NutriMedical Report Show Friday Nov 22nd 2019 – Hour Two – Harley Schlanger,, Fiona Hill Soros Clapper Brennan Deep State Connections, Denial of Ukranian 2016 DNC Collaboration, Lastest on Ukrain-A-Gate, Trump Impeachment Dems Falter,History of Russian Economic Warfare, Dangers of Russian Nuclear War if Pushed, 4 Pillars of LaRouche World Economy, AS THE “UKRAINEGATE” COUP COLLAPSES, THE COUP PLOTTERS ESCALATE THEIR DRIVE FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA,

Harley Schlanger,, Fiona Hill Soros Clapper Brennan Deep State Connections, Denial of Ukranian 2016 DNC Collaboration, Lastest on Ukrain-A-Gate, Trump Impeachment Dems Falter,History of Russian Economic Warfare, Dangers of Russian Nuclear War if Pushed, 4 Pillars of LaRouche World Economy, AS THE “UKRAINEGATE” COUP COLLAPSES, THE COUP PLOTTERS ESCALATE THEIR DRIVE FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,,






by: Harley Schlanger

Nov. 22 — To watch the non-stop media coverage of the Star Chamber/Soviet-style impeachment proceedings underway by Democrats and their London-based neocon imperial backers against President Donald Trump, one might for a moment be led to believe that they are acting with the best interests of U.S. and Ukraine’s security in mind — especially because that is what they insist they are doing!

Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

The impeachment inquiry in the House Intelligence Committee is pursuing baseless charges that Trump abused his power by threatening to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless the Zelensky government opened an investigation into the role played by Ukraine’s former government — which was installed in February 2014 by a British-American regime change coup — in the fraudulent Russiagate operation which targeted Trump, as well as into the role of then-Vice President Joe Biden, in shutting down an investigation into the activities of Biden’s son Hunter, who was installed as a board member of leading energy company, Burisma, at a time when Biden served as President Obama’s point man on Ukraine.   Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the Committee and ring leader of the impeachment hearing, has asserted that Trump’s request for an investigation into corruption by the Ukrainian government was a “quid pro quo”, a bribe, that Trump would not release the funds until dirt was produced on Biden, who is running against him in 2020.  Schiff and the other Democrats on the committee repeatedly have asserted that withholding funds threatened the security of Ukraine and the U.S., in the face of Russia’s “aggressive intentions” toward the west.

In his opening statement, Schiff falsely accused Russia of invading Ukraine, “to reverse that nation’s embrace of the West, and to fulfill Vladimir Putin’s desire to rebuild a Russian empire.”  Schiff’s accomplices in the parade of witnesses of American diplomats have fraudulently bolstered this charge, warning that Trump has placed his personal ambition ahead of the national security interests of the U.S., which allegedly are threatened by Putin.  Some, such as senior intelligence analyst Fiona Hill virtually accused Trump of being a Russian agent, under the control of Putin, an allegation seconded by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the conclusion of the November 21 hearings.

The false narrative being presented tramples on the truth of the last thirty years of Ukraine’s post-Cold War history.  Schiff, and the State Department and National Security “consummate professionals” who are his star witnesses, have been involved in the destruction of Ukraine, and are setting it up for a destructive war with Russia, one which both Presidents Trump and Zelensky are working to prevent.   

This fraud was usefully exposed by a Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky, who is tied closely to President Zelensky, in an interview he gave to the pro-impeachment {New York Times} on November 13.  Kolomoisky had been a supporter of the 2014 coup in Ukraine, and was involved directly in funding military operations to counter pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, which mobilized to protect ethnic Russians living there from threats coming from Kiev extremists in the Poroshenko regime.  In the interview, Kolomoisky denounced the U.S. policy, including the effort to impeach Trump, saying that while Ukrainians “don’t want to be at war…you [America] are forcing us to be at war.”  He described this as a “[W]ar against Russia, to the last Ukrainian.”

In the meantime, after two weeks of hearings featuring lies and self-admitted “presumptions” from the witnesses, not a shred of evidence has been produced that Trump demanded a “quid pro quo”.  No investigation into the Bidens was ever announced by the Zelensky government, and the funds were released after the administration was satisfied that the new government was committed to combatting corruption — as had been specified in the bill allocating the funds!  Yet Schiff went before the media during a break on November 20 to declare that he now had the evidence that Trump had committed impeachable acts.


On November 16, in the midst of this shower of cow manure raining down in Washington, a courageous former presidential candidate and economist from Ukraine, Natalia Vitrenko, presented a report at the Schiller Institute conference in Bad Soden, Germany, which exposed the horrific damage done to Ukraine and its people by the sponsors of the 2014 coup.  (That report is reproduced in full in the November 22, 2019 issue of the {Executive Intelligence Review}.)  Vitrenko shows that the economy, which had been relatively strong in 1991 — number ten in the world in per capita GDP — was systematically destroyed, first by the insistence that Ukraine must submit to the austerity policies of the International Monetary Fund following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and then again in the accelerated looting of the physical economy which followed the regime change coup in 2014.

Vitrenko detailed how the shock therapy model imposed by the IMF drastically reduced the standard of living, through the “cheap labor” model and austerity demanded by the western nations, and by dismantling Ukraine’s advanced industrial economy, which had full-set machine-tool capability, including the ability to manufacture aircraft.  “This brought about a constant, unrestrained rise in the cost of living,” she reported, which deprived the majority of the population “of the ability to cover the cost of living with their income.”  This provoked unrest, which provided a cover for the “Color Revolution” launched in February 2014, with demonstrations in Maidan Square in Kiev, leading to the violent overthrow of the elected government of Viktor Yanukovych, bringing to power the corrupt Poroshenko regime, which Schiff and his crew of Russophobic have portrayed as a bulwark of resistance against Putin’s allegedly relentless drive to reconstitute the Soviet empire.  Many of those testifying against Trump, such as career diplomats and intelligence operatives William Taylor, George Kent and Fiona Hill, were involved in enforcing the shock therapy, and were supporters the regime change coup, joining forces with mega-speculator and serial coup plotter George Soros.  The muscle behind the coup was provided by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, such as the Azov Battalion, absurdly portrayed by Kent in his testimony as the “equivalent of our own Minutemen of 1776,” referring to the American militia who led the battle against the British Empire in the American Revolution.

Vitrenko exposed how the conditions of life in Ukraine dramatically worsened after the Maidan coup, which led to the election of Zelensky, who prior to his election had been an actor playing a comedian who was elected President.  Since his election, Zelensky has been threatened by the neo-Nazis in the security forces, who attack him as betraying the Maidan revolution.  By implying that Zelensky has been bullied and blackmailed by Trump, through this quid pro quo, Schiff’s hearings provide ammunition to these extremist forces in Ukraine pushing for war with Russia.

In a sane world, in which the media were not a public relations team for the unilateralist post-Cold War geopoliticians intent on pursuing war-like provocations against Russia, the story of what happened in the Maidan coup would have led to the removal of those responsible for the destruction of Ukraine, and exposed them as an essential part of the same network being deployed in the coup against Trump.  This is why they are desperate to prevent that story, being pulled together by Attorney General Barr and his appointed prosecutor John Durham, from coming out.  Barr and Durham are reported to be digging deeply into how the network behind the Maidan coup, which included Obama administration officials such as Joe Biden and John Brennan, the Clinton-Kerry State Department, Soros and high-level British intelligence operatives — including direct involvement by “ex”-MI6 operative Christopher Steele of the infamous, faked Putin-Trump dossier — was involved in the fabricated Russiagate operation, designed to remove Trump from the White House.

Their nightmare, that Trump would overturn their unilateralist control, which utilizes classical British imperial geopolitical strategic policy, by working with Russia rather than provoking war, is emerging as reality, as demonstrated by Trump’s coordination with Putin in Syria.  It is further demonstrated by the potential to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as Zelensky will soon meet with Putin, and the Normandy Four — Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany — are scheduled to meet to discuss a peaceful settlement to that ongoing crisis.

This is one of the main reasons why the rabid anti-Trumpers are running a Soviet-style show trial in Washington, to pull off a coup disguised as an impeachment.  While Republican supporters of Trump on Schiff’s committee have done an adequate job demolishing the fake narrative pushed by Schiff, it is now time to expose the coup plotters unholy alliance with British intelligence and Ukrainian neo-Nazis, to put an end to this foolishness, before a war with Russia becomes inevitable.