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John W Spring, MidEast Peace UAW Coming Temple, Abomination That Desolates, Evangelicals and Some Jews Temple, Mark of Peace Secular World Cybernetic MatriXX, Greg Ford MI MD, L3 POTUS Clinton Antifa Terror Wartime POTUS No 2020 Election ???, Michelle and Dr Bill Deagle MD Protocols Answers to eMails and Calls, Go To Contact Us with Issues and Phone Time Window Callbacks, Pastor Butch Paugh, Trump Jared Kushner Peace Accord Arab Emirates Israel then Palestinians, Temple Soon Fall 2020 or 2021, Seven Year Peace Commerce Accord with MOB Mark of Beast System In PLACE, Harris VP Political Physical Whore, Demon Rats Globalists Satanist Pro Abortion END of LIFE Autonomy and Private Property, Arab Emirates Jared Kushner TRUMP Peace with Israel,