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If You liked What Earl Warren Did

You’ll Love What John G. Roberts

is Programmed to Do

A critical biography


The people controlling Roberts are those who are destroying the United States, and are installing Orwellian operatives dedicated to a New World Order.

By G. Richard Arnold

In this year of 2005 … the only politicos who aren’t aware of the poisonous purpose and crimes committed by Council on Foreign Relations operatives (CFR) are the puppets whose strings they pull within their managed mass media. And academ-idiots who are taught to teach and preach the gospel of globalism in the public schools … where never a question is raised nor an independent thought is given a mark of excellence.

Even amongst of the multitude of morons who remain under the control of the media’s mind manipulation … some will awake to what’s going on behind the closed doors of deception. They are beginning to see the big picture. But most will only see mere degrees of culpability in the CFR’s design to dissolve our country and create a New World Order.

” The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which … believes national boundaries should b obliterated and one-world rule established.” Senator Barry Goldwater in his book With No Apologies.

Many CFR members have great personalities and say things with which many good folk would agree. A CFR Republican is better than a CFR Democrat. A Skull & Bones Bush is better than a Skull & Bones Kerry. Or visa versa … so naive people think.

Skull & Bones (S& B) membership and influence was virtually unknown until a cache of their secret papers were released by undercover work documented in Dr. Anthony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment.

There is no space in this article to build a foundation for your understanding of the Hegelian techniques used by this one hundred and sixty year old power grabbing elite. They are designing and implementing a New World Order to be imposed over the ashes of our Constitutional Republic. For over a hundred years ago Skull & Bones was accurately referred to the Brotherhood of Death.

Agents of this evilarchy have gravitated to the Department of War, and Intelligence agencies which equips them with funds and excuses for covert activity. They use the positions to promote themselves and those people who are obligated to them. Now the judicial branch is being put thoroughly under the control of the conspirators.

Three people on the Supreme Court are members of the Council on Foreign Relations … Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sandra Day O’Connor and Steven G. Breyer most of the others were appointed by CFR presidents.

You may get a sense of how they work by reading the article “All in the Family” at

The following information will make sense to those grounded with the above “facts of life” concerning American politics and power. Part or all of the information may be used by giving credit to

Skull & Bones is a branch of a secret mechanism organized in New Haven Connecticut in 1832. This cult uses human remains in their rituals and have been instrumental in war making and death since it’s founder Alphonso Taft secured his position in the war department. Skull & Bones first real exposure was documented by Dr. Anthony Sutton in his America’s Secret Establishment whom the author of this article was renting at the time. Sutton received a batch of secret papers. Sometimes the cultists are referred to as the Brotherhood of Death. Its membership is small, powerful and deadly. But it has become vulnerable because of exposure and has stepped up its agenda putting them in a precarious position as they rush their plans for a New World Order.

The Men Behind John Roberts

Devoted the Whole of Their Lives for the NWO

In the early 50’s, Skull & Bones Robert Lovett replaces George Marshall as Secretary of Defense. And Skull & Bones Averell Harriman is named director of the Mutual Security Agency. Harriman’s business partners were Allen Dulles (CIA) and John Foster Dulles (Secretary of State) both Council on Foreign Relations incorporators.

One of Harriman’s senior banking partners was Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones) grandfather of George W. Bush (Skull & Bones).

Averell Harriman under his Mutual Security Agency appointed CFR member Gordon Gray to head the Psychological Strategy Board.

Gordon Gray was incredible powerful. His brother, Bowman Gray Jr. (naval intelligence) “founder of operational intelligence” was the chairman of R. J. Reynolds tobacco. Gordon Gray was a political ally of Prescott Bush. When the U-2 was flying over the Soviet Union Gray was one of only three people in the Whitehouse who knew of the operation.

Gordon Gray was the intelligence operative providing a “layer of deniability” to protect presidents when assassination or elimination of opposition was on the table. Castro, Rafael Trujillo, Lumumba.

Gordon Gray produced a book titled Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare. He suggested hiring professional criminals “to cause” martyrs in order to fuel emotions thus implementing the Hegelian mechanism of conflict to fuel their climb to power.

Even the Contra leader Edgar Chammoro under the attack by the Communists in Nicaragua couldn’t stomach Gordon Gray’simmorality of killing people on your own side in order to create martyrs. Chammoro had those pages torn out Gray’s “Warfare Manual” play book.

One fact we do know is that Gordon Gray (CFR) has no problem killing ones own countrymen for a cause.

The theory that 911 was an inside job is supported by the previous actions of Gordon Gray (CFR) and Henry Kissinger (CFR). The proof is irrefutable that a super majority members of The Project for a New America are also members of the CFR. Their own published papers claim their “wish” for a “Pearl Harbor” type event in order to push through Homeland Security and scores of other bills centralizing power and in effect nationalizing local police.

Henry Kissinger who had been for years a director of the Council on Foreign Relations was a consultant to Gordon Gray. And we all know that George W. Bush’s first choice to head the 911 cover up was Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger is trusted to fuel and act on both sides of the Hegelian formula for world control and has cut deals with any dictatorship be it “Communist” or the “Right wing”. History shows that Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people.

From the book Gentleman Spy … Gordon Gray , whose own interventions had confirmed Allen on the course of assassinations. “Nobody wants to embarrass a President of the United States by discussing the assassination of foreign leaders in his presence.”, said (Richard CIA) Helms (CFR) long afterward. “We’re hired out to keep those things out of the Oval Office.” P505 Gentleman Spy Peter Grose Houghton Mifflin company

CFR member Gordon Gray served 6 presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. That is 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats. Only the boobs and dopes play the party boss games. But for … we folk … political action still necessitates engaging in “their” political primaries

It is the Invisible government made up of the CFR which runs the show leading to a NWO.

Gordon Gray was instrumental in recruiting Earl Warren to head the Commission investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy … the desired result was a massive cover-up.

Gordon Gray groomed his son C. Boyden Gray to follow in his cagy footsteps. C. Gordon Gray went to work … clerking for Chief Justice Earl Warren.

C. Gordon Gray today is the point man for the executioner of the U.S. Constitution. Chief Justice Earl Warren put the Constitution on it’s death bed and Junior Roberts … like Nurse Ratchett intends to extinguish it.

C. Gray worked for the biggest cover-up artist in history Earl Warren.. If you believe Earl Warren you will support and believe John Roberts Jr.

C. Gordon Gray Hegelian Specialist

Psychological Warfare Operations

After interning under Earl Warren … C. Boyden Gray joined the law firm of Wilmer, (Lloyd) Cutler and Pickering.

Lloyd Cutler was a counselor to both Trilateralist Jimmy Carter and Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton.

Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering

Law Firm an Arm of the NWO

C. Boyden Gray’s law firm has paved the way for the New World Order. On the law firm’s own website under it’s section called “history” … they proudly take credit for the Pro Bono work done in helping to stop Senator Joe McCarthy. The Senator was pressing an investigation of the State Department recently headed by George C. Marshall. The invisible government coordinated Skull & Bones Senator Stuart Symington, CFR members, and their controlled Communist Party to end the investigation.

We learn that Senator Everett Dirksen stated that … “Senator Stuart Symington(Skull & Bones) made a phone call to Secretary Stevens on March 8th 1954 three days before the Army made …allegations of inappropriate acts by McCarthy’s staff supposedly nine months earlier.

During those times their conspiracy appeared as random independent thought. Today we have the Skull & Bones secret membership list and it includes the traitor Senator Stuart Symington (Skull & Bones). Their con job is over for those who inform themselves.

The NY Times June 10th 1953 reported Gus Hall, the head of the American Communist Party urged “Communist Party members and all anti-fascists to yield second place to none in the fight to rid our country of the fascist poison of McCarthyism.”

Obvious and interesting …you won’t find the controlled Communists attacking the CFR … the very core of the banking establishment and multinational corporations they pretend to hate. Communists are a killer corp … designed to wipe out the middle class.

Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people.

The recently released Venona Papers proved Joe McCarthy while aiming for the bull’s eye of betrayal had missed the target.

Senator Joe McCarthy totally unaware of the Skull & Bones agenda to establish a one world government. He mistakenly took these acts of high treason as being Communist directed. When in fact the acts of subversion is an inside job orchestrated out of Manhattan rather than Moscow.

The fear of Bush Family’s Brotherhood of Death was not that McCarthy might discover crooks from the Kremlin but might accidentally discover evil eliminated from the Council on Foreign Relations at 58 East 68th Street in NY City.                   

  Lloyd Cutler

South Africa Turned over to Marxists

Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering and Gray was right in step with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace with their call to overthrow South Africa. The Carnegie Foundation was headed by Alger Hiss (CFR) and Hiss became the first acting head of their United Nations in San Francisco in 1945. And the land for the UN was donated by the Rockefellers. That is why Skull & Bones George Bush and John Bolton (CFR) frequently praise the ideals of the founders of the UN.

What does all of this have to do with John G. Roberts Jr.? Let’s start linking just some of the dots of deception that connects with Bush the Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death) and the deluge of deception that has been going on to subvert this country for dozens of decades.

The key to this is not black and white but Gray … C. Gordon Gray.


Communist Nelson Mandela and Communist Slavo giving Communist clenched fist salute … “human rights and their new constitution”

Boyden Gray’s law firm has a congratulatory note from Communist Nelson Mandela which reads “Thank you for your support for the struggle for human rights and a just constitutional order in South Africa.”

Iraq is being introduced to the same “Liberation” a la Gray’s law firm, Kissinger and Associates and Skull & Bones and the Project for a New America.

The U.S. here at home can expect nothing less than the same “human rights” and “constitutional order” after John G. Roberts, Jr. is on the Supreme Court.

Now that the International Community has induced chaos in the formerly stable countries of the Congo, South Africa, and Rhodesia

This is so the World Government “International Community” has an excuse for establishing a standing army of 75,000 troops. And Skull & Bones George W. Bush did it.

The destabilization and lawlessness was so carefully nurtured by Alger Hiss’s Carnigie, Cutler, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Committee on the Constitutional System

Attempt to Destroy

Lloyd N. Cutler, C. Boyden Gray’s partner hates America so much he co-chaired the Committee on the Constitutional System . More correctly called “The Committee Against the Constitution.

They wanted 1) to allow the President to dissolve Congress and call for new elections. 2) Permit Congress to vote a “no confidence ” in the President and force new elections. 3) allow the President to propose certain types of legislation that could be adopted by popular referendum instead of by congress. 4) Allow easier passage of Treaties requiring much less than the 2/3ths vote 5) Place congressional leaders in the President’s cabinet, thereby further eroding the separation of powers 6) require voters to vote by party only and prevent the splitting of votes for various offices … total bossism. Something the point man C. Boyden Gray’s law firm and the International Community love.

As usual with these Orwellian operatives … War is Peace. What is Constitutional is Un Constitutional. Operation Freedom is Operation Slavery. Operation Just Cause is Operation Rape, Rob and Real Estate.

Funding for this treason comes from American Express whose board of directors includes a partner from Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering … the law firm of the Hegelian C. Boyden Gray. American Express board of directors includes CFR, Trilateralists and Bilderbergers.

Others providing funds to convert the “U.S. so it can comfortably merge with the Soviet Union” was the Ford, Hewlett and Rockefeller Foundations. No surprise to the American people there.

We find that Koch Industries also financed this “study” to disembowel the Constitution. Along with Archer Daniels Midland, General Electric and Exxon and the tobacco company Philip Morris.

Atlantic Council

Putting Countries Under the Yoke of the NWO

C. Boyden Gray is a director of the Atlantic Council that was formed in 1949 to support NATO and cause regionalization of the planet at the behest of Dean Acheson(CFR).

David C. Acheson, Dean Acheson’s son was president of the Atlantic Council organization from 1993 to 1999. David Acheson went through the occult rituals of selling his soul to the Devil and is a member of Skull & Bones … the Brotherhood of Death. It is all about the New World Order and the destruction of the U. S. Constitution.

The Christian conservative community hasn’t got a clue. Too many are entertained by Harry Potter and snookered by the crystal roots of a purpose drive life designed to feather them in with the NWO. A they are being used like toilet paper by the Neo-Con-Nazi’s who are nothing but then the old guard Trotskyites who wear the mask of moderates. In fact, the ones who are supporting John G. Roberts, Jr. are obviously the snookered.

We read from Christian Communication Network dateline Washington 27, 2005 Saying that even Lloyd Cutler and Seth Waxman call John Roberts a man full of “integrity and fair-mindedness.” What this Christian Network didn’t say … is that it was Seth Waxman who successfully sold the court on the Campaign Finance Reform laws written by Feingold and Council on Foreign Relations member John McCain that prohibit free speech especially during elections.

The German Marshall Fund

Extracting Money for Use by the NWO

C Boyden Gray is a trustee of the German Marshall Foundation. The German Marshall Fund extorted a huge gift from the German taxpayers in 1972 to fund this NWO front.

Its two co- chairmen Marc E. Leland and Guido Goldman are members of the cryptic Council on Foreign Relations

Lee H. Hamilton (CFR) trustee of the German Marshall Fund is also vice chair of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks 2002-2004. There is a plethora of facts that fit the theory that 911 was an inside job. Lee Hamilton is an “inside player”.

Ken Melman

America’s Pink Swastika

It is unfortunate that there is a large segment of the Christian community fair-minded and well meaning, have been ignorant of the evil intentions to destroy everything they stand for. They haven’t a clue to what’s going on and actually believe Bush and his Brotherhood of Death is both Christian and conservative. Rather than solve the problem they perpetuate it.

John G. Roberts Jr. who has bent over backwards for the gay community has the support of the President, and his pal Ken Melman , Karl Rove (Miss Piggy) and California queer Congressman


Congressman DAVID DRIER (CFR)

Homosexual leader of the whole Republican California Delegation.

Roberts Went Pro Bono for Gays and

Against States Rights

In a landmark decision in 1996 Roberts worked behind the scenes to nullify the voters initiative in Colorado. Lesbian Jean Dubofsky, (Colorado Supreme Court retired ) said … “Everyone said Roberts was one of the people I should talk to.” His advice was “absolutely crucial”.

Homosexual activists said this was the movements most important legal victory. Smith head of the pro bono department said “Roberts didn’t hesitate. ” He said, “let’s do it

John Roberts Jr. support comes from Republican Congressman Kolbe (CFR) (Ripon) who received the gay and lesbian award during a gala attended by former Republican majority leader Newt Gingrich’s (CFR) lesbian sister. Dick Cheney (CFR Trilatereral Commission) daughter is an “in your face lesbian”.

John Roberts Jr. law firm claims it has “long been committed to recruiting, retaining and promoting attorneys with diverse backgrounds … gays and lesbians.” “We are proud to continue to preserve and promote that diversity.”

John Roberts Jr. is no normal Orwellian . He has the double think, double speak and double cross down.

President Bush called John Roberts “one of the best legal minds of his generation.”

John Roberts Jr. Attack on Bill of Rights

The Robert’s firm used their lawyers to attack retail gun sellers because criminals abused their guns. Their purpose was to make it impossible for Americans to protect their homes. In effect they want to bring about the abolition of the 2nd amendment and make individuals totally dependent for protection on the national police under their control.

By putting Roberts in the Supreme court you can kiss the Constitution good bye. Considering Roberts is the protégé of C. Boyden Gray, the Skull & Bones point man akin to Kissinger and Rasputin and Robespierre.

John Roberts Jr. has already … decided for dictatorship … and against the American people with his decision on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, July 15th 2005, giving the Skull & Bones hierarchy the power to designate any individual as an “enemy combatant.” Thereby the President total power to set up secret tribunals notsubject to judicial review. This is what despotism is all about. John Roberts and C. Boyden Gray are clearing the path for the NWO.

World Federalists

The World Federalists were established in 1947 by CFR members Norman Cousins and James Warburg.





Known for

Joseph Sill Clark




Senator from Pennsylvania 1956-69
Alan Cranston




US Senator from California 1969-93
William O. Douglas




U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1939-75
Claude Pepper




Congressman from Florida 1963-89
Ronald Reagan

Head of State



40th US President, 1981-89

John Roberts Jr. shared the DC. Circuit with James L. Buckley (Skull & Bones). Buckley was put there by Ronald Reagan who himself was for 13 years on the letterhead of the United World Federalists.

World Federalists

Ronald Reagan was very much for the goals of Skull & Bones. His first choice to replace him if something happened was Skull & Bones George H. W. Bush. Reagan appointed as his secretary of state the president of the Council on Foreign Relations … George P. Shultz.

The middle initial for George Shultz is “P” for Pratt of the Standard Oil fortune. The very headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations is called the Pratt House given to the CFR as a place to carry out their “treason”.

As a U.S. Senator, James Buckley (Skull & Bones) wrote to a constituent that there was no such think as a Bilderberger. James Buckley stint with intelligence and propaganda agencies was with Radio Free Europe. New York congressman entered into the Congressional record June 20, 1956 that Radio Free Europe “helps rather than hurts communism.” We read … “in reality, the Free Europe Committee and its subsidiary organizations constitute another propaganda front for the Council on Foreign Relations.”

James Buckley’s brother, William F. Buckley, Skull & Bones, is a Bilderberger and former CIA operative.


Picture from

Early in the career of John Glover Roberts, Jr, Roberts was chosen by Attorney General William French Smith to be his “special assistant.”

William Buckley, William French Smith, Henry Kissinger, Newt Gingrich and George Shultz all belong to the Devil worshiping Bohemian Club. Here at the entrance to the Bohemian Headquarters in San Francisco is their idol Molock with it’s talons penetrating a human skull.

This Satanic ritual takes place annually in Monte Rio California.

At a special luxury camp they perform a ritual burning called “Cremation of Care” before the 40 foot occult owl Molock to eliminate any trace of a conscience that might be left.


John Roberts, Jr worked for Wm French Smith and C. Boyden Gray worked for Earl Warren both worshipers of the Owl requiring symbolic death rituals. Truly a brotherhood of death ties these evil people together.

Question: Is protégé Roberts’ job at the Supreme Court to sit on a dead Constitution with his penetrating talons? Is John Glover Roberts Jr to preside over the destiny of the United States? Although, Roberts didn’t take the Satanic oath of Skull & Bones while lying nude in a coffin he still serves the American Illuminati faithfully.

John G. Roberts Jr law firm Hogan & Hartson serves the Manhattan money mob of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers where consolidation and takeovers never ends.

We see that the Alger Hiss (CFR) story is repeated in the person of C. Boyden Gray. At the recommendation of Felix Franfurter (CFR), Alger Hiss was made law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

We find in the book Invisible Government by Dan Smoot (the biggest whistle blower of the last century) on pages 28 & 29 …

Felix Frankfurter “excusing Bolsheviki” and “encouraging traitors”

The Plan of “Felix Frankfurter and Paul Warburg is to promote a “planned” or socialist economy in the United States, and to integrate the American system into a worldwide socialist system. Warburg and Frankfurter (early CFR members) were among the many influential persons who worked closely with Colonel Edward M. House, father of the Council on Foreign Relations.”

Theodore Roosevelt wrote a letter to Frankfurter … “you have taken an attitude which seems to me to be fundamentally that of Trotsky and the other Bolsheviki leaders in Russia an attitude …frought with mischief to the country.” “You are engaged in excusing men precisely like the Bolsheviki in Russia, who are murderers and encouragers of murder, who are traitors to their allies, … to civilization, as well as to the United States …” Reds in America p63 R. M. Whitney Beckwith Press 1924

Roosevelt had harsh words for both Fabian Inter colligate Socialist Society organizer Felix Frankfurer and Skull & Bones E. H. Harriman, whom he called an “enemy of the Republic.”


J.P Morgan, Rockefeller and Skull & Bones E. H Harriman shown here angry because Theodore Roosevelt keeps bobbing up.

Skull & Bones E.H. Harriman being pan roasted by Roosevelt.

Alger Hiss (CFR) was recommended to the Roosevelt Administration by Fabian Felix Frankfurter

C. Boyden Gray, Skull & Bones point man, was law clerk to Earl Warren.

Warren Commission

Let’s look at the Warren Commission’s investigation of JFK’s assassination. This fix, fraud and joke on the American people is similar to the phony 911 investigation.

Members of the Warren Commission included:



                    1. Allen Dulles, an incorporator of the CFR, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations whom JFK had recently fired.

                    2. John S. Cooper (Skull & Bones) need we say more. Cooper, like George Bush and John Kerry crawled into a coffin and dedicated his life to Satan and the NWO.

 3. Gerald Ford, a Bilderberger and member of Bohemian grove. This former football star worships the owl Mollock and world government and appointed to Nelson Rockefeller to be his vice president. He appointed George H.W. Bush (Skull & Bones) to head the CIA. Nelson Rockefeller had been part and parcel of the intelligence apparatus, wrote the book The Future of Federalism the year before Kennedy was killed. In that book we find Rockefeller’s real goal. I quote ..” I think the answer is some free-super-national political being with the power to tax.” Rockefeller’s whole family has manipulated the country for a hundred years. They have mind bending programs for the dumbest kid selling UNESCO cards to the recruited Nuevo rich like Bill Gates and Julia Packard … mere putty in the hands of the master. A century of experience using propaganda, force and rewards paves the road with the next stop being the elimination of the middle class. Ford appointed Skull & Bones George H.W. Bush to head the CIA.


4. John J. McCloy, CFR was like John G. Roberts Jr. a career dependent on Skull & Bones. Skull & Bones Henry Stimson appointed McCloy to be assistant Secretary of War. McCloy was chair of Rockefeller’s Chase bank, High Commissar of Germany extracting money from those people to promote World Government through the German Marshall Fund.


5. Hale Boggs missing in an airplane over Alaska and never found. His wife testified … MS. BOGGS: “I think that when they read all the testimony that came to them each night that they felt a great deal of information had come their way. However, there were obvious feelings of wanting to know more about certain areas of the investigation, wanting to have filled in some of the unanswered questions, …”


6. Richard Russell told of his conclusion about the Warren Commission report on WAB –TV Atlanta January 1970 … “I think someone else worked with Oswald. Too many things cause me to doubt that he planned it all by himself.” Russell originally refused to sign the report until they ganged up on him and convinced him to go for a conclusion based on “best information at the time”.


What does all of this have to do with Bush’s appointment of John B. Roberts Jr..? It was Gerald Ford who appointed George H. W. Bush 41 to head the CIA. It was Earl Warrenwhere C Boyden Gray first interned because of his CFR father Gordon Gray’s power.

Satanic Worshiper Earl Warren is pictured on the far left at the foot of the Molock Owl.

7) Earl Warren was California’s attorney General and then Governor for 14 years. “He was initially a hard-fighting enforcer of anti-Communist and anti-crime laws. However, following the mysterious and never solved murder of his father, Earl Warren had suddenly changed, almost as if he had been Blackmailed …” From The Elephant that Brays (Gary Allen 1971)

In 1948 Thomas Dewey (CFR) choose malleable Earl Warren as his vice presidential running mate. Dewey (CFR) and (CFR) incorporator John Foster Dulles began in 1950 a group called Republican Advance backed by Skull & Bones Henry Luce. It was to organize and support Republicans dedicated to a NWO. It was replaced in 1962 by the Ripon Society. If you go to the Ripon website you will find 10 unflinching Republican U.S. Senators dedicated to the NWO..

Earl Warren

The year Earl Warren won the election for State Attorney General in 1938 his father was murdered and the killer never found. Earl Warren’s “manager” was Murray Chotiner.Between 1949 and 1952 Murray and Jack Chotiner handled several hundred mob cases. Chotiner became associated with Nixon in 1946 … Chotiner was called to testify before the McClellan crime commission in 1966. Gangster Mickey Cohen said Chotiner got money from him for Nixon.

The criminal crowd used by the conspiracy included Murray Chotiner and Jack Ruby (Rubinstein) the man who “silenced Oswald”. Ruby fearing for his life, and the life of his family told the Warren commission….”Well, you won’t see me again. I tell you that a whole new form of government is going to take over the country, and I know I won’t live to see you another time”. We see that according to the 1947 FBI dislcosure that Jack Rubinstein (Ruby)…” … is performing information functions for the staff of Cong. Richard M. Nixon, Rep of California. It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony.”

Earl Warren, the head of the commission to investigate the assassination of JFK may well have permanently compromised … if his father’s unsolved murder … was mob related.Seven years after Kennedy’s assassination Chotiner became Nixon’s “special counsel” and Richard Nixon pardoned Jimmy Hoffa.

Arlen Spector was one of the Warren Commission’s counsels and had to figure a way that to explain how in 6 seconds an additional seven wounds in two people occurred … because the other two bullets were accounted for. Spector’s scam on the American people is referred as the “Magic Bullet”. Spector is a member of the Ripon Society.

In George Orwell’s 1984 … Truth is what the Party deems it to be. The lead character Winston was very uncomfortable having to produce propaganda that he knew were lies and for a while struggled against it. The Party eventually succeeds in erasing Winston’s conscience. “Newspeak” was the official language devised by the Party to control thought. To control thought is to control action.

This is where War is Peace … Freedom is Slavery … and Ignorance is Strength

Time-Life magazine was founded by Skull & Bones Henry Luce. Luce shared mistress Mary Bancroft with Allen Dulles (CIA) (incorporator of the CFR) (Warren Commission member)

Time vice president C. D. Jackson bought the Zapruder film of Kennedy’s assassination causign it to disapear and be manupulated. Jackson was with the Psychological Warfare Branch and Radio Free Europe.

Time/Life published only individual frames of the Zapruder film with the apparent intent to deceive the American people. It was not until 12 years after the event in 1975 that they showed Kennedy’s violent backward and leftward motion. Time magazine like so much of the media has been manipulated under Operation Mocking Bird … an internal intelligence operation to control the American people.

CIA director Walter Bedell Smith asked C.D. Jackson to help him recruit members for the Bilderberger organization. See Sinister Forces p121 by Peter Levenda, Trine Day

Both C. D Jackson (CFR) (Bilderberger) and Gordon Gray (CFR) were special assistants to Eisenhower. C. D Jackson together with Henry J Heinz (Skull & Bones) were on the Bilderberger steering committee. Heinz (CFR) was part of the Committee for the United Nations. No doubt Skull & Bones Heinz would support Bush’s (Skull & Bones) appointee John Bolton (CFR) as well as conspirator John G. Roberts for the supreme court.

I’m told by a friend watching television that he had recently seen this brilliant man John Roberts Jr. refer to our country as a Democracy. Could he be so ignorant … no. Roberts is a willing conspirator ready to slit America’s throat and tag those against the NWO and label them as an enemy combatant to be sent anywhere in the world to be tortured and killed with no judicial review.

Westbrook Pegler & Eleanor Roosevelt whom he called “la boca Grande”

Westbrook Pegler told the truth and his career ended.

Westbrook Pegler and Jerry Voorhis (the Congressman Nixon (CFR) defeated in 1946) had something in common. They were both very vocal about the Federal Reserve System.

We already mentioned Felix frankfurter, the Supreme court judge spawning communists and NWO advocates. And we mentioned that Col Mandel House was considered the father of the CFR. Col House wrote a book titled Philip Dru Administrator. This book was the Mein Kamp or Manifesto of the NWO operatives..

Westbrook Pegler was a Hearst columnist and he was dropped by the big city newspapers shortly after this paragraph appeared in his column.

“One of the institutions outlined in Philip Dru is the Federal Reserve System. The Schiffs, the Warburgs, the Kahns, the Rockefellers and Morgan interests put their faith in House. The Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller and Morgan interests were personally represented in the mysterious conference at Jekyll Island. Frankfurter landed on Harvard law faculty, thanks to a financial contribution to Harvard by Felix and Paul Warburg, and so we got Alger and Donald Hiss, Lee Pressman, Harry Dexter White and many other protégés of Little Weenie.”

The connection of Warburg to the Communist Spy ring was too much truth and Pegler was cancelled …the truth had to be blocked. The simple truth is Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people under a NWO.

Westbrook Pegler also had it right about Democracy … 1951 … “Did I say “republic?” By God, yes, I said “republic!” Long live the glorious republic of the United States of America. Damn democracy. It is a fraudulent term used, often by ignorant persons but no less often by intellectual fakers, to describe an infamous mixture of socialism, miscegenation, graft, confiscation of property and denial of personal rights to individuals whose virtuous principles make them offensive.”

John Roberts, Jr. repeatedly refers to our country as a Democracy. And Roberts fits one of the descriptions above … we don’t think he is “ignorant” so “intellectual faker” is more appropriate. A good number of people think “traitor” is the most appropriate.

In the book 1984 … Newspeak eliminates not only unnecessary words form society but history itself … narrowing awareness and thought.

History Destroyed Like the Soviet Union

In the 1930’s The Army Manual 92000-25 November 30 1928 containing the following definition of Democracy … the definition was ordered to be destroyed


A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of “direct” expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic–negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether is be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demogogism, license, agitation, discontent, and anarchy. 

In the novel 1984 … the main character, Winston is required to create a speech about someone who has never existed … so the Party can have a hero. What the Cutlers, neo cons, Hegelian operatives are doing is creating an image to mask John G. Roberts, Jr. He is no conservative or liberal … He is New World Order all the way.

Back to Jerry Voorhis who was defeated by Nixon in 1946. Voorhis wrote a book Beyond Victory attacking the Federal Reserve … he did not want the gang of private bankers to have the power to create money. Voorhis also opposed the Bank for International Settlements which was the World bank of that time …

Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones), Grandfather of George W. Bush(Skull & Bones) literally groomed Nixon(CFR)

The gang of bankers that replaced congressman Jerry Voorhis, the major critic of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of International Settlements, included Skull & Bones Prescott Bush.

Historian Carroll Quigley called the Bank of International Settlements … a system designed for … “nothing less than to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.” Tragedy and Hope Macmillan, 1966

The World Bank is headed by Neocon Wolfenson (CFR. ) (member Project for a New America) which desired a Pearl Harbor like event as the cause to present their long awaited plans for a NWO. 911 provided just the excuse they wanted to launch a war in Iraq which was prescribed years earlier. The vast majority of the members of the Project for a New America are members of the CFR.

With a little help from the “bankers” Nixon defeated Voorhis and Voorhis opposition to the Federal Reserve. The bankers attacked Congressman Lindberg for the same reason.

Congressman Lindbergh stood up to oppose the Federal Reserve Act .

” This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. … Wall Streeters could not cheat us if you Senators and representatives did not make a humbug of congress.”

The first chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was Pierce Jay. At the time nobody knew he was a secret member of Skull & Bones. There is no more excuse for you or anyone to be ignorant but you are stupid if you don’t investigate these facts.

Congress Lindberg stood up and spoke up to the Conspirators.

Pictured with his to be famous aviator son.

Nixon once in congress supported the Atlantic Union Committee Resolution calling for World government.

That group changed their name to the Atlantic Council.

Portrait of U.S. Secretary of State Christian Herter.

From the Encyclopedia we find that Herter (CFR) “Participated in the 1919 meeting that resulted in the US Council on Foreign Relations. He married Mary Pratt of the Standard Oil fortune. The building given to the CFR for its headquarters was given to it by the Pratt family. “Herters lifetime reputation was as an internationalist.” The incorporator of the CFR John Foster Dulles appointed Herter Under secretary of State and took Dulles’s place after his death as Secretary of State in 1959.

The present chairman of the Atlantic Council is CFR member Henry Catto. For most of the 1990’s Skull & Bones David Acheson was in charge. This is why C. Boyden Gray is a director as is Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger Wesley Clark Alexander Haig, Brent Scrowcroft and the very conservative George Pratt Shultz, and Thomas Pickering. All devoted to World Government on the ashes of American sovereignty once the constitution is thoroughly destroyed.

CFR Fred Thompson

And finally former Senator Fred Thompson has been assigned by skull & Bones Bush to work (bribe, cajole?) the Senate, for John Roberts Jr.’s nomination. Fred Thompsonalready betrayed the American people when he joined the Council on Foreign Relations.


They are encouraging you to support Dr. Jekel … when in fact you are supporting Mr. Hyde.

In 1999 John Roberts Jr. served under Bob Dole and George Mitchell (CFR) sponsored by The American Enterprise Institute AEI. The American Enterprise Institute is supported by NY banks, big oil, and CIA assets.

C. Boyden Gray was an AEI scholar.

UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick (CFR) (Trilateralist) was the wife of OSS Evron Kirkpatrick Director of the Office of Intelligence Research.

Jeanne Kirkpatrick is the Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. MS. Kirkpatrick was for years on the letterhead the Fabian Socialist League for Industrial Democracy. The Fabian Society is honest among themselves about their dishonesty. Their emblem is a sheep in wolfs clothing.

The shield above the world globe has a sheep in wolf’s clothing signifying their commitment to deceit. Their name Fabian is from the General who exercised extreme patience and using the technique of gradualism to have their way.

The Kirkpatricks fashioned the candidacy of Hubert Humphrey (CFR) and later Ronald Reagan (United World Federalist) Reagan paid his dues by appointing globalist Socialist Kirkpatrick to be Ambassador to the UN. John Roberts Jr. is as deceitful as Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s organization the League for Industrial Democracy.

American comic strip writer exposed Trilateralist Jeanne Kirkpatrick and her cronies Starr calls them the P.C.A.

Lil Orphan Annie cartoonist Starr didn’t last too long after he exposed the Trilateral Commission. For more on Orphan Annie see The powerful national news papers ended the cartoonist’s career just they ended that of Jerry Voorhis and Westbrook Pegler.

Senator Barry Goldwater in his book With No Apologies wrote the Trilateral Commission … “is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial, and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.

Your Rushs, O ‘Reillys and Savages and Frankins, Colmes, and Goodmans … they haven’t the knowledge or fortitude to expose the members of the CFR, Ripon society and the Satanic oath takers of the Skull & Bones … get yourself a shortwave and listen to those who do.

Better act before their planned execution of the United States of America.

John Roberts law firm Hogan and Hartson has been “connected to Skull & Bones for a century. Frank Hogan called in Skull & Bones William Howard Taft as a character witness to protect a banker client of his.

Frank Hogan was the attorney for oil millionaire Doheny in the famous Teapot Dome scandal. The Doheny web site calls Hogan’s law work “a questionable strategy.”

In 1939 Frank Hogan addressed the Pilgrim Society. It’s members are close to the center of the conspiracy


Jane Sullivan Roberts

We Americans can be assured that should John Roberts Jr. ever comes to the point where he needs little urging to do the right thing … and make the right decision we can take comfort in knowing his wife’s background. Jane Sullivan Roberts has for years been with the firm Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw & Pittman.

Members of the law firm have included Justice Felix Frankfurter whom Teddy Roosevelt thought was such a fine fellow. Also skull & Bones Henry L. Stimson, who was twiceSecretary of War. The Brotherhood of Death is such an appropriate title. Skull & Bones William Howard Taft was a member of this Skull & Bones law firm.

The Spanish American War ignited by an explosion inside the battleship Maine in the Cuban harbor. Taft ended up in charge of both Cuba and the Philippines and eventually being president and Supreme Court Justice.

Amazing how explosions when blamed on another country permit Skull & Bones operatives to attack a country and parlay power and wealth to themselves and their buddies. 911 & the Maine

Jane Sullivan Roberts law firm is especially proud of a law firm member … John A. Sutro … who chaired the San Francisco conference that hosted the world and formed the United Nations.

Jane know where the money is coming from. Their clients include American Express which funded the attack on the Constitution by Cutler, John Robert’s partner. The Committee on the Constitutional System mentioned above.

So both John and Jane Roberts law firms are intimately involved in destroying the Constitution.

Jane’s company also represents big drug companies, banks, big oil … J.P.Morgan/Chase, General Electric, Chevron, Lehman Brothers, Stanford University and Apple.

John Roberts Jr. is not being appointed to defend the Constitution … He is appointed by a member of Skull & Bones to murder the Constitution.

Look at the fools and so called leaders supporting John Roberts as a “conservative ” or “constitutionalist” and chart out a new course … investigate … and think for yourself



Cartoon by Robert Minor 1911 has Wall Street embracing Karl Marx. Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the Banking Establishment enslaving the people.

Communism is merely one tool.




09 FEBRUARY 2018

To War, To War, This Country’s Going to War” – TTG


I’m afraid the recent “defensive attack” by US attack helicopters and artillery on Syrian tribesmen loyal to Damascus is not just a one-off fluke. It is a feature of the current US policy in Syria that will most likely result in another full blown war in the region… one that will put the US on a track to war with Russia. 

First, here’s an account of the fighting southeast of Deir Ezzor on the eastern side of the Euphrates taken from the twitter feed of Maxim A. Suchkov, Russian editor for Al-Monitor. I’ve put it into prose form and corrected some spelling/grammar for easier reading.


“Russia’s Defense Ministry on US-coalition killing of 100+ pro-Assad forces: “The incident once again exposed true American intentions in Syria which is not the fight against terrorism but seizure &  control of economic assets.” Russia’s MoD version of the incident:”On Feb.7, a Syrian pro-Assad militia was making an incursion to destroy a terrorist group which had been sporadically shelling pro-gov positions.The SYR militia was near El Isba, former oil refinery, 17 km south-east of Salkhiyakh. Suddenly, the Syrian pro-Assad militia came under mortar and multiple artillery rocket system fire, shortly followed by US helicopter strikes. 25 militiamen were wounded (no mention of how many killed). Russia’s MoD suggests the US attack on pro-Assad militia were made possible because “the militia movements hadn’t been coordinated with the Russian military there.” Following the attack Russia hosted reps of US coalition forces in Khmeymim airbase for talks during which according to Moscow, US told the oil refinery was under SDF and US control (which probably was meant to say “stay out” and what prompted Russian response on US trying to seize Syrian economic assets). Finally, Russian MoD claims attacks on Syrian pro-gov positions are getting more frequent over recent days from settlements of Mazlum, Al-Tabiya, and Ksh Sham. Moscow references its military radio intercepts saying it’s done by one of ISIS “sleeper cells.”  (@MSuchkov_ALM)


Maxim A. Suchov continues with the Russian reaction to the attack.


Follow-up on Moscow’s reaction to US strike on Syrian pro-gov forces: 

1. Russia’s UN Ambassador Nebenzya will raise the issue at the upcoming UN Security Council closed-door briefing on the humanitarian situation in Syria.
2. Moscow is now conducting a thorough investigation of the incident, Russia’s MFA asks “How could a decision to open a massive fire to defeat the Syrian militiamen be made in such a short period of time [between SDF attacks and time US aviation came to the field]?”
3. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova: “US military presence in Syria presents a serious challenge to the peace process and thwarts the protection of the country’s territorial integrity.”
4. Russia’s MFA spox Zakharova: “A 55-kilometer zone unilaterally created by US around mil base near al-Tanf used by scattered units of Daesh terrorists [who] have opportunity to hide from gov forces in area as well as regroup and prepare for new raids in the Syrian deserts” (@MSuchkov_ALM)


An editorial in the pro-Turkish government paper “The Daily Sabah” lays the blame squarely on the shoulders of an out of control Pentagon and rogue CENTCOM generals. In so many words, they call on Trump to grow a pair and correct the situation. The full editorial is well worth reading.


“During his 2016 election campaign, U.S. President Donald Trump kept asking: “Why are we in Syria and Afghanistan?” He called for an end to entanglements abroad and a focus on domestic problems. President Barack Obama’s Syria policy was based on little more than indifference and, the Trump administration just automatically adopted it.

After all these years, the U.S. still does not have a good grasp on what its policies on Syria are. What does it want to achieve? What is its endgame? What kind of timeframe has it settled on to achieve its objectives? American politicians seem clueless about what they have gotten themselves into.

No one knows who is in charge of the U.S.’s Syria policy. Chaos reigns. Who do we call to ask what the U.S. is doing in Syria?

It seems that with no lead from the top, United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has decided it is the boss. While operationally, it is good that soldiers are in charge, it seems soldiers have also taken over the decision making that should be under the purview of elected officials. CENTCOM and its officers now make statements, formulate strategies and even conduct diplomacy. Turkey has a history of power-hungry generals seeing themselves as guardians of the country and the U.S. is well-advised not to repeat it.”  (Daily Sabah)


Maxim Suchkov holds out a similar hope that Trump, himself, will step in and right the ship. He retweeted Trump and provided a comment to that tweet.

“I will be meeting with Henry Kissinger at 1:45pm. Will be discussing North Korea, China and the Middle East.” (@realDonaldTrump)

“Very interesting given Kissinger has now long been Putin’s go-to on messaging of Russia’s own position on same issues. Putin also holds Kissinger in high regard, seeking his wisdom, experience and balanced analysis of US-related matters.”  (@MSuchkov_ALM)

I certainly hope Suchkov and the editors at The Daily Sabah are correct and that our current course in Syria is a temporary result of Trump’s inattention. The thought that a simple rage-filled outburst, accompanied by a few firings, can correct our course is oddly reassuring. However, I also have my doubts. Are the generals deflecting Trump by mentioning we control the Syrian oilfields when the President brings up the issue? Are the generals filling the President’s head with fears of Hezbollah and IRGC hordes running rampant across Syria?

Al-Monitor has an article out today extensively quoting Secretary of Defense Mattis. He downplays the role of Russia in Syria and Russian influence over Assad. He seems to be downplaying the risks that our aggressive talk and actions in Syria could lead to a confrontation with Russia. Well I think this jarhead is full of crap this time. To reinforce this man’s fullness of crap, a story appears this morning in Al Masdar News about attacks by the US controlled Deir Ezzor Military Council on SAA and NDF forces in Khashim and Tabiyyah on the Eastern shore of the Euphrates. Unlike the YPG/SDF, the Deir Ezzor Military Council is on the direct payroll of the State Department. This is a dangerous game we are playing.


What’s next for SpaceX?


“And finally, there’s the BFR: the ship Musk wants to use to colonize Mars.

On paper, SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket looks like the megarocket to end all megarockets. It’s a completely reusable launch system and features a massive spaceship on top of an equally massive booster powered by 31 SpaceX Raptor engines. (The Falcon Heavy uses 27 of the company’s Merlin engines.) [The BFR: SpaceX’s Mars-Colonization Architecture in Images]

The combined rocket and spaceship will stand 348 feet (106 meters) and will be able to launch 150 tons (136 metric tons) to low Earth orbit (LEO), making the BFR more powerful than NASA’s Saturn V moon rocket, which could launch 135 tons (122 metric tons) to LEO. (The Falcon Heavy may be the most powerful rocket in operation today, but it would take more than one to match the Saturn V, Musk said.)”


I hope to see the BFR fly.  pl

08 FEBRUARY 2018

Syria Notes – 8 february 2018


On February 7, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, repelled a Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) attack on its positions in the southeastern Idlib countryside, according to Syrian pro-government sources. The SAA reportedly killed and injured several fighters of HTS and its allies during the clashes.

Additionally, Russian warplanes destroyed several headquarters and ammo depots of the so-called Free Idlib Army in the city of Maarrat al-Nu’man in the southern Idlib countryside, according to Syrian activists.

Syrian opposition sources revealed that thirteen Free Idlib Army fighters, including their general commander “Mohammad Abu Najib”, were killed in the Russian airstrikes on Maarrat al-Nu’man. Russian warplanes also destroyed more than four vehicles armed with anti-aircraft guns belonging to the group.  SF


 The SAA is rapidly eliminating jihadist forces in the East Hama pocket.  Bereft of a source of re-supply through encirclement the jihadis are being rapidly overrun and destroyed.  By the time of this writing that pocket may be altogether eliminated.  This will free up the forces involved to return to the attritional grinding process underway NW of Abu Duhur around the town of Tel Sultan.   The SAA made a decision to eliminate the East Hama pocket before continuing to the west into Idlib Province.  At their positions around Tel Sultan they had clearly gone past the culminating point of their drive to Abu Duhur and although they could have continued immediately, the risk of a sudden reversal brought on by exactly the kind of jihadi counter-attack now underway would have been great.   Wisely they decided to improve the odds in their favor and have reduced the East Hama pocket to their operational rear and are bringing up more logistical support before continuing into Idlib.  The wealth of air support available to them has been a great help in this.  When they re-commence forward movement I hope they share my view that a right hook to Al-Eis to roll up the jihadi flank south of the Aleppo City is the best course of action. pl



“A local militia was conducting reconnaissance actions in the area to detect and eliminate the ISIS cell when it was surprisingly shelled by mortars, rocket launched and then the US-led coalition’s attack helicopters. 25 militiamen were injured as a result of the attack.”  SF


It appears to me thus far that the “troops” attacked were NDF militia from the area.  They are likely to be Arab tribesmen, heavily trained and advised by IRGC Quds force people and supported by SAA artillery and and armor.  These Arab tribesman are undoubtedly very hostile to the presence of the Kurdish SDF this far south of traditional Kurdish haunts.   The US is pursuing an enduring role in Syria and had previously warned the Russians and through them the SAG that intrusions east of the Euphrates in Deir al-Zor Province would be met by force.  This does not bode well for future US/SAG relations.  US and Iranian hegemonic ambitions are nose to nose in Eastern Syria.  pl


 “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rejected the recent statement by the head of Turkey’s Republican People’s Party (CHP), Kemal Kilicdaroglu, regarding a potential meeting between Ankara and Damascus.

“What would we talk about with a murderer who has killed a million of his citizens,” Erdogan said in his address to mukhtars— heads of Turkish villages and neighbourhoods—at the presidential complex in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, as quoted by TRT World.”  AMN


The sultan is pretending to be motivated by concern for the Syrian peoples.  Nonsense.  He sees the opportunity to weaken Syria in pursuit of some future de facto annexations in northern Syria.    Unfortunately for him the TSK is not doing well in establishing “facts on the ground” to support such ambitions.  At the same time, the Turks are positioning small bodies of troops at Al-Eis, Idlib City and Saraqib supposedly to implement the Russian/Iranian/Turkish de-escalation agreement on Idlib Province but IMO their real purpose is to obstruct SAG recovery of the province.  pl

07 FEBRUARY 2018

Did British Intelligence Try to Destroy the Trump Presidency? by Publius Tacitus


Last night’s release of the memo by Senator’s Grassley and Graham asking the Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation of Christopher Steele for possible violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1001 provides critical confirmation of charges presented in the HPSCI memo prepared under the leadership of Devin Nunes, but it also confirms that Christopher Steele was not just some random guy offering good gossip to the FBI. He was an official intelligence asset. He was, in John LeCarre’s parlance, our “Joe.” At least we thought so. But, there is growing circumstantial evidence that Steele was acting on behalf of Britain’s version of the CIA–aka MI-6. If true, we are now faced with actual evidence of a foreign country trying to meddle in a direct and significant way in our national election. Only it was not the Russians. It was our British cousins.

Here are the key take aways from the Grassley/Graham memo:

  • The FBI has since provided the Committee access to classified documents relevant to the FBI’s relationship with Mr. Steele and whether the FBI relied on his dossier work. . . .it appears that either Mr. Steele lied to the FBI or the British court, or that the classified documents reviewed by the Committee contain materially false statements.
  • October 21, 2016, the FBI filed its first warrant application under FISA for Carter Page. . .The bulk of the application consists of allegations against Page that were disclosed to the FBI by Mr. Steele and are also outlined in the Steele dossier. The application appears to contain no additional information corroborating the dossier allegations against Mr. Page, although it does cite to a news article that appears to be sourced to Mr. Steele’s dossier as well.
  • March 17, 2017–the Chairman and Ranking Member were provided copies of the two relevant FISA applications, which requested authority to conduct surveillance of Carter Page. Both relied heavily on Mr. Steele’s dossier claims, and both applications were granted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).
  • December of 2017, the Chairman, Ranking Member, and Subcommittee Chairman Graham were allowed to review a total of four FISA applications relying on the dossier to seek surveillance of Mr. Carter Page, as well as numerous other FBI documents relating to Mr. Steele.
  • When asked at the March 2017 briefing why the FBI relied on the dossier in the FISA applications absent meaningful corroboration–and in light of the highly political motives surrounding its creation–then Director Corney stated that the FBI included the dossier allegations about Carter Page in the FISA applications because Mr. Steele himself was considered reliable due to his past work with the Bureau.
  • In short, it appears the FBI relied on admittedly uncorroborated information, funded by and obtained for Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign, in order to conduct surveillance of an associate of the opposing presidential candidate. It did so based on Mr. Steele’s personal credibility and presumably having faith in his process of obtaining the information.
  • . . . the FBI continued to cite to Mr. Steele’s past work as evidence of his reliability, and stated that ”the incident that led to the FBI suspending its relationship with [Mr. Steele] occurred after [Mr. Steele] provided” the FBI with the dossier infonnation described in the application. The FBI further asserted in footnote 19 that it did not ,believe that Steele directly gave information to Yahoo News that “published the September 23 News Article.”

The Grassley/Graham memo is devastating for Jim Comey. We can entertain only two possibilities–Jim Comey is a monumental dunce or he is a liar. One need only read the Michael Isikoff piece from 23 September 2016 to realize that Christopher Steele was a primary source for Isikoff. We are asked to believe that Comey is a naive, trusting soul bereft of curiosity, who refused to entertain the possibility that Steele was double dealing intel.

One of the most surprising revelations from the Grassley/Graham memo is in footnote 7. I’m surprised this was not redacted because it is drawn from a redacted/blacked out paragraph. Here is a critical bit of intel:

Continue reading “Did British Intelligence Try to Destroy the Trump Presidency? by Publius Tacitus” »

06 FEBRUARY 2018

The GRU and Turkish MI -The ties that bind …


Attack Pilot Major Roman Filipov (RuAF) has been posthumously awarded the  “Hero of the Russian Federation” decoration.  Filipov was shot down near Saraqib while flying a ground attack mission against jihadi fighters massing to counter-attack SAA spearheads west of Abu Duhur town.  Filipov ejected from his aircraft and then fought it out with the jihadis on the ground until they gotthe better of him.  IMO opinion he richly deserved the aw ard.

The Russian expeditionary force needs to improve its Search and Rescue service so that more Russian air crew are not left to die alone in enemy hands.  US practice is such that a rescue package would have been standing by in the air with gunships and extraction birds waiting, waiting.

Saraqib is not in Turkish Armed Forces hands, but they clearly have men on the ground in the area and in liaison with the jihadis.  In that context, the GRU (Russian military intelligence) or lower level Russian MI were able to obtain the cooperation of the Turks in recovering Major Filipov’s body.  People who exist outside the world of soldiering and its military intelligence function do not generally understand the level of collegiality that exists in that world.  That collegiality often extends across political boundaries and the momentary whims of politicians.  was Erdogan consulted?   Certainly, but the retrieval of Filipov’s body speaks of more than that.  pl

05 FEBRUARY 2018

Syria Notes – 5 February 2018


1.  Nikki Haley is either completely gullible or is in thrall to some collection of Borgists at State. Someone remarked of a previous US Secretary of State that “if only he were still alive this would not happen.”  Unfortunately he was still alive and in office.  Much the same could be said of Rex Tillerson.  Haley is now tub thumping for US air attacks on Syria.  This a reprise of several previous US assertions of Syrian Arab Government (SAG) use of chemical weapons including the East Ghouta and Khan Sheikhoun fiascos.  After Khan Sheikhoun the SAG invited US and UN investigations of the air base but somehow this was not accepted.  Now James Mattis is asserting that the SAG is manufacturing chemical munitions although the US has no evidence of this as yet.  I believe this is called “confirmation bias?”

2.  As shown above , the SAA is committed to elimination of the East Idlib pocket.  The jihadis are without re-supply and will progressively be running out of the means of resistance.  This should not take too long and is actually a good idea before proceeding further into Idlib Province to the west.  I believe I expressed an opinion as to the wisdom of such a move.

3.  The SAA has begun shelling the Turkish strong point (observation post) at Al-Eis.  The Turks have been attempting tricky cleverness by claiming that they are occupying the hill at Al–Eis un accord with a Russian/Iranian/Turkish de-escalation igreement.  In fact IMO they are seeking to position themselves so as to impede SAG liberation of Idlib Province.  pl

Will Christopher Steele Be Charged in the UK as a Spy? by Publius Tacitus [UPDATE]


Do you want to know why the FBI continued to insist that the Nunes’ memo not be declassified and released to the public? The answer is right there on page 2, (see 1b) in the discussion about what was excluded from the application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court:

The application does not mention Steele was ultimately working on behalf of-and paid by-the DNC and Clinton campaign, or that the FBI had separately authorized payment to Steele for the same information.

I believe that the part in bold is what the FBI wanted out of the memo because it exposes the uncomfortable fact that Christopher Steele was (and had been for some time) a paid asset of the FBI. That is huge news. In other words, Steele was not a mere consultant or sub-contractor for the FBI. He was being paid to provide information/intelligence to the FBI. There are two classes of FBI “informants.” One is serving as a “criminal informant” and the other is as an “intelligence asset.” Information from “criminal informants” can be used in a U.S. judicial proceeding and the informant called as a witness. Getting money under that circumstance can be problematic because the source’s credibility can be impeached by defense counsel, who can argue that the testimony is purloined.

You do not have to worry about that with an “intelligence asset.” In that case the priority is protecting the identity of the source. The fact that Steele had been on the FBI payroll for a while sheds new light on Glen Simpson’s testimony (which was leaked by Senator Feinstein) to the U.S. Senate. Simpson testified that Steele told him in late September 2016 that the FBI wanted to meet him in Rome to discuss the dossier.  That struck me initially as quite odd. If Steele was just acting as an average “foreign” citizen who was trying to help the FBI then he could easily have met with the Bureau in London. That city hosts the largest number of FBI agents in the world outside of the U.S. But Steele was asked to go meet in Rome. That’s what you do when you are meeting an intelligence asset that the Brits do not know about.

That is the problem.

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Tomorrow is a big day for Space X.


“When SpaceX was competing to fly cargo to the International Space Station, Musk mocked his rival’s rockets. Vying to launch spy satellites, SpaceX sued the US Air Force for a chance to bid on classified launches. Plotting a satellite internet constellation, he promised a network “an order of magnitude” more sophisticated than his competitors. Tomorrow (Feb. 6), his space company will attempt to launch the largest rocket in the world, the Falcon Heavy—and if successful, the rocket entrepreneur could find himself set for collision with a gigantic rocket NASA been building for more than a decade.

SpaceX’s goal since 2002 has been to develop the technology to make humanity a multi-planetary species. The Falcon Heavy is the first vehicle built by Musk’s company with the capability of taking a usefully large scientific robot—or even, in stages, a human exploration mission—beyond earth orbit, and to another astronomical body.”  Qurtz


Tomorrow, Musk will try to put his red roadster into Mars orbit.  “Up, up and away!”  “Fly me to the moon!”  Pick your tune.  I had just arrived in Frankfurt in 1969 when the first moon landing occurred.  I remember that the local newspaper had a headline the next day that read “Jetzt der mann in der mond ist ein Ami,” or something like that.  pl

03 FEBRUARY 2018

Habakkuk on ‘longtime’ sources:

Steele, Shvets, Levinson, Litvinenko and the ‘Billion Dollar Don.’

In the light of the suggestion in the Nunes memo that Steele was ‘a longtime FBI source’ it seems worth sketching out some background, which may also make it easier to see some possible reasons why he ‘was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.’

There is reason to suspect that some former and very likely current employees of the FBI have been colluding with elements in other American and British intelligence agencies, in particular the CIA and MI6,  in support of an extremely ambitious foreign policy agenda for a very long time.  It also seems clear that influential journalists, such as Glenn Simpson was before founding Fusion GPS, along with his wife Mary Jacoby, have been strongly involved in this. 

This agenda has involved hopes for ‘régime change’ in Russia, whether as the result of an oligarchic coup, a popular revolt, or some combination of both.  Also central have been hopes for a further ‘rollback’ of Russia influence in the post-Soviet space, both in areas now independent, such as Ukraine, and also ones still part of the Russian Federation, notably Chechnya.

And, crucially, it involved exploiting the retreat of Russian power from the Middle East for ‘régime change’ projects which it was hoped would provide a definitive solution to the – inherently intractable – security problems of a Jewish settler state in the area.

Important support for these strategies was provided by the ‘StratCom’ network centred around the late Boris Berezovsky, which clearly collaborated closely with MI6.  As was apparent from the witness list at Sir Robert Owen’s Inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, which produced a report based essentially on a recycling of claims made by the network’s members, key players were on your side of the Atlantic – notably Alex Goldfarb, Yuri Shvets, and Yuri Felshtinsky. 

The question of what links these had, or did not have, with elements in U.S. intelligence agencies is thus a critical one.

In making some sense of it, the fact that one key figure we know to have been involved in this network was missing at the Inquiry – the former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared on the Iranian island of Kish in March 2007 – is important.

Unfortunately, I only recently came across a book on Levinson published in 2016 by the ‘New York Times’ journalist Barry Meier, which is now hopefully winging its way across the Atlantic.  From the accounts of the book I have seen, such as one by Jeff Stein in ‘Newsweek’, it seems likely that its author did not look at any of the evidence presented at Owen’s Inquiry.

(See .)


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Roll them up like a window shade …

Terrain in Idlib

“Amid ongoing offensive operations by the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitary groups against Islamist militias in the southern countryside of Aleppo province, elite troops have taken control of yet another town as they eye-out a possible advance towards the rebel stronghold of Al-Eis.

Military-affiliated sources report that forces of the Syrian Army’s Republican Guard have seized from armed rebel groups the town of Tal Mamu in the last hour after kicking-off another day off offensive operations in southern Idlib.”  AMN


 IMO the correct move by the Syrians just now is to turn right with their main forces and roll up the jihadis who are now facing east south of Aleppo City.  This should collapse the whole jihadi force west of Khanassar and south of Aleppo City and lead to a rapid liberation of the province.  Screening forces should be left to “cover” Saraqib and the left flank SE of Saraqib.  I have looked at the hill at Al-Eis just north of the town of the same name and it does not seem to be a great obstacle.  It can be heavily bombarded with preparatory aerial fires and then attacked from several directions by mobile forces.

The Turks are there?  This would be a good opportunity to force them to back away.  pl




Now that the Devin Nunes memo is out in the public—with no redactions—and a counter-memo by Adam Schiff is expected to be released within days, it is a good moment to step back and look at the bigger picture of what has gone wrong with our system and where we are headed as a country.

 First, it has been clear, long before the Nunes memo flap, that a network operating within the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community had it out for Donald Trump for reasons that had little or nothing to do with alleged Russian ties.  Hardcore Obama-Clinton loyalists at the top of the FBI, the CIA, the ODNI and the DOJ abused their positions in a flagrant partisan effort to prevent Donald Trump’s election.  After he won the presidency, they continued in their efforts to deny him the job, deluding themselves that they could forestall the inauguration by claiming that Trump’s victory was solely the result of Russian interference, and by extension, that Trump was a blackmailed dupe of Moscow and Putin.

Post-Nunes memo claims by the Borg media that it was the George Papadopoulos comments to an Australian diplomat that led to the FISA Court surveillance request—not the Steele MI6 memos—are flagrantly phony.  The Steele memos were passed to the FBI, as well as to Fusion GPS from the outset.  The references to Carter Page appeared in Steele memos months before the FISA Court applications, and before the alleged Peter Strzok probe of Page began in late July 2016 (Page’s name came up in the July 19, 2016 Steele memo and the allegations of Russian possession of damaging material on Hillary Clinton were in the first Steele memo, dated June 20, 2016).

It is one thing for people in government service to have political views and biases, it is another thing for those biases to infect the workings of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies.  Likewise for the House Select Committee on Intelligence, which had been one of the last bastions of non-partisan work on Capitol Hill (the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence appears to have preserved some semblance of bipartisan collaboration).  That above-politics commitment has been trashed and it may never be restored.  And it began with Adam Schiff, who seems to have spent half his time on CNN and MSNBC since the Trump election.

While the entire Mueller probe may have been the result of the fruit of a poison tree (the salacious Steele allegations, which even the FBI admitted were never corroborated), I doubt that the Mueller probe will be shut down before completion.  Mueller moved quickly to dismiss Strzok and Page once the amorous emails were turned over to him in July 2017 and somewhat insulated himself from their bile.

 If there was credible evidence of Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 elections—outside of the toxic claims in the Steele dossier—that is a fair subject for counterintelligence investigation.  But it is becoming more and more clear that the inclusion of President Trump in the Mueller probe derived almost 100 percent from the Steele product.  FBI Director James Comey read the documents and was reportedly so horrified that he threw himself fully into the scheme—along with Obama partisans John Brennan and James Clapper—to stop Donald Trump from taking office.

That, IMHO, is criminal.  Comey, Brennan and Clapper are legitimate targets for Federal investigation.  Only by getting to the bottom of the abuse of the awesome powers of the Federal law enforcement and intelligence services can we hope to ever restore credibility and non-partisanship, two hallmarks of a genuine republic. 

02 FEBRUARY 2018

Thoughts on the Nunes Memo – TTG


My first reaction to reading the much ballyhooed Nunes memo was to wonder why the DOJ and FBI fought so vociferously to prevent its release. It didn’t give a lot of what I would consider worthy of a TOP SECRET classification nor did it reveal any FBI transgressions a hundred times worse than Watergate as promised. What it did reveal is the fact that a FISA warrant was granted on 21 October 2016 targeting Carter Page and that it was subsequently renewed three times. 

Typically the DOJ and FBI offer only a Glomar response (neither confirm nor deny) to any inquiry about FISA warrants. I believe this is why they fought the release of this memo. It sets the precedent that the Government acknowledges the issuance of a specific FISA warrant. This will have consequences beyond the Mueller investigation. 

One consequence has already happened. Washington DC national security attorney Mark Zaid and his James Madison Project have had a long standing FOIA lawsuit in Federal Court seeking disclosure of any FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. The consistent Government position has been a Glomar response. Earlier today Zaid put in a filing in this case taking into account the President’s unprecedented action to declassify the existence of this FISA warrant. The Court’s response was pretty damned quick. This was just tweeted. “Judge Mehta has just ordered DOJ to notify the court by February 14th whether the Nunes Memo requires the reversal of its Glomar Response. If DOJ says it does not, Judge Mehta wants an explanation from DOJ.” 

So, we might all get to see the full, albeit redacted, FISA warrants including the Carter Page one. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for those FISA warrants to appear anytime soon. Mark Zaid also got word today that his FOIA lawsuit to get the Comey memos was denied because releasing those memos could effect an open investigation… the Mueller investigation. Perhaps we’ll see all the warrants and memos once the investigation concludes… or is stopped in its tracks.

Unless Trump uses this Nunes memo in a “go for broke” effort to fire all the top DOJ and FBI folks and replace them with new folks who have pledged their personal loyalty to Trump, I don’t see this memo having a tremendous effect on the Mueller investigation. By the memo’s own admission the FBI investigation began in July 2016 with information surrounding Papadopoulis, probably from Australia. 

Prior to this FBI investigation, an interagency working group was established in April 2016  from the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the DNI to begin an inquiry into the movement of Russian money into the US to pay hackers and influence the election. This action was taken based on info received from the Estonian IS concerning Trump associates meeting RIS operatives in Europe and a recording indicating the Russian government was planning to funnel funds aimed at influencing the US election. GCHQ became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russia. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information. Germany, Poland and possibly the French DGSE also passed on SIGINT.

The existence of neither of these investigations was leaked to the press before the 2016 election. I would think the vast Borg conspiracy would have done this as a vital part of their soft coup. It would have been effective. Instead, they publicly announced the reopening of the Clinton email investigation a week before the election. Is that any way to run a secret society?

The Mueller investigation is not a Borg conspiracy or a leftist conspiracy or a witch hunt. It is a federal counterintelligence and criminal investigation. I have no doubt there have been and will be instances of investigatorial and prosecutorial arrogance, overreach and even errors when this is all over. Whether there will be serious indictments that will permanently hobble or even destroy the Trump presidency is unknown. He may come out of this exonerated and stronger than ever. Only a thorough investigation, with proper oversight, will tell. 


The FBI and CIA Failed Coup Against Trump Unravels by Publius Tacitus


Based on the memo released today by the House Intelligence Committee (read it here), current and former members of the FBI and the Department of Justice who signed off on applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court will likely face contempt of court charges. Who? James Comey, Andy McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rob Rosenstein. The effectively lied to a Federal judge. That is not only stupid but illegal.

Here are the critical points from the Nunes memo that you should commit to memory.:

  • The Steele Dossier played a critical role in obtaining approval from the FISA court to carry out surveillance of Carter Page according to former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe.
  • Christopher Steele was getting paid by the DNC and the FBI for the same information.
  • No one at either the FBI nor the DOJ disclosed to the court that the Steele dossier was paid for by an opposition political campaign.
  • The first FISA warrant was obtained on 21 October 2016 based on a story written by Michael Isikoff for Yahoo News based on information he received directly from Christopher Steele–THE FBI DID NOT DISCLOSE IN THE FISA APPLICATION THAT STEELE WAS THE ORIGINAL SOURCE OF THE INFORMATION.
  • Christopher Steele was a long standing FBI “source” but was terminated as a source after telling Mother Jones reporter David Corn that he had a relationship with the FBI.
  • The FBI signers of the FISA applications/renewals were James Comey and Andy McCabe.
  • The DOJ signers of the FISA applications/renewals were Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein 
  • Even after Steele was terminated by the FBI, he remained in contact with Deputy Attorney General Bruce Our, whose wife worked for FUSION GPS and was involved with the Steele dossier. 

If you go back and read carefully what Isikoff reported in September 2016 it appears that the CIA and the DNI (as well as the FBI) are implicated in spreading the disinformation about Trump and Russia. Isikoff wrote: 


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The House Intel Committee Memo and the White House Letter


By Robert Willmann

Here are the White House letter about the memorandum of 18 January 2018 from the U.S. House Intelligence Committee and the memo itself that were released today. 

White House Counsel Donald McGahn II dances around the delicate and not entirely clear issue of exactly what the legal grounds are for making information classified and unclassified and who in the federal government can do it.  He opts for a common idea in favor of the executive branch and mentions executive order 13526, which I noted in a comment the other day.  

He and President Trump have made it easy for everyone by saying, “… the President has authorized the declassification of the Memorandum”.

SIGAR Report Claims US Withholding Critical Information by The Virginian


The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) was established to promote greater accountability of the taxpayer’s dollars being spent in Afghanistan.  That they are saying the military is keeping information from the public that would illustrate the resurgence of Taliban (and other) insurgent elements deserves attention. Afghanistan’s fate will not be determined by the US / West.


A new report released on Monday states the US military is keeping information from the public that gauges the war in Afghanistan and gains made by insurgents. 

The US Defense Department has restricted data on population figures and on what areas are held by either government or insurgents, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said in a report released on Tuesday. 

“The number of districts controlled or influenced by the Afghan government had been one of the last remaining publicly available indicators for members of Congress … and for the American public of how the 16-year-long US effort to secure Afghanistan is faring,” John Sopko, the special inspector general, said in the report.

This however is the first time that SIGAR has been instructed not to release unclassified information in one of its quarterly reports, Sopko said, adding that the information will instead be included in an annex unavailable to the public. 

The report stated that SIGAR was not given any justification for the new restrictions. 

The SIGAR report stated that the “worrisome development” follows an increase of insurgent control or influence in Afghanistan.

As such, the non-disclosure of information was of particular concern, SIGAR reported. 

It also comes after several other measures for gauging the development and strength of Afghanistan’s security forces were blocked or restricted in the fall. Among them were casualty and attrition rates.

Click here for full report

01 FEBRUARY 2018

Moon Over Parador …..A true story beyond the fabeled creations of Hollywood…… by Fred

Moon over Parador

A super-moon for a super speech by the new leader of a great country that doesn’t have a tin-pot dictator and an out of control secret police running the place. Here in this storied land when electing our new leaders we citizens know we’re Stronger Together. And our true leaders look stunning in white. 

Stronger Together

Yes, stronger together. Like when we have record employment for our most downtrodden citizens. That joyous news will make every politician stand and cheer.


Well, you must understand that sometimes our politicians have worked so hard to help their fellow citizens that the best they can do is Stand Sit to honor their fellow citizens because they know whose lives really matter.  

Now some foreign readers might have heard that there is some kind of a scandal involving the most recent election of our great leader. Rest assured that here in this fabeled land of milk and honey and truth and justice there’s only one way to discover the truth. A fair and impartial investigation. Like we have here:

“FBI investigators in the Anthony Weiner sexting probe knew for weeks about the existence of newly discovered emails potentially related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email…”

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A master stroke is possible in Idlib.


IMO the SAA and friends are well past the culminating point of their drive into Idlib Province and vulnerable to a major reverse if things do not continue to go well, but fortune often favors the brave …  A reverse could take the form of a counter-attack against the now very long “roots” (supply lines) of the spearheads fighting NW of Abu Duhur especially in the context of protracted fighting at rapidly stiffening defenses around the crossroads at Saraqib when SAA reaches that location. 

But, pilgrims, fortune DOES favor the brave and a crushing defeat of HTS and collapse of jihadi resistance in the province could be accomplished if:

1.  The SAA advances to Saraqib and then engages just sufficiently to fix the defending jihadi forces in position.

2.  The SAA does not immediately divert scarce forces to the relief of the two besieged Shia villages just north of Idlib City.  These places will be uncovered and will fall to government forces of their own weight if the major effort in Idlib Province is successful.

3.  The main effort should now be made by a  Tiger Force led column that wheels to the right to roll up jihadi forces from south to the north as they currently face government forces to the south of Aleppo City.  This movement would turn jihadi forces out of their positions and enable a general government advance into Idlib Province from existing positions in Aleppo Province south of Aleppo City.  pl

31 JANUARY 2018

Democrats and Pundits Out of Touch with New Media Reality by Publius Tacitus


Why is Donald Trump winning? It is not because he has some a warm, charming personality. Nope. He understands the 21st Century media reality. That also explains why the Democrats and so many pundits who opine on politics are getting things wrong. The Dems and their pundit lackeys are living with a 1970s view of the media. They do not understand that ship has sailed.

Look first at the numbers of viewers for last night’s State of the Union speech. This tells part of the story:

FOXNEWS 11,500,000

NBC               7,100,000

CBS                7,000,000

ABC                5,400,000

FOX                3,600,000

CNN                3,100,000

MSNBC           2,700,000

 That’s a total of 40,300,000 viewers. Sounds like a lot. But when you consider the fact that the population in America is approaching 330 million, that’s only 12 percent of the population. 

Let’s take this to the level of who watches news. There is the assumption among those who turn on FOX or CNN or MSNBC that these outlets are influential in helping set policy and inform political opinion. That may have been true 30 years ago, but it is no longer the case.

Consider these facts.

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30 JANUARY 2018