The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Three Tuesday Nov 28th 2017 – John W Spring, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY AT THE BERLIN WALL, THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK, MY THANKSGIVINGS AS WELL AS MISGIVINGS, Dangers of North Korea Iran and Venezuela Missiles and Nukes,

John W Spring, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY AT THE BERLIN WALL, THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK, MY THANKSGIVINGS AS WELL AS MISGIVINGS, Dangers of North Korea Iran and Venezuela Missiles and Nukes,  Dr Bill Deagle MD, NutriMedical Report Show,,,, 



John W. Spring

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November 27, 2017



Dear Friends,


Last Friday, November 24, 2017, was Native American Heritage Day, so I must acknowledge with my deepest gratitude, respect and thanks to so many Native Americans such as my first Cub Scout den mother, Pearl Olivares aka Pearl Morrissey, who brought kindness and love for others of all faiths, nationalities and races into my life and also my first P.E. instructor, John Bell aka Jim Thorpe, who introduced me to body-building techniques from gymnastics to track and field that later helped to save my life.


If you have watched the television programs “Blue Bloods” and “Elementary,” while dining with the Reagans or meeting with Sherlock Holmes in his living room, those scenes were filmed inside the house that was next door to our home in Los Angeles where I had lived for nearly the first two decades of my life. We had many wonderful Thanksgiving dinners and heart-warming fellowship with our family, relatives, friends and neighbors almost every year, which had lasted beyond two more decades at that very same address until my parents had passed away.


Besides being a marvelous cook, my mother was a mathematician who once gave me some very wise advice. She had encouraged me to find a profession where I would excel, rather than going into a career that might seem to be more prestigious or of greater status. So, one summer day, off from work at the Emergency First Aid Station in Beverly Hills when considering medicine as my profession, out in the Pacific Ocean more than 200 meters or yards from shore just before sunset, I was attacked by a giant Great White shark that caused me to make a quick change in my career decision. My decision will be revealed in the next article:  My Thanksgivings and Misgivings.





                        John W. Spring




John W. Spring



After the Cuban Missile Crisis had ended in November of 1962, by mid-December a letter was sent to me from the White House in Washington that had been written and signed by President John F. Kennedy who had expressed his thanks for my earlier analytic contributions related to the Soviet ballistic missile launch sites that I had discovered where thermonuclear warheads in northwestern Cuba would have been able to reach and destroy all strategic targets in America for purposes of retaliation against the Soviet Union. In the following weeks, two more letters were sent to me on behalf of the President from the Department of State and Department of Defense. In early January of 1963, I had officially graduated with a B.A. in Geography from California State University, Long Beach.


Although I was unaware at the time, earlier on October 22, 1962, Colonel Oleg Penkovshy, who was a Russian GRU military intelligence officer, had been arrested by the Soviet KGB and then severely beaten and tortured until he was executed later on May 16, 1963 for allegedly revealing the Soviet deployment of ballistic missiles and thermonuclear warheads in Cuba to the West. He was then considered to be “The Greatest Spy in the World” due to what had been credited to him for his alleged accomplishments when, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Due to my desire to remain alive and well, I had to keep silent about what I had actually accomplished instead of what had been credited to Colonel Penkovsky, who never had access to the Kremlin’s highest secrets, which were only shared with very high-ranking Soviet officials in another realm.



John W. Spring


On June 26, 1963, President John F. Kennedy, who was then disabled to the extent of physically being crippled, but a man with very strong desire and determination, visited the Berlin Wall and said in the German language, “Ich bin Berliner,” which, translated into English, means, “I am a Berliner.” Unfortunately, I had never been able to share with President Kennedy the significance behind the Berlin Wall that had been built at great cost for the purpose of curtailing intelligence traffic coming to West Berlinfrom behind the Iron Curtain. The President’s visit had probably angered Soviet Chairman Nikita S. Khrushchev even more than Oleg Penkovsky’s alleged acts. It may have even angered Khrushchev to the extent that he might have then ordered Soviet KGB agents deployed at Mexico City to plan and carry out the murder of President Kennedy.


As it turned out, the so-called “moderate” leader of the Soviet Union, who had intended earlier to “bury” America, had failed to destroy the United States as his political career and power were about to end, his death wish and motive to kill President Kennedy required a very high priority.

So, on November 22, 1963, JFK was assassinated by several Soviet KGB agents at Dallas in Texas. As a result of his unwarranted murder that had been ordered by a sociopath and mass killer of an entire generation of young Hungarians, Latvians, and also a million Kulaks in the Ukraine, the blame had apparently shifted swiftly as the American people became fooled.


There is only one reason why the title of “The Greatest Spy in the World” would never be given to me and that is because I never was a spy. However, as a geopolitical analyst who was involved with many other historical events after graduating with an M.A. in Geography at California State University, Fullerton during 1975 that cannot be disclosed at this time, my accomplishments as a private citizen have been rather significant in a profession where I would excel.


We live in a real world that only plays for keeps. So we must excel in our living with the talents and knowledge that are given to us. JWS