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The Coming ‘White Christmas’ Democratic Debate

Lowell Ponte notes lack of races among those left standing in ‘party of diversity’   WND, Dec. 5, 2019



“I’m not a billionaire,” said California Sen. Kamala Harris this week. “I can’t fund my own campaign, and as the campaign has gone on it’s become harder and harder to raise the money. … I am suspending my campaign.”

Like most Democratic candidates, Harris had “funded” her political ambitions by promising slacker-voters lots of government money – that is, trillions of dollars to be squeezed from hard-pressed taxpayers – if and when she won political power.

Like most Democrats, Sen. Harris bankrolled her campaign with contributions of $37 million, mostly from wealthy donors and special interests who were investing in her potential power and ideological loyalty. They were speculating on her chances of getting elected, just as on Wall Street the rich speculate on corporate stocks.

Once a bright prospect from a major state, Kamala Harris at first seemed a good bet. But her shine soon wore off because, as Fox’s Tucker Carlson says, it became clear that she did not really know what she was doing, stood for, or is.

As Rev. Jesse Jackson once said of Bill Clinton: “There is nothing this man won’t do. He is immune to shame.” When you “get really down in there in him,” said Jackson, “you find absolutely nothing … nothing but an appetite.”


In Kamala Harris, that appetite may have been magnified by the munchies from her past marijuana use in college, but during her time as California attorney general she allegedly kept many who smoked marijuana in prison past their sentences as a kind of slave labor. (Taking Harris to task for this hypocrisy in an earlier presidential debate cost Hawaiian Rep. Tulsi Gabbard her Democratic National Committee approval.)

Her craving for self-importance led Harris to “sleep her way to the top” with state Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, according to him. It led her to pander to the African American vote. even though she was descended from Jamaican slaves – and her family line was sired by one of that island nation’s richest slave owners, which may explain her haughty arrogance.

Harris failed the fundamental test of a presidential aspirant – to prove that she could run a winning campaign. But, to be fair, she was running in a bad year of political upheaval.

It used to be that a Democrat needed only to play Santa Claus, promising a sleigh-load of free goodies to slacker-voters. Nowadays, however, the left’s “decriminalization” of crime limits the prosecution of thieves. The slackers increasingly rob the hated “evil rich” themselves, thereby eliminating the politician-middleman who promises to plunder the productive for them – and pocket more than half the “take.” Politicians no longer win much praise for their “compassion” as looters of the rich.

Worse, the millionaires and billionaires who used to invest in the campaigns of politician puppets are increasingly deciding to run for high office themselves. At the time of this writing, a lack of funding and poll numbers has failed to qualify the “rainbow” of diverse Democratic presidential candidates running in 2020 to be in the party’s Dec. 19 debate in Los Angeles.

As of this writing, those who have failed to meet the fundraising and/or polling requirements to be in this debate include African American Sen. Cory Booker, Latino Julian Castro, Asian American Andrew Yang and Polynesian Hindu Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

The New York Times describes Booker, Yang and Gabbard as “on the cusp,” close to qualifying. If none does, then this “White Christmas” debate will feature only Caucasian candidates, most of them past retirement age.

Kamala Harris technically did qualify to be in the December debate, but in light of sinking polls and diminishing fundraising, she chose to quit. In September she reported still having $10.5 million cash on hand that could be diverted to her reelection campaign for the Senate in 2022 or other uses. She apparently has shifted her aim to becoming the winner’s vice presidential running mate.

Billionaire Bloomberg, as America’s ninth richest person, could spend $150 million every day until Election Day 2020. He is expected to let rivals waste their money on the first four state races. Bloomberg would enter on Super Tuesday, March 3, and on that day use his wealth to mop up 14 states, including California.

Bloomberg could then manipulate his business media empire to cool Americans’ economic optimism as a way to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump.

Democrats have done likewise by blocking Trump’s Mexico-Canada trade agreement for 14 months, by undermining his tariff negotiations with China and by impeaching him – thereby harming America to selfishly help themselves.

Lowell Ponte is a former Reader’s Digest Roving Editor. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and other major publications. His latest paper co-authored with Craig R. Smith, “China’s Top Secret War,” shows how to rethink several areas of investment to protect and grow your savings against the little-known economic threats the People’s Republic of China poses. For a free, postpaid copy, call toll-free 800-630-1492.