The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Wednesday Jan 31st 2018 – Lowell Ponte, Funding the Great Border Wall, USA Infrastructure for Immigration Drug Controls. FISA Abuse Nunes Memo, DOJ FBI Hot Seat, Dems Panic Over Memo,

Lowell Ponte, Funding the Great Border Wall, USA Infrastructure for Immigration Drug Controls. FISA Abuse Nunes Memo, DOJ FBI Hot Seat, Dems Panic Over Memo, Dr Bill Deagle MD,,,, NutriMedical Report, 


Funding the Great Border Wall

By Lowell Ponte


“Good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost

President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on America’s southern border, say Progressive critics, is “a medieval solution to a 21st Century problem.”

But much of our current problem comes from a Progressive welfare state that allows illegal aliens to pick our taxpayers’ pockets while contributing little or nothing to our country. Much comes from Leftist eagerness to overwhelm our democracy with illegal voters who do not share our values, giving permanent power to Democrats rejected by Americans. California is preparing to make the voter registration of illegals virtually automatic this coming April Fools’ Day.

Much of our current problem comes from globalist Progressives who want to erase national boundaries and replace our free market American nation with world government. The formerly-Golden state California – home to one-third of America’s welfare recipients and one-quarter of its illegal aliens – is the model of our Progressive authoritarian future, unless President Trump’s wall can change this.

The Senate’s Democratic leader Charles Schumer offered President Trump far less than one-tenth the money needed for this wall, then quickly withdrew his meager offer after illegal immigrant “dreamer” radical protestors attacked him and stormed his home. They demanded that his party grant them immediate,

unconditional citizenship and cease all bargaining with the President. Senator Schumer quickly took the side of self-righteous illegals against law-abiding, tax-paying U.S. citizens.

The Democrats ceased to be an American political party when they became globalist and embraced their President Barack Obama’s new allegiance as a “citizen of the world.”

If neither the country of Mexico nor the Democratic Party will agree to pay for the border wall, President Trump does have other ways and means of doing so. He and the Republican Party, for example, could impose a 20 percent tax or tariff on imports, which would be paid in part by Americans in higher prices, to have “Mexico pay for the wall.” Better, we could impose a “border adjustment tax.”

Mr. Trump could restrict or tax the more than $28 Billion paid as remittances to relatives in Mexico each year, mostly by illegal aliens in the U.S. This is among the top sources of Mexican revenue, and a significant fraction of it comes directly or indirectly from social benefits we pay to illegals. In 2009 Oklahoma began a small wire transfer fee that by 2017 had raised more than $67.2 Million for a drug-control fund. Seized illicit Mexican drug cartel money could also be used to help fund the wall.

Mexico could “pay” for the wall by revenue it loses from drugs, remittances, exports, and American taxpayers by stemming the flood of illegals.

Americans could benefit from buying “Wall Bonds,” akin to war bonds, to stop such invaders. We could sell naming rights and advertising along urban sections of the wall. We could make donations for the wall tax-deductible, or allow tax credits. If the wall cost $25 Billion, that would be only a one-time cost of about $78 for each of 323 million Americans – or around $310 for a family of four.

American Thinker pundit Rufus Dickerson proposes “crowdfunding” the wall, which if paid for only by 62 million Trump voters would cost each $396. Many will think it worth that much to keep our country from being taken over, and to save it from perpetual rule by globalist Progressives.

“Dreamers” brought here as children are beginning to embrace President Trump’s offer of a path to citizenship for 1.8 million of them in exchange for building his wall, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Walls work; Israel’s new wall has reduced terrorist attacks by up to 95 percent, and China is now expanding its ancient Great Wall along the border with North Korea. Even Mexico enforces a strong, modern barrier on its southern border with Guatemala to deter illegals.

The latest Progressive scam argues that Trump’s wall would harm the environment by impeding animal migration. A few years ago, Sierra Club activists debated the terrible ecological harm being done in the U.S. by a non-stop tsunami of immigrants – but the left-of-center organization decided to favor illegal immigrants over the environment. Why does the media never mention Obama’s ideological order ending “wet foot-dry foot” residency for Cuban Latinos fleeing communism – and inclined to vote Republican? For Leftists, today’s illegals are merely a means to their sinister ends.  ####