NutriMedical Report Tues June 23rd 20 H3 SPRING_ENDAntifaBLMMedia

John W Spring, Need to Email POTUS Direct Line to John W SPring re Russian Nukes, Contact Dr Bill Deagle MD re COVID19 and Oral Vaccine Patent First Stage Thurs June 25th 2020, END to Globalist Depopulation Forced Chipping and Vaccinations, Josh Bernstein,, END of CHOP by Disgraced Seattle May0r, Major Sentences for Statue Destruction, Exeeutive Order Trump END Reg 230 Protecting Big TECH MEDIA, A to Z NutriMeds Protocols Heal, Natural Tech Song of DNA SonicLife MAGI LUMEN Photon IR Photon Sound Beam,  Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen, Protocols for Common Illness Explained with NutriMeds, John Moore, BLM Black Lives Matter and Antifa Whites Chaos Cities Democratic Failures, Dangers to Blacks Poor of All Races, Drug Cartels and Violence Overtakes Unlivable Cities, Escape Large Democratic Cities, Prep Now for Coming Conflicts Soon Fall 2020, Matthew Deagle, Globalist Insane Riots Revolution Depolicing of LEFTist Antifa Whites and BLM Black Lives Matter, Soros adn Geo Bush SAD CIA Actions Behind Scenes, END of Civil Society if Demon-Rats Nov 2020, Sock Puppet Biden and Evil Vice Pres Chaoes and Civil War, Prep Now for Possible Conflicts, KardioVasc, Pain Away Cream, Super Folate TR, Pro Se Online Course How to Win In COURT, John W Sping, Letter to POTUS re June 19th 2020, Black Lives National Holiday, Plans to Level Playing Field for All Skin Colors and Races, NO Defund Police, NO UN Troops on US Soil, NO NWO World Economic Forum Fourth Industrial Cybertech Revolution, No Turning Humans into CYBORGs, Prof Jerome Corsi, eBooks, Important Ready on Trump Riots Revolution Script of Left Demon-Rat RINO Globalists and COVID20 Coming Plaque to Attack Gut, Host Michelle Deagle, Dr Bill Deagle MD On FIRING LINE !! Answering eMails and Callbacks Issue Health Protocols, EMP Task Force, Glenn Rhoades, Dwight Exkert Tech Prepper to Harden Local National Grids,, Gary Richard Arnold,, END of USA Globalist Agenda, Riots to Revolution, Remove Police Bring UN Troops to US Cities, END of Global Tech Agenda Demon-Rats and RINO GOP NOW !, A to Z NutriMeds Tech Healing Health Now, Brain Health Protocols NutriMeds Review,,