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Democrats’ biological warfare

Lowell Ponte spotlights Trump resistance’s latest weapon WND March 5, 2020

The coronavirus sweeping the world is strange. In some just-cured patients it flares up again, like trick birthday cake candles that relight themselves after being blown out. It mutates somewhat like HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. According to doctors at Beijing Ditan Hospital, it can attack not only the respiratory system but also the kidneys, liver, cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

According to the World Health Organization, it is in some ways more contagious than the 1918 swine flu, called “the plague of the Spanish Lady,” which killed at least 50 million people worldwide.

Today’s coronavirus disease, called COVID-19, may kill two or more out of every 100 people who catch it, striking down especially the elderly and ill.

This novel virus may or may not be the escaped nightmare creature of China’s biological warfare experiments. But in the United States at least one leftist has called for its use as a germ weapon against supporters of President Donald Trump.

“If I do get the coronavirus, I’m attending every MAGA rally I can,” tweeted a resident to the Denver City Council.

MAGA, an acronym for “Make America Great Again,” is seen on thousands of red caps at President Donald Trump’s rallies. The tweeter apparently intends to infect as many Trump supporters as possible.

“#solidarity Yaaaas!” replied Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, reportedly a supporter of leftist Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sandersm, I-Vt., and a self-described Marxist activist known as “the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of Denver.” Her Feb. 28 tweet has triggered a polarizing controversy in Colorado and calls for her resignation by the state’s Republican Party.

CdeBaca has said her remark was merely “sarcastic” and “meant to call attention to the president’s downplaying of the virus,” according to the liberal Denver Post. She has not resigned or even apologized for advocating the deliberate infection of her opponents.

Some critics note that the big government-loving CdeBaca zealously supports Colorado’s so-called “red flaglaw,” which empowers the state to disarm those who advocate killing someone.

Calling for what amounts to germ warfare against 10,000 people attending a Trump rally in Denver – which would be a crowd of older-than-average, more-coronavirus-vulnerable-than-average citizens – is like advocating the mass murder of 300 people, not by gun but by germ.

What this leftist has done, which certainly will encourage Antifa-like violent imitators inspired by her hatred, certainly violates the red-flag laws and, by her own authoritarian standards, should require that she be disarmed.

I hereby ask Sen. Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden to repudiate their leftist comrade’s attempt to assault Trump supporters with a deadly weapon and call for her resignation.

Capricious and arbitrary red-flag laws are the left’s way of confiscating firearms by circumventing citizen Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Consider, however, some other legal precedents.

In 1984, 750 people in The Dalles, Oregon, were suddenly sickened by salmonella typhimurium in this town of only 10,000. The cause of this ugly disease was apparently a sex “guru” who called himself the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He had ordered his followers to contaminate the salad bar at a popular local restaurant with the disease. The goal was to reduce voter turnout in a local election so that this cult could win control of the government. This cult leader died in 1990, at age 58, of heart disease.

In the United States, 32 states have laws making it a crime to knowingly expose another person to HIV without his or her knowledge. Leftists in California have tried to eliminate all such laws. Ohio outlaws exposing another person to hepatitis C and invoked this law against someone who spit into the eyes of a police officer.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., should care, because centuries ago many Native Americans died after deliberately being given smallpox-infected blankets. Today Democrats favor flooding the U.S. with disease-carrying, sanctuary-hidden illegals.

Legal precedent is clear that infecting another with a potentially lethal disease can be made a crime. We should outlaw deliberately infecting others with COVID-19.

We should also take the next step. When the Democratic Party advocates increased government harassment, regulation and taxation, these things will cause added stress for millions of Americans. Stress causes heart attacks, cancer and other medical ills. In other words, enlarging the government kills.

Every proposed law should include an estimate of how many will die because the Democratic Party is infecting us with an epi-DEM-ick of ever-bigger government and all the many evils that this leftist-imposed socialist “health care plan” brings.

Trump Has Been Sabotaged by the Medical Deep State