NutriMedical Report ThursSept10th H3 PAUGH_GrandResetLucifericMatriXX!

Pastor Butch Paugh, Dr Carey Madej DO, MODeRNA, Astra Zeneca STOPPED Trials Due to Meylinitis and Toxic Cytokine Storms, Chipped Cyborized Human Race Bidirectional Conciousness and Gene Control, Global Cybernetic EuGeneCIDE, Gary Richard Arnold, NewsDashExposeDotORG, Grand Reset to Humanity 2 Point O Happening Now with Vaccines Lockdown and eCommerce and World Trade Zones, Ryan and Dr Bill with Matt J discuss NutriMeds Product Details and Unique Power for Healing, Ancient Herbal Power Science Amplified to TOP Wellness Power, USA Arrogance and Church Apostasy Roots of MARK of Beast and Judgements,