NutriMedical Report Show Wednesday Oct 9th 2019 – Hour Two – Lowell Ponte, ‘Meatax’ Politics: My Beef with the Left, Green Globlal Banker Deal, Eugenecide Meatless Society, Carbon Based People Elimination Plots,

Lowell Ponte, ‘Meatax’ Politics: My Beef with the Left, Green Globlal Banker Deal, Eugenecide Meatless Society, Carbon Based People Elimination Plots,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,


‘Meatax’ Politics: My Beef with the Left

Lowell Ponte notes that a ‘carbon-free America’ would be a dead America, October 6, 2019


Editor’s note: Lowell Ponte’s exclusive WND column is moving to Fridays beginning Oct. 11. Look for it on the Commentary and Money pages.

“You are what you eat,” the old saying goes. So why are we surprised that leftists who want to replace or re-engineer today’s human race are eager to tax and control what we eat?

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” aims at eliminating meat from our diet. Her rationale is simple: 1) Eating meat is hazardous to our health, causing cancer, heart attacks and other ills; 2) Raising animals in slavery for slaughter hurts them and desensitizes us to cruelty; and 3) Raising millions of creatures to satisfy our hunger for meat produces vast amounts of greenhouse gases that heat Earth’s climate.

Behind her public reasons for banning beef and other meats are other more secretive and sinister ideological goals. Before banishing beef outright, leftists plan to impose taxes of up to 163 percent on the price of meat, a regressive and greedy “meatax” that will take meat’s health benefits out of the mouths of poorer Americans.

The left always pretends to take away your freedom “for your own good.” But last week the long-promoted idea that meat is hazardous to your health was challenged in the Annals of Internal Medicine by the most extensive scientific analyses ever done.

Researchers’ new conclusion, as the New York Times reported, is that “there is no compelling evidence that reducing consumption of red or processed meats will be beneficial to an individual.”

The left hates individual humans so much that it often forgets what made us what we are today. When CNN asked this year’s Democratic presidential candidates if they support a “carbon-free America,” every candidate said yes, apparently too stupid to recognize that on this planet every living thing is a carbon-based life form that with every breath emits the “greenhouse gas” carbon dioxide. A “carbon-free America” would be a dead America, but that may be what the left desires.

Mammals are warm-blooded and survived millions of years of cold-blooded, solar-powered dinosaurs because mammals under cover of darkness could feed on dinosaur eggs.

Scientists now generally agree that when humans began to eat energy-dense meat, their brains evolved rapidly. Meat gave humans the intelligence to develop tools; to change from being the hunted to the hunter in our environment; the freedom from spending many hours each day chewing plants to instead migrate and conquer new landscapes; to have more babies; and to learn to cook with fire, which made even more of meat’s nutrients and energy usable.

When we barbecue in our backyards, we celebrate how meat liberated humankind to become the dominant species we are today. No wonder Jesus ate fish, picked fishermen from the Sea of Galilee as disciples, taught people during a feast of loaves and fishes, and told a parable involving a fatted calf.

Take meat away and something human can suddenly dim. We see evil emerge in the minds of vegetarians Adolf Hitler and Marxist British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, or idiocy appear in the infantile behavior of New Jersey’s vegan Sen. Cory Booker. Last February, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton became a vegan, and his once-great playing ability has declined ever since.

“I’m loving how I’m feeling,” Newton says. But we easily forget that food acts in our bodies like a drug, and that vegan athletes can experience deficiencies of Vitamins B-6 and B-12 that can cause weakness and fatigue.

Meat is almost the only natural food with a complete spectrum of nine essential amino acids (plus arginine, for young people) that must be eaten so the body can build and repair itself. If you eat only vegetables, you are also what you eat.

The leftist aim in pushing veganism seems to be precisely to cause weakness, fatigue and a loss of individual strength. Non-meat substitutes such as soy contain phytoestrogens and are feminizing. Eating low-fat, high-sugar foods make men fat and feminized. This helps explain America’s falling fertility rates and sperm levels.

As to the cruelty and greenhouse gases purportedly caused by production of meat, these could be eliminated if we grew meat tissue culture in giant test tubes. Instead, our current eating fad is imitation meat, most of it synthesized from a blend of vegetables and chemicals to have the taste and texture of meat. Much of this imitation meat is higher in saturated fat, ten times higher in salt and more expensive than real meat.

Some of us, of course, still remember our shock at learning that the trademarked product Hamburger Helper was more expensive per ounce than real hamburger.  ####