NutriMedical Report FriSept18th20 H3 SPRING_POTUS_Missles_mRNACOVID19!

John W Spring, Danger of Russian Missile Nukes La Orchila Venezuela and Nicaragua, mRNA Warp Speed Toxic Useless Vaccines APril 2021 planned for All American Citizens, Aspartame Splenda Adventame Toxic Genotoxic Sexual Orientation Abortifascient Sweetners of Death, Toxic mRNA COVID19 Vaccines of POTUS Warp Speed Program, Michelle Deagle, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Wellness Protocols Answers to Calls and eMails from NutriMedical Family Customer Patients, Pastor Butch Paugh, PastorButchDotCOM, End Game Mark of Beast Vaccines with Tracker Chisp and DNA and Cortical Mind Interface MatriXX WORLD,