NutriMedical Report FriOct2nd20 H3 SPRING_POTUSPosCOVID19_EduCapVacNOW

POTUS and FLOTUS Pos Lab No Symptoms COVID19, 10 Day two Test Quarantines, Need First Line Kit and EduCap Patent, Email Call POTUS ASAP Audience Please , Dr Betty Martini PhD, Long List of Warnings of Pandemic End Time Population Reducing ScanDemic Viral Plaques, Danger of mRNA Vaccines SARS1 MERS Gardasil Illness Death, Answers Callers Emails Michelle Dr Bill Deagle MD Protocols for NutriMeds Natural Tech Healing, Z to A NutriMeds Optimized Medical Grade Supplement NutriMeds and Healing Tech, TRUMP v Biden, END of Biden Left Socialist Communist Support Sanders AOC Left of DemonRat Party,