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More news on China


BREAKING: China keeping two sets of coronavirus pandemic numbers? “Leaked” infection numbers over 154,000; deaths approach 25,000

W.H.O. demands all nations drop travel restrictions and allow (infected) Chinese to enter every country… are they actively rooting for the virus?

U.N.’s WHO chief sides with Communists in China while blasting free world for creating “stigma” over coronavirus spread

The coronavirus is already mutating as it jumps from person to person, “viral evolution” may make vaccines pointless

The New York Times confirms that what we’ve been reporting about the coronavirus cover-up is TRUE

Confirmed: 11 total cases of coronavirus in United States

Hong Kong hospital workers go on strike to demand closure of border with China

British man with first reported case of coronavirus in U.K. refused drugs, says he beat infection with “hot whisky and honey”

In explosive interview, author of Bioweapons Act Dr. Francis Boyle confirms coronavirus is an “offensive biological warfare weapon”

Multiple vaccine corporations are working on a coronavirus jab as Big Pharma gets ready to cash in on a bioweapon built by genetic engineers