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  1. NutriMedical Report Show Monday April 22ND 2019 - Hour Three - Josh Bernstein,, Leftist Communist Democrat Demon-Rats, Buttigieg Smooth Con Communist, Bernie Sander-Claus Health Disaster, All Demon-Rats Support Infanticide, Unborn or We-derly Human from Conception, New State Laws to Ban Abortion, Roe v Wade Fall 2019 Movie, Politics of Family Life from Conception at Brink, Definition of Apostate Jews Christians, End of Humanity Hangs in Balance,
  2. NutriMedical Report Show Monday April 22ND 2019 - Hour Two - Deborah Tavares,, Global Green Accounting, IMF Issues Social Security Checks, No Support for Rebuilding by Insurance, ICLEI COG UN Globalist Green Agenda, HUD Green Agenda, 5G Matrixx, Total Information Network, Promise Software, Cray 4 and 5 Super AI Surveillance, NSA CIA 5 Eyes, Project Omega 1982 Geo Bush Sr POTUS, Days of Moloch 13 to May 1st May Day, Today EARTH Day Lenin BDay!, Global Communist Totalitarian, Population Reduction Energy Pre-Industrial Days 1750, 90% Population Enslavement Death!,
  3. NutriMedical Report Show Monday April 22ND 2019 - Hour One - PASSOVER EASTER SALE TO MIDNIGHT WED APRIL 24TH 2019, Nutriodine, Monatomic Plasma Iodine, 4 Special Properties, Kills Pathogens, Detoxs Halides Fluoride Chloride Bromide, Raises Cell Energy ATP NADH, Converts T4 to T3, Get It Today!, Farid, 7 Synergistic Herbs, STOP Plaque Heart Attack Stroke, Protect Vessels and Perfusion, Stop Hypertension, Improve Perfusion, Drew, ProMAG, Endurance Remineralizer Gel, Pain Relief Cooling Gel,
  4. NutriMedical Report Show Friday April 19th 2019 - Hour Three - John W Spring, Urgent Alert Russian Nukes Nicaragua La Orchila Venezuela, Health Care Solutions, NOT Bernie Sander-Claus, Godless Babby Killer Communist Healthcare, End of Autonomy with Demon-Rats, Pray for Trump to Be Open to Advice from John and Dr Bill and His Samuel Counsel, Pray for Baptism of Trump, Date of Humanity at Conception, Date of Exit Pubic Arch Not Onset of Humanity, Date of Delivery First Date of Dying, Need for Bracero 2 Program for Workers Not Citizens, End of Migration Illegals, No More Instant Democrats, Jews and Blacks and LGBT Walk Aways from Democrats, Health Care Solutions, No More Malpractice, No State Licensure, National Licensure, Alternate Pathways to Practice, Pay Hourly Wages, VAT to Counties for Drs and Nurses for Uninsured, All Americans Catastrophic Insurance, Control Drug Prices, Allow Cross State Line Insurance, Portable Insurance, Reduce Alternative Costs with Total Rightoff Supplements and Alternative Integrative Life Extension Care, Blessings to You Over Good Friday, Praise GOD for His Sacrifice 2000 Years Ago, Thanks GOD for Believers in America and Worldwide, Resurrent Faith in Your Body O Lord, Restore Action to Believers and Citizens in The Most High GOD on Passover Weekend, Keep Your Eyes on GOD and He Will Heal Your Body and Our Lands,
  5. NutriMedical Report Show Friday April 19th 2019 - Hour Two - Toe to Head Protocols with Dr Bill, Review of Top 3 to 6 NutriMeds Plus Technologies, Integrative Medical Remission of Disease Illness, FREE Starter Protocols, Video Consults Worldwide, Lab Kits Sent to You, Mobilabs Home Business or Labcorp Quest Draw, Toenail Fungus, Varicosities, Arthritis, Dermatitis, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Diverticulosis, Dysbiosis, Colitis, Hiatal Hernia, Liver, Kidney, Heart Failure, Coronary Arteries, Lung COPD, Asthma, Viral Pneumonitis, Adrenal Failure, Sex Hormones, Andropause, Menopause, Stem Cell Support, Hypothyroidism, Periodontal Teeth, Vision Care, Hearing, Balance, Brain, Dementia, ADD ADHD, Alcoholism, Addictions, Depression, Insomnia, Head Injury, MS Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Spinal Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy, Autoimmunity, Cancer Prevention, Life Extension, Sonic Life, Cellvital Cell Energy, Photon Sound Beam, Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen, Lumen Photon IR Blue Light Pads, Substance Plus Signal Equals Health and Rejuvenation and Longevity,
  6. NutriMedical Report Show Friday April 19th 2019 - Hour One - PASSOVER EASTER 7% FOR HEAVEN SALE, COUPON AT CHECKOUT RISEN TO SAVE, SAVINGS ON TOP OF MULTIPAK AND PRIOR SALES, INCLUDE LUMEN PADS AND FREE SHIPPING, HOST MICHELLE AND DR BILL DEAGLE MD AAEM ACAM A4M ABIME ABFP CCFP ACOEM, Consults on Request By Video Worldwide, FREE Starter Callbacks eMail Protocols, Balding, Floaters in Eyes, Periodontal Disease, Hypothyroidism, Insomnia, Alcoholism, Parkinsons, Dementia, Depression, Chronic Arthritis Spine Joints, Constipation, Diverticulosis, Dysbiosis, Maldigestion, Cancer, Autoimmunity, Stealth Pathogens, Dematitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Toenail Fungus, Obesity, Diabetes, Aging, Gene Activation, Sonic Life Whole Body Exercise, EpiGenetic Sonic Life Mineral Amino Acid mRNA Gene Activation, Cellvital Cell Energizer, Healing Top NutriMeds Protocols and SONG of DNA Gene Cell Activation, Protein Enzyme Support for Rejuvenation AntiAging, Heal Now Live Long and Prosper, Enjoy Passover Easter Holiday!,
  7. NutriMedical Report Show Thursday April 18th 2019 - Hour Three - Dr True Ott PhD, American 30 Points of Truth, Review to Point, Luciferic Vatican UN IMF Scam, Get How to Win in Court, File Pro Se, Don't Run for Fake Office, Don't Buy Into False Legal Systems, Read Plan Pray Act for Personal and Corporate Greater Good of Mankind, Read the Documents, GOD will Remove Evil with the Rapture, Restoration of the Covenant of Eden, Fusion of Eternal GOD with Bride of Saved Humanity SOON!,
  8. NutriMedical Report Show Thursday April 18th 2019 - Hour Two - Gary Richard Arnold,, USA Lie-Ochracy, Legal Luciferic Secret Orders, Running Our World under Druidic Council of 13, Vatican Owns IMF Reserve, Vatican Owns Britain and UN, Luciferic Control of Modern World Through NY City, United Nations Proxy for Britain and Vatican,
  9. NutriMedical Report Show Thursday April 18th 2019 - Hour One - Cellvital Homecare Cell Energizer, Resurrection Technology with Photon Sound Beam, Tesla Violet Ray Machine and Sonic Life, SONG of DNA Mineral Amino Acid Resonant Therapy, Fibinacci Frequnecy EMF Cellular ATP NADH, Alkaline pH, Cell Mitochondrial Regenerator, Signal to DNA Protein Enzyme Induction, Extend Your LIFE and Rejuvenator Your Organs Now with Custom NutriMeds on Consult, Energy EMF Therapies Custom on Lab Tests On Consult with Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M,
  10. NutriMedical Report Show Wednesday April 17th 2019 - Hour Three - Jonathan Gray,, Truths Archaeological Biblical Discoveries Suppressed, Consequences for Suppressors of Noah's Ark, Red Sea Crossing, Yeshuah ha Mesiach Jesus Crucification and Tomb, Coming to LIGHT Before Jesus Return, Tribulation Next Jesus Return for the Bride of Saved Humanity,

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