NutriMedical Report Show Wednesday Dec 12th 2018 Hour Two – Lowell Ponte, WOULD DEMOCRATS WRECK AMERICA TO WIN IN 2020?, 2019: The Economic Consequences of Politics, Bill Maher Joke of US Recession Needed to Remove Trump, Demon Rats No Plan for Wall or Collboration, Wave Bye Dems 2020 Pre-Election,

Lowell Ponte, WOULD DEMOCRATS WRECK AMERICA TO WIN IN 2020?, 2019: The Economic Consequences of Politics, Bill Maher Joke of US Recession Needed to Remove Trump, Demon Rats No Plan for Wall or Collboration, Wave Bye Dems 2020 Pre-Election,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,NutriMedical Report Show,




Lowell Ponte slams revolting leftist tactics to prevail at any cost, December 2, 2018


The diverse menagerie of Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 already looks like the bar scene in “Star Wars.” But left-of-center star Bruce Springsteen sees no Democrat now running who can beat incumbent President Donald Trump, because none has Trump’s charismatic ability to speak to working-class Americans.

Democratic analysts are frightened for their party’s future. Prior to the 2018 midterm election, voters had denied Democrats control of the House of Representatives, Senate and White House – which spells disaster for a party that buys its voters with taxpayer dollars and government favors.

Democrats predicted a “blue wave” in the 2018 midterms, but won only about 25 seats to barely claim control of the House of Representatives. More than 40 Republican members of Congress refused to seek reelection; without those GOP dropouts, Republicans almost certainly would have kept Democrats a minority in the House.

Democrats also stole an additional dozen or so seats in Democrat-ruled states such as California, where Republicans who won on election night were later drowned by a late flood of mysterious pro-Democratic “ballots from nowhere” that everybody knows were fraudulent. (This is why George Soros spent millions electing leftist Secretaries of State to manipulate state ballot recounts.) Voters increased the GOP Senate majority, showing how little love they have for Democrats.

So what must Democrats do to win in 2020?

“[The] way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So, please, bring on the recession,” says leftist HBO comic Bill Maher. “Sorry if that hurts people … [but] a recession is a survivable event; what Trump is doing to this country is not.”

Actually, the country is better than it has been for decades. But Maher rightly understands that if Trump continues to succeed, the Democratic Party and its socialist boot on the necks of Americans will be finished.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for,” Hillary Clinton says, declaring that “civility can only return” when her Democratic Party again controls the government.

Until voters restore leftist politicians to their entitled dominion as our superiors, the Democrats will turn politics into war, resistance, and unwavering hatred, because their unwanted collectivist party is fighting dirty for its survival.

And if a prosperous economy could make Trump successful and get him re-elected, do not doubt that anti-capitalist Democrats will do everything in their power to economically ruin an America they cannot rule.

Democrats have already made it clear they hate our capitalism, individualism, independence and our government-limiting Constitution. As globalists who favor world government, most Democrats would gleefully erase our borders, bankrupt our government with a giant tidal wave of illegal immigrants who vote Democratic, and cheer as our country disappears from their new brave new politically correct world.

In wrecking the economy, Democrats will rely on a key ally – the leftist mainstream media, which will blame every economic problem not on Democratic taxes, regulations and economic manipulations, but on President Trump’s “failed policies.” Democrats will control the House, where every taxing and spending bill must originate.

Such Democratic sabotage of our economy may already be under way. On Dec. 1, as President Trump was at the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina – negotiating with Chinese leader Xi Jinping how to make trade more fair and less warlike between our two nations – something unprecedented happened in Canada. Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer (and founder’s daughter) of China’s telecom giant Huawei, was suddenly arrested on a U.S. warrant charging the company with violating the Iran embargo.

As word of the arrest spread, China threatened to “take all measures” to show its outrage. The New York Stock Exchange plunged, likely wiping out all gains in 2018, because Trump now faced a trade war with China and a likely recession.

“Who ordered the arrest, and why?” asked famed financial columnist “Spengler” (David Goldman) in Asia Times. “It is unlikely that the president would escalate the conflict with China with [this] arrest … on the same day he sought to deescalate the trade war.”

It could be, wrote Spengler, “that Trump’s enemies in the permanent bureaucracy simply want to prevent the president from negotiating a deal with China that would enhance his image and remove risks to economic growth.”

In the latest issue of “Real Money Perspectives,” Craig R. Smith and I analyze many ways Democrats may cripple the economy to undermine President Trump, and how you can protect your family’s assets from their various tactics of economic political warfare against Americans in 2019 and 2020.

Lowell Ponte is a former think tank futurist and retired roving editor at Reader’s Digest. He is coauthor, with Craig R. Smith, of “Money, Morality & the Machine: Smith’s Law in an Unethical, Over-Governed Age.” Ponte’s articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and major other publications. Get your complimentary article from Real Money Perspectives by calling 1-800-630-1492.


2019: The Economic Consequences of Politics


Craig R. Smith

Chairman, Swiss America Trading Corporation


and Lowell Ponte

Our Constitution’s Framers designed America to be a country of free enterprise, honest money, self-reliant citizens, low taxes, and small government.

But as Thomas Jefferson rightly warned, “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” Today the government – through ever-growing taxation, regulation, and crony capitalist favoritism – manipulates nearly everything we buy, sell, earn, and save. Everything has been politicized.

Democracy is supposed to be a non-violent way to make political changes without revolution or war.  Unlike Europe, where many nations have been torn by ideological parties, American elections have usually been a contest between only two “Big Tent” parties that both tried to appeal to most voters, including those in the other party.

America remained prosperous when its two ruling political parties were capitalist, centrist, and practical. Politicians wanted to rule our government, not ruin it. They used to reach compromises with rival political factions that let both sides claim a share of making things better for all Americans.

But as the 2020 presidential election approaches, our politics have, in President Barack Obama’s words, been “fundamentally transformed” into a war of winner-take-all conservative-vs-leftist ideology.

More than half the members of Mr. Obama’s Democratic Party now tell pollsters that they prefer socialism to capitalism. This means that future elections are becoming Russian roulette, with private property and business investments at risk if voters choose the anti-capitalist party.

California – once the state of conservative Governor and President Ronald Reagan – has become a one-party Democratic state where, as we saw in 2018, the ruling party has changed election laws to almost guarantee future Democratic rule.

This article shows how politics today in America are becoming radically worse, and how you and your family need to take prudent steps to “de-politicize” and protect your savings, investments, and other assets.  Because nearly everything in our society has now been politicized, this is a survival guide for all you have earned and saved.

An “Uncivil” War

Politicians used to be “polite” to their rivals, as civilized people were in what the ancient Greeks called “the city,” the polis. But now this is changing.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” said Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic candidate for president. Ironically, more than 60 million voters saw her now-socialist political party as such a threat to their values.

“Civility can only return,” she declared, when her Democratic Party again controls the government. She said this because voters in 2016 had thrown her party out of power in the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. Because her party depends on redistributing tax dollars and favors to win elections, this total loss of power in both the Executive and Legislative branches of government threatened the Democratic Party with destruction.

This is why Democrats in desperation sought power in the unelected “permanent” people in our system – Democratic lifetime-appointed judges, Big Government bureaucrats, and partisan left-of-center journalists. These are known as the “Deep State.”

In 2016 left-leaning journalists tried to defeat Republicans by giving what they thought was the weakest candidate in the GOP presidential field – businessman Donald Trump – more than $2 Billion in free airtime, according to the New York Times. Since Trump’s victory, these same media outlets have conducted a non-stop 24/7 hate fest. Even liberal analysts acknowledge that NBC, CBS, ABC news stories about President Trump are more than 92 percent negative.

Within the government, many bureaucrats with lifetime jobs have declared themselves part of the “resistance” to Trump, reports theNew York Times, and use their positions to impede the policies he tries to implement. Ideological judges likewise throw endless legal challenges against his policies, designed to destroy or at least delay them.

And Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for a “dossier” apparently created by a British spy and Russian agents. This was published before the 2016 election to defeat Trump with smears, and it has been used since then to justify FISA warrants to spy on President Trump by the Obama-politicized Justice Department and FBI.

This information has been used by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a nearly two-year investigation to find if Mr. Trump had connections with Russians who influenced his election. Russians clearly did attempt to influence the 2016 election, but through the dossier paid for by Clinton and the DNC; oddly, Mueller has refused to investigate this attempt to subvert an American election with Russian help by the Democratic Party and its candidate. Mr. Mueller’s legal team is comprised almost entirely of partisan Democrats.

No wonder President Trump believes that, having failed to defeat him with voters, Democrats are attempting to remove him by coup d’etat.

The Politics of Destruction

In today’s highly-polarized politics, the old way of compromise and civility has been replaced by what looks like war. No Democratic lawmaker is to cooperate with any Trump policy, or even show his Administration ordinary respect. To do so, say leftists, would “normalize” Trump and make him more acceptable to the public.

Leftists have already attacked Trump using the tactics of domestic terrorism. A supporter of Democratic Party primary candidate and avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R.-LA) and was stopped by Capitol Police before he could gun down several other Republican lawmakers.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) urged Democratic mobs to intimidate Republican officials and supporters wherever they appeared, including restaurants and gas stations. But, she claimed, she was not advocating violence. Nonsense. It is assault merely to hold a club threateningly near a person’s body. It becomes assault and battery when that person is clubbed. Waters calls for assaults, as well as political impeachment of the President.

Democrats won control of the House of Representatives in 2018, in some cases by running far left, in others by running as pretend Republicans. (Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania won with an ad that showed him proudly holding his AR-15 rifle.) And in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Democrat judges seized the power to re-draw Congressional districts.

Representative Waters, 80, will by seniority become chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, overseeing America’s banks and credit institutions. In 2008-2009, such regulatory power had been used to coerce banks into giving many billions of dollars in home loans to millions of borrowers who were not creditworthy as the latest democratic way to redistribute America’s wealth. Under Waters, we can expect such politics to return.

Will Ms. Waters and other democratic leaders propose nationalizing U.S. pensions – and perhaps the entire U.S. banking system – as a means of funding their plan for a vast expansion of federal spending, such as they hoped to do during the Obama years? And if so, how will such a sharp left-turn toward socialism impact Americans’ retirement plans and free market?

Ms. Waters is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, closely tied to the leftist group Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Along with the violent European-founded Marxist group Antifa (whose chant is “No Trump! No Wall! No USA at all!”), DSA has played a prominent role in threatening and assaulting Trump Administration officials on public streets and in restaurants, as Waters called for. In their ideological radical view, Republicans are not wrong; they are evil.

Progressivism advocates replacing our Constitution with a collectivist globalist regime in which Big Government and Big Science will reengineer humankind and create a godless Heaven on Earth, a new Eden of equality and Political Correctness, ruled not by democracy but by a superior elite of the smartest. As Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, chair of the Progressive Change Campaign, haughtily said in December 2018: “We Democrats know so much” that less intelligent voters are alienated.

Many Progressive Caucus members will also rise to powerful committee chairmanships with the power to advance a socialist agenda since Democrats won the House majority in November 2018, some of whom include:

  • Adam Smith of Washington State, who will take control of the House Armed Services Committee, will deflect military spending into “meals on wheels” nation building over defense preparedness. Will he demand that all military increases must be matched by an equal amount of social welfare spending?

  • Frank Pallone of New Jersey will run the Energy and Commerce Committee, and will restore the Obama Green and anti-global warming agendas. Can we expect more unproductive subsides for crony Democratic-contributing companies such as Solyndra, the now bankrupt solar panel startup firm which used inaccurate information to bilk U.S. taxpayers out of $535 million in fraudulent loans?

  • Jerrold Nadler of New York will rule the Judiciary Committee, and has already indicated that he may run non-stop impeachment proceedings against the President between now and the 2020 election. Removing the President will be impossible so long as the GOP continues to run the Senate, but Nadler’s hearings will be a daily circus of anti-Trump propaganda broadcast by the media.

  • Elijah Cummings of Maryland will direct the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which will oppose any positive government reforms, such as cutting government regulations and introducing further tax cuts, which have helped the Trump administration boost U.S. GDP back above 3% for the first time in many years.

  • Peter DeFazio of Oregon will sit at the controls of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which will push to match any Trump reform with an equal amount of spending on Democratic agenda items. And where will the money come from? With annual federal deficits already topping $1 Trillion, how much more can we afford? DeFazio also intends to pump up gasoline taxes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29, is a Democratic Socialists of America community organizer who defeated the #4 Democrat in Congress to win a seat there. She has been called “the future of the Democratic Party” by its chairman. She has advocated “Medicare for all,” free college education for all, and a host of other giant spending schemes that together would roughly double the entire federal debt to around $43 Trillion, and double the burden on American taxpayers. The national debt currently stands at $21.8 Trillion – each U.S. taxpayer is already in hock for $178,000 – but her proposals could rocket that figure to $356,000 per taxpayer!

(She recognizes that half the American people pay no direct income tax, so this burden would more heavily fall on Republicans.)

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who quit the Progressive Caucus when she first became Speaker of the House, now represents San Francisco on the far-left coast. But she learned strong-arm politics as daughter of the Democratic machine boss of Baltimore.

California Leads Leftward

California today, as it did in the 1968 student revolt, is moving America’s politics to the left, perhaps irreversibly. Its statewide elected officials do not include even one GOP member, and both houses of its legislature are controlled by veto-proof supermajorities of Democrats.

This tectonic leftward shift happened because Democrats cunningly submerged its conservative voters with a new imported electorate more dependent on big government giveaways. Having succeeded here, Democrats are beginning to use the same tactics in other key states.

California once was the symbol of American prosperity, from the 1849 Gold Rush to the rise of Hollywood, and from the rich defense industry of the Cold War to the dominance of Silicon Valley computer high tech. If it were an independent nation, California would all by itself be the seventh richest country in the world.

But the new California is also home to one-third of all Americans on welfare, and to more than a quarter of all of America’s illegal aliens – whose average family consumes $17,500 each year in social services more than it pays in taxes.  According to the U.S. Census, 63 percent of non-citizens living in America receive some kind of welfare, as do 70 percent of those who have lived here 10 years or longer.

Nearly two of every five California families live at or near the poverty level, and 25 percent of America’s homeless live here. More than half who rent have apartments that banks deem “unaffordable” for their income.

The Golden State now has America’s largest gulf between the very rich minority that live behind the walls of gated communities and the poor, tens of thousands of whom live, defecate, and discard their used drug needles on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its middle class is fleeing.

To create this politically-exploited population of needy, dependent voters, Democrats turned on a huge magnet. Major cities became “sanctuary cities,” and California itself became the first “sanctuary state” where the government refused to enforce most federal immigration laws.

On April 1, 2012, California began the automatic voter registration of “residents” (not citizens) seeking driver licenses at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The new law also exempted from State prosecution anyone who voted illegally.

This is only one of an array of tactics Democrats have used to tighten their grip on power. Perhaps the most notorious is “ballot-harvesting,” illegal in most states but made legal in California two years ago. California sends out millions of absentee ballots, even to people who do not request them. Democrat operatives then go door to door to “harvest” these ballots, sometimes using threatening or coercive tactics when doing so. The law now allows one person to deliver truckloads of such ballots to be counted, even days after an election.

In 2018, for example, several Republicans running for Congress were declared winners on election night, by margins of up to 14,000 votes. But days later, a tidal wave of harvested provisional “votes from nowhere” mysteriously overwhelmed the GOP candidates.

This flood of dubious ballots was preceded by a flood of Democrat money. Dana Rohrabacher, a 30-year Orange County Congressman, says was beaten because former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg dumped $4 Million into the campaign to defeat him. Democrat leftist billionaires such as Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and George Soros were major bankrollers of candidates in Florida, Georgia, and elsewhere. But what does such vote buying do to the idea that your member of Congress should represent you, not some rich person on the other side of the country?

Voting With Your Feet

In 2019, we will likely see evidence that in the long run the Democratic Party’s shift to the left will fail, because socialism is not a productive system. It can temporarily gain power by creating a class of dependents, but once it has given away the wealth it steals, it will lose power because it will run out of goodies to buy off its welfare gimme pigs.

During the Cold War against the Communist Bloc, it was said that East Germans still voted; they “voted with their feet” to flee oppression. Productive Americans must learn various ways to do this.

If we face a new Dark Age of several decades, then we must remember that our ancestors fled here to escape the lack of liberty in their homeland. Some  might consider seeking out one of those outposts of freedom known as tax shelters.

For example, ever since 1976 the U.S. government has allowed citizens to protect their savings with a self-directed IRA. This provides citizens with a vehicle to restore self-reliance, grow wealth and defer taxes.

Self-directed IRAs give investors the freedom to decide what they want to invest in, such as precious metals, which are precisely the honest money, which our Founding Fathers considered vital for our financial survival.

If, as is more likely, socialist-ruled America remains fragile and shows signs of returning to free market politics in 20 years or less, then we need to preserve capitalism by preserving our capital, which means learning to live within our means and saving as much as possible. Start, for example, by assuming that government will not pay for your retirement; you will.

A socialist welfare state will need money – lots more than it currently dares seize by outright confiscatory taxation.

At state or local levels, the cash grab by governments will come from raising business and property taxes.

In California, for example, Democrats are already discussing the best ways to get rid of Proposition 13, which has limited property tax; their immediate aim is to “split the tax rolls,” removing Proposition 13 protection from businesses but not private homes – and then remove it from homes shortly thereafter. This means that you ought to move a portion of your investment out of stocks, bonds, and real estate and into real money, not paper.

In California, the ruling politicians are also planning to imitate their fellow Democrats in Illinois by devising a heavy “exit tax” on any business or homeowner leaving the state.

At a federal level, this will come through hidden taxes such as inflation, higher taxes and other monetary manipulations to rob your earnings and savings of their value by debasing the dollar. To avoid this political gambit, you need to move a portion of your assets into a kind of money the government cannot debase, such as gold or silver, which has a long history of holding or increasing value.

For example, did you know that during America’s Golden Years – the 1850s-1870s – the U.S. Dollar actually increased in value because of our Founders’ Gold Standard backing our paper money? Contrast that with a continuous drop in the long-term value of the U.S. Dollar ever since we violated the Constitution and established the Federal Reserve fractional banking system, which permits the Fed to print money without gold backing.

Conclusion: Restoring a Democratic Republic

In today’s brave new political world, should the Democratic Party be entitled to still call itself “democratic?” It now attacks any safeguards to keep your vote undiluted and elections from being stolen (such as removing improper names from voter rolls, or requiring a voter photo I.D.) as “voter suppression.”  Given its strong leftward shift in recent years, should the Democratic Party be renamed what it has become: America’s undemocratic “Socialist Party”?

Is the Republican Party willing and able to fight to restore the American republic? Can we return to small government, low taxes, free enterprise, honest money, and self-reliant citizens?

In 2019 and 2020, leading up to perhaps the most important Presidential election of our lives, the economic consequences of politics will either boost our nation’s freedom or further stifle it. Will Democrats follow the advice of leftist entertainer Bill Maher and deliberately drive the economy into recession in a desperate attempt to discredit and defeat President Trump?

Thankfully, our Framers taught us to embrace honest money and remain self-reliant. If we do, we can help keep our national and family economies firmly in the hands of We the People.