The NutriMedical Report Hour One Tuesday June 6th 2017 – Karatbars University GOLD by Grams Business Why and How!?

HOUR ONE – RBN, KBU Karatbars University, Minefields of Danger to World Economy, Trump Agenda July AHA Sept Taxes, 14 Trillion Mid Summer Corp USA Debt, Midterm Globalist Pulling EU Eurodollar, Get into Gold by the Gram Saving Club Karatbars, Dynamic nutrimedical7 team, We send you downline clients, Just work one leg and we can build you a downline income, Play Sizzle Call, Call Back in 24, Send Videos Don Gilromo YouTube, KYC Know Your Customer x2 docs uploaded, K-Exchange, Kiosks, Training Sites affiliated,,,, Dr Bill Deagle MD, The NutriMedical Report Show,