NutriMedical Report ThurApr30th20 H2 Ford_NPR_NOCallsDrBillDeagle

Greg Ford, NO NPR Call Phone No for Dr Bill Deagle MD, “They Know Who You Are”
, Example of Media Control for Sales of Books Rather than WORLD VIEW Change and Survival of America and Peoples of EARTH, Review of NutriMeds for Cell Protection Energetic Survival Pandemic CCP SARS2 Virus, A to Z NutriMeds Review with Jonathan, Build Immune Adaptive Strength, NEW First Nations Medical Group Members Study with Oral Immune Memory Tech Vs. COVID19 or CCP Virus Immune Booster Orally, GET NOW First Line of Defense Kits PLUS, Goggle Eye Coverage NOW, REBOOT ECONOMY,  Build Natural Immune Terraine of BODY Now, A to Z NutriMeds Review of Protocols, Get Involved with Hobby Farm Now, Out of City with Fellow Christian Preppers, Food Water Power Self Protection, REFUSE Force WHO UN Global FORCED VACCINES, HIV was Hepatitis B Vaccination to Index Homosexual Canadian Airline Aid to Haitians by Sexual Transfer, Injection Dangers of REAL Second Wave Super Plaque HIV from Contaminated Vaccine that Sterilizes or KILLS, Dr True Ott PhD ND, German Pathologist Autopsies, Viral Test Garbage DATA, WHO UN Deep State CCP COVID19 Virus Pandemic LIES, Model of Deaths Explodes, Danger of After Labor Day Forced Vaccinations of Peoples of Earth, US Fines or Jail Commerce Clause 1890s Override Constitution, DANGER of Viral Pandemic INJECTED Plaque 2nd Wave Fall 2020, Immune Boost Terraine, First Line of Defense Kit Plus, No Social Distancing But Wear NIOSH Masks and Eye Goggles, Boost Vit D and A Take All First Line of Defense, Block Viruses Boost Mitochondrial Protection, NO Federal Toxic US Vaccine Dangers, SARS2 Virus Dendritic Vaccine NOW, Soon Dendritic EduCaps In Development for Oral Immune Competence, NutriMeds Block SARS2 Virus, END Times Mark of Beast After Labor Day Planned, Nanobots and Tracker Chip, AVOID Mark of Beast Vaccine Nanobot CHIPPING, Hacking DNA Cortex Geolocation, Don’t Choose the Pathway of the DAMNED, Resist Toxic Nanobot Vacines of Doctor DEATH !, Spirng, Coming FInancial Collapse, EMP Attack and Invasion of America IF NOT RESISTED, END Cytokine Mitochondrial ATP Loss of Production, Dendritic Oral Vaccine SOON, NOW Dendritic Vaccine For YOU NOW, Stop Virus Protect Mitochondria, Death Virus Collaboration China USA Viral WMD Death Scientists, Dendritic Vaccine Tech, One Unit 400 ml Blood, Dendritic Cell Exposure to Sigma Spike Protein, Memory Cell Immunglobulin Blocks Viral Cell Invasion, Coming Universal Dendritic Vaccine after Personal Vaccine Soon, Available via Dr Bill Deagle MD CONSULT to Customized Dendritic Vaccination Programs, Natural Defense NutriMeds, First Line Kit Plus, STOP Virus, Boost Mitochondrial Defense Against Cytokine Free Radical Storms, Dendritic Vaccines, Dangers of RNA Virus Universal Vaccines Cytokine Storms Death and Disease, Use Airway Eye Coverage and NO NEED for Social Distancing, Targeted Individuals Spiritual Social Political Luciferic Agenda, NutriMeds and First Line of Defense, Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Stop Mitochondrial Damage from Cytokines Free Radicals, Prevent Illness and Stealth Organ Damage, NAZI Nanotech Weapons, eToxins 5G PLUS Viral Induced Mitochondrial Altitute Sickness Solutions and Restart Economy, NO Chipping or MOB Mark of Beast System, Public PRotests NOW, END Lockdown Intelligently Boost Host Defenses, Kill Virus and STOP Spread NOW, Protect STOP CCPVirus Energy Mitochondrial Damage NOW, MAGI Iron Pulsed Magnetic Antiviral Therapy, Block ATP Attack by Nanotech Bioweaponized Virus CCP COVID19 SARS CoV-2, END of Pandemic Improve Cell Mitochondrial Energetic DEFENSES, STOP CCP COVID19 Viral Damage to Cellular ATP Mitochondrial Energetics, Optimized NutriMeds Protocols, Customized Advanced Activated Formulas and Protocols for Virus Blocking Mitochondrial Rescue, Iron Nitrix Oxide Blocked by 5G 60 GigaHertz Radiation, Viral Blocked ATP Production, MAGI ELF Therapy to Block Virus and ELF Pollution, Epigenetic Frequency Therapy, Protect Seniors Mitochondria, Panels Vit D Minerals Antioxidants, Restart WORK, STOP ViraGeddon Famine and Depression NOW, END Shutdowns, Protect Seniours, Get Back to WORK, Jail Drs. Birx and Fauci, FIRE Vaccine Maniacs,  Spring Nutritional Data Vitamin D Mitochondrial Antioxidant Polyphenols, First Line of Defense Kit Plus, Mitochondrial Protective Immune Solutions, STOP Loss of ATP and Protect Cell Oxidative Metabolism, Food Power Protection Local LEAF Groups, Prep Now, Power Food Self Protection, Local LEAF Local Eternal Annoited Fellowship of Christian Survivors, Prepare for Economic Meltdown, Forced Chippin and Injected ID Chip Coming Must be RESISTED, Restart America Now Safely with Food Immune Support, NO ID Passport to Travel, NO Chipping or Forced Vaccines of Sterility, Dr True Ott PhD ND, Event 201 Globalist Collaborators with Wuhan BSL4 Chinese Bioweaopon Development, CFR Case Fatality .37% Only with Most Cases Asymptomatic, With Proper Natural Support NO One Needs to DIE or End on a Ventilator or ECMO Machine of DEATH, Prevent Mitochondrial Damage NutriMeds Plus Scalar Tech SonicLife, MAGI MiniMAGI Cellvital Mat QRS Mat Photon Sound Beam, Lumen Photon NEW Frequency Generators, Review of NutriMeds to Prevent Infection and Help Recovery, Biblical End Times Analysis of END Times COVID19 CCP BioWeaponized Mitochondrial Detroyer, Debt BOMB Does Not HONOR Women or Productive Economies, Signs of Anti-Christ, SALE Wed 8th to 15th Passover Easter COUPON RISEN at Checkout, SonicLife, Whole Body Perfusion Exercise Lymphatics Stem Cells, EpiGenetic Frequency Therapy SONG of DNA Therapy, Sabbath Edenic Mineral Resonance, Block Nagalase and Sigma One COVID19 Coronavirus Cell Docking Frequency Therapy, Lumen Photon, New Amplifier Amazon or Walmart,Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools, Pure H2O Whole Home Countertop, 5 Gal Reserve Autoflush, Natural Immune SOlutions for COVID19 CCP China BioWeapons Globalist Nation Slayer, Nutriodine Plus First Line of Defense Kits, Testing BioPhilia Plus IgG IgM Great Plains Lab Kansas NOW via Dr Bill Deagle MD, STOP Sterilizing Virus, NO Vaccines and Forced Chipping Next Year 2021, Jail NWO Globalists, END CCP CHINA, STOP WHO Funding, NO CDC FDA NIAID, BSLabs Close NOW, END WHO CDC TC WTO UN Globalists, JAIL Dr Fauci Bill Gates Attendees to Event 201 Fall 2019 USA, Vaccines to Follow Sterilizing Virus, END of Satanic Globalism NOW, CCP Virus COVID19 Sterilizes Males Females, Globalist Population Control, Website Articles and National Library of Medicine, END of Discussion on Virus Sterilization, Vaccines and Forced Chipping to Follow Pandemic in 2021 by UN Global Elite Plot, Prepper Supplier, Personal Defense, Power, Food, Local Fellowship of Believers, Prepare the BRIDE of the Most High GOD, Debt BOMB Depression More Lethal than COVID19, FIND Carriers BioPhilia IgG Antibodies, Isolate and Viral Supression Cytokine STOP Termination, Return TO WORK ASAP!, Host Michelle Deagle, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M FNMB, Vit D, Monatomic Zinc, Minerals Plus, GastroHeal, Stop Viral Attachement, Prevent Cytokine Storms, STOP Mitochondrial Death, NutriMeds Review A to Z, Build Natural Immunity, STOP Viral Attachment, Prevent Replication, STOP Cytokine Storm and Mitochondrial Death, Prolong Life, Overcome Gene SNP with NutriMeds and Tech, A to Z Plan to BioPhilia Scan Case Viral Vertor People, Place on Viral and Cytokine Suppressive Therapies in Isolation Until VIRU FREE,  Release to Work in Less than 2 Weeks, CVAC Altitude Mitochondrial Regenerative Therapy, Chris Craig,, Carlsbad CA Clinic, Take with NADH and Nattokinase with PQQ for Make NEW Mitochondria Energy for Cells, Recover from COVID19, Join Sherriff USA County, Local LEAF Local Eternal Anointed Fellowship, Escap Church Buildings to Local Home Church, eToxins 5G AND SARS COVID19l,  COVID19 Misinfo Around Trump NIAID Dr Fauci, Fox News Foolishness, NATION SLAYER BioWeapon COVID19, NWO Plot to Vaccinate to Sterilize and Chip World Population, NEW Cell Defense Cur-Q-GOLD Super Curcumin for COVID19 Cancer Autoimmunity Dementia Heart Vascular Life Extension and More, Cytokine Storm and Virus Blocking NutriMeds, AllicinMED, Nutriodine, NutruSilver, NutriDefense, Vit D Liquid, Oncomycin MyCo D2, Cell Defense Plus,NEW Cell Defense Cur-Q-Gold,HAZMAT, Goggles, NIOSH N95 Masks, Haszmat Suits below 5ft 7inches or above, SNP Jump Genes Nutrient Support,  SonicLife EpiGenetic Antiviral RegenerativeStem Cell Pain Relief, Lumen Photon IR Pain Healing STOP Inflammation Induce Sleep Heal Eyes Brain, Pure Water Systems, Four Phases, Cleanest Water on Earth, Whole Home Systems, COVID19 is NOT A DRILL !!!, Poor CDC Test Kits, Mix FLU and COVID19, Serious Super Killer Pandemic Plague Exploding, Take NutriMeds NOW, Prevent Viral Replication and Cytokine Storm Induced Mitochondrial DEATH, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Review of State of Art of Battle Vs. COVID19, Paper Dr True Ott Review, NEW GoFundMe for Provision of NutriMeds for Wellness and Protection from COVID19 to Underpriveleged USA and Worldwide, Firing Line Wellness Protocol Answers, Host Michelle Deagle, Dr Bill Deagle MD Provision of NutriMeds Protocols for Wellness, COVID19 Viral Infections, Vascular Disease, Aging, Pain, Inflammation, Osteoporosis, Hormonal Imbalances, SonicLife Whole Body, EpiGenetic Sabbath Edenic Healing, Block SARS COVID19 Glycoprotein @ 207 Hz and Block Nagalase @ 337 Hz, Lumen Photon Light Therapy, Pure Water Systems, VIMEO Livestream Removed Unpublished All Videos, Disagreement on Origins of COVID19 Bioweapo9n, Did not Wish to Have Claim of Help for Viral Infection, 5G 60 Giga Hertz Hypoxia Cotoxin to SARS COVID19 ARDS, Mitochondrial Suicide by Dual Plaques, Smart Grid Amped Up During Lockdown In Homes, Toxic Gene Hackers and Cortical Behavior Modificiation, First Line Kit NutriMeds, AllicinMED, NutrImmune 26Y, Power C Plus, Cell Defense Plus, Epoch Times News Review, First Line of Defense Kit Plus, NEW Googles Hazmat Suits Gas Masks, Testing Berlin S Korea Rapid PCR Tech Update, New Monoclonal Erasmus University Results Block SARS2 COVID19 Viral ACE2 Receptor STOP Infection, END of Secular Age, Globalist Killing Fields, Biochipping World Population, Cyberstate Totalitarian Controls, 5G eToxins, 60 GigaHertz Hypoxia, 50 GigaHertz Epstein Barr Virus CANCER, eToxins Amplify SARS COVID19 Virus Plaque, Updated COVID19 March 4th 2020 Power Point Will be Up by Sunday March 8th 2020, New Info re Preppers for NWO Vaccines Medical Martial Law and ViraMaGeddon, Financial Implosion, ViraGeddon Coming, Medical Martial NWO, Forced Vaccines, Sterilization via Vaccines, LIFEsolution Negative Pressure Pandemic Trailers Tents, Mobile Pandemic Hazmet Lab Techs, Global Plans, PowerPoint Coming SOON, Dr True Ott PhD, MAGI, miniMAGI, Antiviral AntiEMF Pollution, Block 60 GigaHertz Oxygen Blocking 5G Networks, Suppresion with Radionic Broadcasts with SonicLife, PERLM+, Progen3, Dr Bill’s Broadcast Systems, SARS COVID19, LIFEsolation Trailers, Pandemic Hazmat Mobile Units, PCR BioPhilia Remote FiO2 to PulseOx Monitor, C-VAC Mitorchondial Therapy, Radionic Viral Spike Glycoprotein Suppression 207 Hz, Nagalase Macrophage Mitochondrial Dysruptor Neutralization 337 Hz, First Line of Defense Kits, New Eye Sealed Goggles, NEW Full Body Hazmat Suits below 5 foot 8 inches and above 5 foot 8 inch height, AI Monitoring of R0 Reduction Realtime GPS Map of Pandemic Viral Elimination, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M ACOEM ABIME CCFP ABFP FNMB,  NutriMedical Report Show,,,,