NutriMedical Report Wed Feb 12th ’20 Hr1 SARS SonicLife Lumen PureH2O+

Jim Cole, SonicLife Whole Body Exercise Epigenetics, STOP EMP Pollution and SARS Viral Replication, Lumen Photon IR, Pamela, STOP Pain, Heal Perfuse Detox Stem Cell Therapy, Bob Vineyard, Pure Water System, 4 Phases Linear Charcoal Best Reverse Osmosis Membrane Add Ca Mg 9 to 18 ppm pH 10, Whole Home, BEV100 BEV200 BEV300 BEV500, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M ACOEM ABIME CCFP ABFP FNMB,  NutriMedical Report Show,,,