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You’ll Love What John G. Roberts

                    is Programmed to Do

A critical biography


          Peas in a Pod    


The people controlling Roberts are those who are destroying the United States, and are installing Orwellian operatives dedicated to a New World Order.

By Gary Richard Arnold

In these years of 2005 … 2020  … the only politicos who aren’t aware of the poisonous purpose and crimes committed by Council on Foreign Relations operatives (CFR) are the puppets, parrots, and partisans whose strings the CFR pull with their  managed mass media and National Education Association. 

And academ-idiots who are taught to teach and preach the gospel of globalism / regionalism in the public schools … where never a question is raised nor an independent thought is given a mark of excellence.

Even amongst of the multitude of morons who remain under the control of the media’s mind manipulation … some will awake to what’s going on behind the closed doors of deception.

 They are beginning to see the big picture. But most will only see mere degrees of culpability in the CFR’s design to dissolve our country and create a New World Order.

” The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which … believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.” Senator Barry Goldwater in his book With No Apologies.

Many CFR members have great personalities and say things with which many good folks would agree. 

A CFR Republican is better than a CFR Democrat. A Skull & Bones Bush is better than a Skull & Bones Kerry. Or visa versa … so naive people think.

Skull & Bones (S&B) membership and influence was virtually unknown until a very old collection of their secret papers were released by undercover work documented in Dr. Anthony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment.  Every Intelligence agency around the world with any clue is schooled in selective aspects of the book.

30 years ago the book was grabbed at premiums for as high as $400.00 a copy.

Today this Intelligence Work  is a Free Download:

There is no space in this article to build a foundation for your understanding of the Hegelian techniques used by this one hundred and 90 year old power grabbing elite. They have a big head start ( but are stupid from talking to each other) designing and implementing a New World Order to be imposed over the ashes of our Constitutional Republic. They have a Georgia GuideStones policy … to make the Earth a Grand Ecological Park with the Elite in Control.


The almost 200 hundred years ago there was founded an (independent) or with enough evidence … a secret society ..  American extension of the illuminati.

Skull & Bones was accurately referred to the Brotherhood of Death …  via the suspicions motivated … student seeing unprecedented privilege and favors to the “cult” members.  Today the unquestioning public is led by scientifically to emote, hate or clap on cue.

This gang broke into the Skull & Bones headquarters.   Buy or read America’s Secret Establishment to see what the “gang”  discovered.  And why the called it the “Brotherhood of Death”. 

Agents of this evilarchy (a gaggle of Secret Societies) have gravitated to the Department of War, and Intelligence Agencies which equips them with public funds and which they use for their covert activity serving their cultish objectives   … and not that of the USA. 

Here in 2005 the installed … a key DeepState Operative John G. Roberts.

One can buy a printed copy of the book from TrineDay … Highly recommended check their other suppressed books. 

This Hyperlink:

The Secret Societies use their skullduggery to promote themselves and temporarily to those people who are obligated to them. It is real life affecting “hard ball” The judicial branch is no exception under the control of the conspirators. William Howard Taft (Skull & Bones) Thurgood Marshall was a Prince Hall Mason as is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. 

Three people on the Supreme Court are members of the Council on Foreign RelationsRuth Bader Ginsberg, Sandra Day O’Connor and Steven G. Breyer most of the others were appointed by CFR presidents.

You may get a sense of how they work by reading the article “All in the Family” at    / 

The following information will make sense to those grounded with the above “facts of life” concerning American politics and power.