The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Wednesday Nov 29th 2017 – Lowell Ponte, Why USA and Western Fertility is Dropping, Feminized Males, Masculinzed Females, Toxic Halides, Lower Sperm Count, Stress Hormones Masculinizing, Islam High Ratio of Births, Takeover Europe by Islam,

Lowell Ponte, Why USA and Western Fertility is Dropping, Feminized Males, Masculinzed Females, Toxic Halides, Lower Sperm Count, Stress Hormones Masculinizing, Islam High Ratio of Births, Takeover Europe by Islam, Dr Bill Deagle MD, NutriMedical Report Show,,,, 



by Lowell Ponte


“Freedom is never more than

one generation away from extinction.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Ronald Reagan

Sex fills the news, but according to scientists the more shocking news is that all this purported passion is producing fewer babies.

America now has the lowest fertility rate in its history. Each couple must on average give birth to at least 2.1 children just to maintain a nation’s population. In America today, fertility has plummeted to 1.8 children per couple, a decline that if continued will cause economic and demographic doom, as is happening in Europe and Japan.

The Millennials – Generation Y born from around 1984 to 2000 – are the reason, according to a 2017 study. “The fertility rate decline is driven entirely by Millennial [women] in their teens and twenties.”

Why? “Millennials came of age during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Many saw their parents lose their jobs, their homes, and their dignity – and vowed they would not repeat those mistakes,” the study concluded.

“As a result, life-cycle milestones so prized by their Baby Boomer parents – the first driver’s license, marriage, children, home ownership – are postponed, or abandoned altogether, by Millennials.”

The resulting “baby bust” begets trouble for Boomers (born 1946-1964), Generation X (born approximately 1965-1983) and Millennials without a successful next generation to pay for their Social Security or give care in their old age. Boomers and Gen Xers are rushing to acquire their own hard assets that will protect them from the value-destroying deliberate inflation built into paper dollar savings – but what can Millennials do?

Millennials are the generation that continued to live at home with mom and dad. When unable or unwilling to find jobs, many ran up part of the $1.3 Trillion in student loan debt, maxed out their credit cards, and are now deep in debt. These Peter Pans in 2016 cast more votes for self-described socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders than for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined. Forty percent told pollsters that “socialism,” although few could define it, was an idea they could support, and said that government should restrict offensive “free” speech.

Thomas Jefferson in 1789 told his protégé James Madison that each generation is its own nation, and that no generation should impose unpaid debt on another. Alas, the collectivist Progressive politics of many Millennials threatens to sink America with permanent debt and oppressive government.

The good news is that Generation Z – the Gen Xers’ children who began being born around 2001 – according to one study are “more conservative, more money-oriented, more entrepreneurial and pragmatic about money compared with Millennials” and are far more skeptical about marijuana legalization, alcohol and drug use, and other key socially-leftist issues. One study found that fully 10 percent more supported Trump than Hillary Clinton in 2016. This iGeneration is also more than twice as likely as Millennials, and more than any generation since 1946, to attend church.

What made the Millennials a weak and relatively barren generation? Scientists are unsure, blaming everything from stress and war, to environmental chemicals such as sulfur dioxide in the air to, of course, climate change.

In the past 40 years, male sperm count in the West’s richest nations has fallen by 60 percent and continues to fall by 1.6 percent per year. Increasing obesity, marijuana use, and perhaps prescription drug use can impair fertility.

But more than 30 percent of Millennial men and women tell researchers that they do not intend to marry or have children. Fully 25 percent have no religious affiliation. Those who are leftist tend to be alienated from their nation, from democracy, from human relationships, from success, and from a bright future.

Analysts have found that a socialist welfare state may make people physically weaker, less honest, and devoid of a higher meaning or purpose in their lives, as Craig R. Smith and I document in Money, Morality & The Machine. On the other hand, scientists are now finding that self-reliant conservative individualists have more faithful and fulfilling productive and reproductive lives. A happy and successful society begins, survives and thrives with Ms. and Mr. Right.