NutriMedical Report Show Thursday Oct 31st 2019 – Hour Two – Gary Richard Arnold, Fake Ukrainian US Whistleblower Exposed, NWO Satanic Embedded US Beaucrats, Coup Impeachment of Trump Proceeds NOW, End of Civil Government, US Banana Republic!,

 Gary Richard Arnold, Fake Ukrainian US Whistleblower Exposed, NWO Satanic Embedded US Beaucrats, Coup Impeachment of Trump Proceeds NOW, End of Civil Government, US Banana Republic!,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,,


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          Gary Richard Arnold

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Whistle Blower … Eric Ciaramella

was an Obama HOLDOVER, within the National Security Council


Charles Kupchan is identified below and he has been suspected of being connected to the whistleblower as well. He was reportedly Ciaramella’s boss for a time.

      Charles Kupchan (Council on Foreign Relations)


Kupchan is a Henry A. Kissinger scholar at the Library of Congress and was a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. During 2013–2014, he was a senior fellow at the Transatlantic Academy


Henry Kissinger received the Global Citizenship Award from the Atlantic Council. 


Eric Ciaramella (Third form left)

Brennan is Obama’s CIA appointee … Like Obama CIA’s appointment  of Espionage Collaborator Leon Panetta are overtly pro-



CIA John Brennan voted for Communist Gus Hall and Angela Davis for President and Vice -president .


Eric Ciarmella


In 2015, Spy Collaborator (Panettagate)  Leon Panetta’s Campaign Manager while mayor (Don Lane)  of Santa Cruz gave the key of the city to Communist VP Candidate Angela Davis 


Deep State actions surrounding Italy, Caramelize, attended the Remzi dinner which included a Who’s Who in the Swampfest along with Kerry, Biden, Clapper, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, etc.

Then you have two former NSC aides to Schiff talking to another NSC whistleblower (Ciaramella) whom all three are Obama holdovers that also worked for Trump and Biden and are magically all involved in the Ukraine whistleblower event.

And apparently Ciaramello is in pretty tight with Victoria Nuland and crazy Kavalec, sending them a classified email while working for the NSC


Victoria Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagen the co-founder of the pro-war Project for a New American Century. 

 They likewise involved many European actors like Stefan Halper, Alexander Downer (an Australian in London), Joseph Misfud and, of course, dossier author Christopher Steele.  Running such an operation on US soil leads to quite obvious legal problems.  As an Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, it would only seem logical that Nuland had firsthand knowledge of these events.

Second, from Nuland’s own public statements and Congressional testimony, we now know that she was relaying information up the chain of command, including then-Secretary of State (Skull & Bones) John Kerry.  It is inconceivable that Kerry, being privy to such information, did not relay this information even further up the chain of command to Obama himself.

Also heavily involved is the Atlantic Council has one of it’s “fellows’ working inside Schiff’s office.


The Pilgrim’s Society  is more of the second to the conspiracy .. the Atlantic Council … appears to take orders from the Pilgrims. A Sample of names elite membership of politicians, diplomats, businessmen, and writers who have included Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Caspar Weinberger, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Henry Luce, Lord Carrington, Alexander Haig, Paul Volcker, Thomas Kean, George Shultz, and Walter Cronkite among many others. Members of the immediate Royal Family, United States secretaries of state and United States ambassadors to the Court of St. James’s are customarily admitted to membership in the Society

Chanel Rio on OAN had a great piece detailing the “whistleblower” and leaker Eric Ciaramella and Adam Schiff. Both could be guilty of ‘seditious conspiracy to overthrow a sitting President’, which comes with no light penalty:


In January 2017, Eric Ciaramella was retained at the National Security Council in the Trump Administration.


Eric Ciaramella was even promoted as 

‘Acting Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs’

Who DECIDED to retain Eric Ciaramella?

and even promoted him?

It was General H. R. McMaster, 

then National Security Adviser for President Trump?


as was the TRAITOR Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence?

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  1. imagine if at a dinner in Washington DC, in Oct 2016, you had:

– John Brennan, Director of the CIA

– Susan Rice, Obama’s Nat. Security Adviser


Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan.


The Schiff staffer, Thomas Eager, is also currently one of 19 fellows at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Congressional Fellowship,a Globalist program that “educates congressional staff on current events in the Eurasia region.