The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Three Wednesday June 21st 2017 – Jonathan Gray AOC Ark of the Convenant – Dangers of Trump Syrian Mideast and Islamic Policies – Jesuit Vatican Endorsement of Paris Climate Pact Encyclical – Sun worship central to MOB Mark of the Beast – Three phases of MidEast Peace – Kusher in Israel for phase 1 – phase 2 Arab states accept – phase 3 Jewish Springs of Gihon Sukkot Day one sacrifice – Tribulation Starts !

HOUR THREE РRBN, Jonathan Gray, AOC Ark of the Convenant Video, Sunday June 18th 2017 Simulcast Video, Symbol of Covenant with GOD, Fourth Commandment, Tie of Rome with Sun worship, Global Gaia Earth Goddess Worship, World Council of Churches under UN and Vatican, Concern for Apollo fixation of Trump in Trump Towers, Dangers of Inaction vs Islam and China with N Korea. Danger of Reactive Hyper-Globalist Religious Police State, Dangers of this or future US President become the Beast Dictator, Pray for Trump РPence Presidency, Correction in Islamic Policy, Syrian Policy, Vatican Policy, Pass many small health bills to fix Obamacare, Jesuit Vatican Endorsement of Paris Climate Pact Encyclical,,,, The NutriMedical Report Show, End of Days, Unlocking the Apocalypse,