The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Tuesday July 25th 2017 – Harley Schlanger – ESF CIA IMF Control of World – Republicans and Democrats Join to Put More Russian Sanctions –

Harley Schlanger, LaRouchePAC, Dr Bill Deagle MD,,,,, Sessions Russia Gate, Mueller Coup Fishing Counsel Scam, Hamiltonian Financial Relief, Health Care Plan of Dr Bill, VAT to county NO Malpractice Fee for Service, Lateral Training of Health Professionals, 

Below are this week’s links from LaRouche PAC:

What Must Be Done Before Another Bank Crash Hits

An Appeal to Americans: Defend the Trump Presidency  (Seven minute video)

Americas Number One Adversary Is Wall Street

BREAKING – Mr. President, Investigate This Immediately; It Blows the Entire Coup Against You!