingly, he corrupts his own constituency.

Further, I told Alex that if the PTB allow Trump another four years, and if Trump continues to be manipulated into doing the wrong thing, and failing to do what he promises, by the end of those four years (2024) it will be too late for a really capable conservative to undo the damage. Make no mistake: while Trump is in office and continues to promise us the moon, no one else can take the leadership or guide the movement. All eyes are on Trump, and I’m sad to say, that’s the problem. They continue to believe in him even though he continues to fail. Sure, he’s the only game in town, as they say, that’s not good for the movement given his failure to follow through.

I don’t wish for a Democrat to gain the presidency, but if one does, at least conservatives will wake up and start to oppose what Trump does by compromise or ignorance.