NutriMedical Report Show Wednesday September 19th 2018 Hour One – Lowell Ponte, POLITICIZING THE WEATHER, Eliz Wherran Senate Bill to Hit Corporations with Enviro-TAXes, End of Logic In Environmentalism, Big Sister is Watching, Demon-Rats Enviromental Insanity, Collapse of Energy Companies and High Tech World by Design,

Lowell Ponte, POLITICIZING THE WEATHER, Eliz Wherran Senate Bill to Hit Corporations with Enviro-TAXes, End of Logic In Environmentalism, Big Sister is Watching, Demon-Rats Enviromental Insanity, Collapse of Energy Companies and High Tech World by Design,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,NutriMedical Report Show,



Lowell Ponte rips real agenda of those claiming climate change, September 16, 2018


The storms we call hurricanes got their name via Spaniards from the indigenous Taino people of Florida and the Caribbean and the Carib Indian god of evil, Hurican. Their word derived from Huracan or Huranken, the Mayan god of fire, wind and storm whom they believed had spread his breath through the turbulent waters at Earth’s creation.

Until recently, weather was seen as an “Act of God,” perhaps as divine blessing for the faithful or as punishment for the unfaithful. Centuries ago, insurance companies conveniently refused to cover such Acts of God, such as a heavenly lightning bolt burning down your house.

Benjamin Franklin, some said, was thwarting divine punishment with his newly invented lightning rod, which carried the electric fire of thunderbolts from home roofs safely to ground. Can God’s wrath be stopped by a tiny metal rod?

But with Hurricane Florence, haters of President Donald Trump are showing their anti-scientific paganism. CNN political analyst John Avlon said Mr. Trump’s “policies have been tearing down our defenses to climate change, which is often a blame for extreme weather. … Warmer [ocean] water means more intense storms.”

The leftist Washington Post editorialized that Mr. Trump was somehow “complicit” in this storm, as though he had conjured its destructive forces by black magic.

If President Trump possesses such awesome “weather god” powers, as USA Today mocked, then leftists should think twice before making themselves targets of his lightning bolts, not merely his Twitter jibes.

Doomsayers warned Hurricane Florence could be the most expensive storm in history, costing up to $170 billion in damages, leaving a million people without electricity, and perhaps killing thousands.

Contrary to such predictions, Florence hit the Carolinas as a relatively weak Category One hurricane that quickly degraded to a tropical storm. Much damage came from its slowness, which dumped vast amounts of rain and caused intense flooding in areas already supersaturated by recent rainstorms. Hurricane Florence’s dollar damage came largely from the huge influx of northern migrants and building along the Southern coast in recent years.

A few facts: Climate is not the same thing as daily weather. Climate is a 30-year averaging of weather, and because we have not had a 30-year warming trend since early in the 20th century, it is scientifically misleading to claim the climate here is getting warmer – or that humans are to blame. In fact, major hurricanes hitting the East Coast have declined by more than 60 percent over the past 50 years.

As I explained here last July in “Who Owns the Weather?“, the real aim of globalist leftists is to use the climate change issue as a pretext to take control of private property and business and to strangle capitalism with $100 trillion in higher taxes.

If global warming were truly dangerous, it could be adjusted cheaply by geo-engineering. For example, fine sulfur dust could be sprinkled into the upper atmosphere at very low cost, where within two years it would slowly fall back to Earth. It would cause the water droplets atop clouds over the world’s oceans to become smaller, thereby slightly increasing their albedo (reflectivity). Like trillions of tiny mirrors, this would bounce back into space a carefully-controlled miniscule fraction of the amount of solar radiation heating the Earth. 

Such geo-engineering would be cheap, environmentally safe and easily adjusted to stabilize our global temperature. But it would not give globalists the wealth, power or worldwide authoritarian socialist government that is their real goal.

It also means if weather is no longer an “Act of God,” those modifying the weather could be sued by those whose weather got “worse.” There is no such thing as “good” weather for everybody. You might want a sunny day for a picnic, but your farmer neighbor may want rain for his crops.

During our Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin proposed damming the Gulf Stream. Two centuries ago, he knew this ocean current (carrying 50 times more water than all the world’s rivers combined) from our tropics washed across the Atlantic and kept England from suffering a much, much colder climate. Dam the Gulf Stream and England is devastated.

Weather and climate can be modified into weapons of war, as I first explained in a book titled “The Cooling.” Enmod (environmental modification warfare), for example, can be used to redistribute the world’s weather resources. We need to understand that the issue of global warming is being used today by leftists to make war against capitalism and our liberties.

Lowell Ponte is a former think tank futurist and retired roving editor at Reader’s Digest. He is coauthor, with Craig R. Smith, of “Money, Morality & the Machine: Smith’s Law in a Lawless, Over-Governed Age.” Ponte’s articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and major other publications.”