Dr. Bob Thiel PhD Naturopath and Church CCOG Leader – Bible Prophecy Analysis of USA and World Events

Dr Bob Thiel PhD, is a PhD Naturopath and Leader in the Continuing Church of God.  They integrate prophetic analysis of USA and world events into preparations and action plans to see what is happening and how to respond Biblically as Salt and Light of the End Times Bride reading for the return of Yesuach ha Meshiach, Jesus, God in the Flesh.   Shows cover Donald Trump, World Finance, G20, Abortion and Health Care, Preventive Medical Natural Medicine, Preparations for End Times Events and Satanic Rulers of Earth and Overt Plans for a New World Order, Population Reduction, Cashless M.O.B. Mark of the Beast System, Total Information Awareness Network, Project Omega and Much More… Watch the Podcast Audios and Videos and Simulcast Live Stream Videos Hosted by Dr Bill Deagle MD.

Dr Bob Thiel Phd www.CCOG.org Continuing Worldwide Church of God and Prophecy Event Channel.