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Dr Betty Martini,,, Toxic Sweetners Immune Adjuvants, Cotoxic Sweetners with Electropollution, Cell Phones Smart Meters Cell Towers 5G Cotoxins, End of Normal Biology, In Chewable Medicines, Mislabeled in Food, Sweetners of Death Attach to Proteins to Sensitize Autoimmunity, MS Neuropathy Heart Failure Lupus Arthritis etc., Autism Linked to Vaccines, Book Autism Vaccine Author Maready coming On Show, Dr Betty Federal Death Agency, Fatal Drugs ALlowed, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,NutriMedical Report Show,

Measles Vaccine Con Job

We have been inundated with stories of scary outbreaks of measles in the United States. Not surprisingly, we have so-called “health officials” calling for mandatory vaccination laws. In other words, forced vaccinations.

As I listen to shrill media pundits and their guest physicians, I rarely hear anything that resembles the truth — that is, actual evidence.

Behind all of this misinformation are the vaccine manufacturers, because mandatory vaccination laws mean billions more dollars in profits.

Most people don’t realize that vaccines have become the one thing that is saving pharmaceutical companies, whose profits from prescription drugs have fallen progressively over the past three decades.

Now they are using uninformed physicians and media personalities to do their dirty work for them.

The real reason for the so-called measles “outbreak” was not unvaccinated children. Rather, it may have been the vaccinated ones.

Several fairly recent studies have found that subclinical (not sick or only mildly ill) cases of measles are fairly common, and that such infected individuals can transmit the virus to others.

The authors of one of these papers rightly concludes that so-called “herd immunity,” the justification for mandatory vaccination laws, can never be reached.

In 2003, a report said that as many as 300,000 cases of measles were reported in Japan despite the fact that 81 percent of Japanese had been vaccinated against the measles virus.

According to some experts, 80 percent vaccination is sufficient for “herd immunity.” Other studies have demonstrated that children and adults vaccinated with the MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccine shed the virus from their throat and urine as long as two weeks after getting the vaccine.

This means that the vaccinated kids can transmit the virus to other children. Which means they are the culprits — not the unvaccinated child.

In addition, it has been demonstrated that the vaccine is being unknowingly given to children who are immune-deficient. Those children are not only unprotected, they also shed the virus longer than immune-competent children. They are spreading the virus wherever they go, including school.

Several studies have demonstrated that live viruses can be found in the intestines of children vaccinated against measles. This means that measles can be spread by stool and unwashed hands.

If the story told by the vaccine promoters is true — that the vaccine is 99 percent effective — then vaccinated kids should have nothing to worry about.

They should not catch the measles from the unvaccinated kids. We also hear that the link to autism has been disproven and that only one study made such a link, and this study has been “debunked.”

But labs all over the world have made the same link. In fact, Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s study has been confirmed.

One such study, recently written by a senior scientist at the CDC, found that black males vaccinated with the MMR vaccine have a 340 percent higher risk of autism.

He also disclosed that the CDC purposefully hid vital data in their previously published negative study to make the link to autism “disappear.”

Most people think that polio was eradicated in the world, especially in the U.S., by a mandatory vaccine policy. It was never mandatory. I refused the polo vaccine when it came out in the 1950s. So did my wife. My parents, brother, and sister all refused it, as did millions of others.

Yet the disease disappeared.

There was never a “herd immunity” established for polio. Herd immunity is impossible for all vaccines, as none can provide 100 percent immunity to those who get the vaccine.

It is all a con job to make billions for the vaccine companies.

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MY COMMENT: Every adult, parent, nurse, and physician should watch the following video. It is not about banning vaccines, but protecting the freedoms of those who object to all vaccines or certain vaccines. Making our own FREE choices as to how we care for our bodies and that of our children under the protection of the American Constitution which is being violated based on corrupt, fake science in the CDC, FDA, Mainstream Media, and the Pharmaceutical Industry and backed by politicians corrupted by Big Pharma Lobbyist. Many states are passing laws for forced vaccines on not only children, but adults as well without “informed-consent,” abolishing health issues and religious exemptions. For those who refuse blood transfusions and refuse vaccines due to ingredients of blood plasmas, those that are against abortion and refuse vaccines due to aborted fetal cells and tissue incorporated in many vaccines should be applaud to go against their Biblically supported conscience. In this video with testimonies from former employee of the CDC, other proof is introduced in exposing the corrupt system lies of the Pharmaceutical Industry. YOU should be very concerned for the health of yourself, your children, grandchildren, and as a majority [not all] nurse and physicians who are accomplices or ignorant in this deadly scheme of corruption and tyranny. The Chair of the U.S. House Intelligence Committeehas pressured Facebook to block conversations about vaccination and Amazon to censor books and videos containing information about vaccine risks and failures. This censorship is also happening with YouTubeGoogle and Google search engines, and Pinterest. With the Pharmaceutical Industry exempted by the Federal Government from being sued from vaccine or drug injuriesthe government National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: has paid out billions of dollars to those adults and children injured by vaccines. [ few people know about this program existing. They do not advertise its existence. Of course the funding is being paid by the taxpayers and not the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Tom Armstrong


Censorship Is the Last Tool of Tyrants – Dr. Mercola

Note that aspartame works as a blocker of the production of serotonin.  In fact, a recent study shows that aspartame depletes serotonin as much as 74%.

Here is a copy of an article I wrote for the National Health Federation on the subject:    It goes into the study psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Walton did on aspartame.  Reactions were so severe they had to stop the study.  The administrator of the facility took part in the study and suffered a retinal detachment and lost his vision in one eye.

With over 30 years of independent studies on aspartame showing everything from psychiatric and behavioral problems to cancer, stroke, seizures and heart attacks the FDA refuses to do anything about it, and actually sealed teratology studies so the consumer would not find out aspartame causes birth defects.  What does it take to get rid of this addictive. satanic biochemical warfare weapon.  The FDA refuses to discuss the studies or uses excuses like short-comings to serious cancer lifetime studies (Ramazzini) showing it to be a multipotential carcinogen.

The Enquirer wrote its like Russian Roulette to fly these days with even pilots with suicidal tendencies crashing planes.  (“Terror in the Skies:”   Read the aspartame pilot alert by Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon:  Read on the letter from Pilot Cliff Evans who crashed his plane on aspartame.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote even children commit suicide.  Aspartame victims have told of suicidal tendencies for years.  Is there not anyone in Congress or anywhere who has the power to ban this poison with almost 40 years of calamity, evidence from independent studies and a medical text of over 1000 pages of harm.  (“Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic”} With all this evidence they still put more and more aspartame in drugs with full knowledge there will be interaction.  As Dr. H. J. Roberts, author of the medical text, said:  “Aspartame will interact with all antidepressants”.  Even athletes are dropping dead from aspartame.  Here is Dr. Blaylock’s athlete alert:  Dr. Roberts also wrote about athletes and sudden cardiac death:

Dr. Woodrow Monte in his medical text “While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills”, calls aspartame a killing machine.  He took the issues of blindness and seizures all the way to the Supreme Court who didn’t even have the courage to hear it.  Consumers have even reported getting DUI’s using aspartame.  Naturally this is from the free methyl alcohol.  The methanol converts to formaldehyde and embalms living tissue and damaging DNA.  Here is the study that proved it, Trocho:  Imagine the formaldehyde being released in the cells and turning tissue to plastic like it discusses in “While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills”,

Inasmuch as the FDA scientist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told the Senate aspartame was on the market illegally because it violated the Delaney Amendment and caused brain tumors and brain cancer, you would think even the Justice Department would get involved.   It seems it takes dedicated physicians and researchers in the know to get the word out and consumers who care to stop the public suffering.  Dr. M. Alemany who did the Trocho Study said the aspartame industry tried to destroy his character.  Meanwhile the FDA is asleep at the wheel, pushing propaganda and telling lies.  A few brave souls there said they were broken, corrupt and whistleblowers feared reprisals.  What would be expected after it was allowed for Big Pharma to fund the FDA?  Meanwhile greedy Big Pharma keeps making  dangerous drugs. In today’s news it was stated the FDA approved a drug for a baby’s disease and guess the amount for “one dose”. Here is the article, and would you believe its $2.1 million for this potion!!  How much good will it do for the family who can’t pay $2.1 million for a measure!
The FDA just approved a baby-saving drug that carries an obscene $2.1 million price tag – BGR
FDA approves $2.1 million Novartis’ ‘Zolgensma’, makes it the costliest drug ever – Firstpost
World most expensive $2.1m drug ‘Novartis’ approved by FDA – Dunya News

Think about birth defects from aspartame for over 30 years with the FDA refusing to release the teratology studies they know showed the worst type of birth defects, neural tube, cleft palate, etc.   So as babies are diagnosed with birth defects the FDA then allows Big Pharma to put aspartame in the babies drugs.  You can see these birth defects in Dr. Monte’s book.  Mothers using aspartame during pregnancy even give birth to babies with brain tumors, as aspartame breaks down to a brain tumor agent, diketopiperazine.  St. Jude Hospital is full of them.  Here is the last chapter from Dr. Monte’s book on aspartame and autism:   “US Right To Know” on aspartame listed study after study showing a trend of horrible diseases from this poison.  They wrote FDA who as in the past turned away from answering the complaint.

In the study mentioned above on depletion of transmitters it says:   “The American public, which consumes enormous quantities of aspartame, is increasingly identified as “dumbed-down” and full of fear, hatred and violence. Their brains are being altered by chemicals that turn humans into more animalistic organisms that lack higher cognitive function.

“As this study shows, aspartame may be contributing to the downfall of human civilization by altering the brains of human beings, turning them into cognitively impaired, chemically-altered organisms incapable of rational behavior/”

Over the years aspartame victims have complained they are too addicted to get off of it.  The methyl ester immediately becomes free methyl alcohol which is classified as a narcotic.  It causes chronic methanol poisoning which affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction.  People from Romania say it was banned there because of the cancer.   Health Canada finally seems to understand and are telling consumers not to use aspartame, Splenda/sucralose or acesulfame potassium, that its of no use to them but can cause medical problems.  Perhaps because its like fighting a third world war to get it banned they will at least tell the public not to use it.  But they know so they should ban it.

Day after day, year  after year, the horrors of Rumsfeld’s Disease are told.  Just google dangers of aspartame  and you’ll get almost 4 million results: ( About 3,690,000 results (0.78 seconds)

Serious mental health problems explode while their institutions still allow the patient aspartame and give them drugs that interact.  The ADD people said in a documentary that the term ADD was hardly used prior to the approval of aspartame.  In schools students are given Ritalin, and the generic has aspartame in it.

Read on for nine foods that aggravate depression, and make sure there is no aspartame in any of your foods or drugs.  Good information to have.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl

Also (search aspartame)

US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is defeated in lawsuit which exposed vaccine safety violations.  The civil court action was brought by Del Bigtree, the founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Activist attorney RFK Jr. claims vindication in showing that “vaccine safety” as we know it is nothing more than a sham.Government agencies charged with protecting the public are shown not to be doing their part to ensure and improve the safety of immunizations.


As sources explain, a clause in The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NVICA) compels DHHS to take responsibility for improving vaccine safety and efficacy, and charges the agency with constant monitoring and improving of adverse event reporting. The Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines clause also tasks DHHS with providing a report on improvements made in these areas to Congress every two years.

RKF Jr. and ICAN reportedly suspected that DHHS was failing to meet this responsibility, and filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the records of these biennial reports. For eight months, DHHS tried to blockade their request and refused to provide information. Ultimately, a lawsuit had to be filed.

As a document from ICAN reads:

ICAN was therefore forced to file a lawsuit to force HHS to either provide copies of its biennial vaccine safety reports to Congress or admit it never filed these reports. The result of the lawsuit is that HHS had to finally and shockingly admit that it never, not even once, submitted a single biennial report to Congress detailing the improvements in vaccine safety. This speaks volumes to the seriousness by which vaccine safety is treated at HHS and heightens the concern that HHS doesn’t have a clue as to the actual safety profile of the now 29 doses, and growing, of vaccines given by one year of age.

Despite being charged with the responsibility of investigating and improving vaccine safety DHHS has apparently failed to meet even the most basic aspects of this duty by failing to file a single report for the past thirty years. Three decades have passed since NVICA was put into place, and DHHS has never so much as raised a finger towards vaccine safety ­ an issue which should be a top priority, especially given the fact that NVICA erases industry responsibility regarding vaccine injuries.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
✔ @RobertKennedyJr
We win milestone lawsuit against HHS for violating it’s statutory duty to study and safeguard #vaccine safety for 32 years …