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Today’s Democrats: Equal Opportunity Betrayers

Lowell Ponte hammers party for catering to ‘Death to Israel’ Iranians

WND, January 9, 2020  URL:


Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic comrades are insane. The power-mad speaker of the House now believes that she is entitled to control impeachment rules in the United States Senate. She also believes she is now America’s commander in chief, entitled to prevent President Donald Trump from getting political credit for defeating major terrorists.

Pelosi and her leftist comrades, who have hijacked the once-great Democratic Party, now accuse President Trump of failing to consult with Congress before ordering the assassination of Iran’s terrorist mastermind, Qassem Soleimani.

Trouble is, House Democrats are now largely controlled by rabid anti-Semite Islamists such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., who favor the annihilation of Israel. Trump reportedly consulted with Congress once before about taking out Soleimani, but his plan leaked the instant Congress learned of it, letting this mass-killer of Americans escape.

To these new leftist Democrats, past friends are now enemies, and past enemies of the United States are their friends. Democrats have become “equal opportunity betrayers” of patriotic Americans.

In 2019, President Barack Hussein Obama’s secretary of state, John F. Kerry, violated the Logan Act, meeting privately with Iranian officials, sharing ideas to thwart Trump’s efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program authorized by an Obama agreement.


Why do many Democratic leaders now share Iran’s “Death to Israel” views and want Iran to take over the Middle East? Why are they betraying former Jewish political allies? The cynical answer is that Muslim money and voter numbers now rival those of American Jews.

In 2004, presidential candidate John F. Kerry reportedly pocketed at least $180,000 for his campaign just from one Iranian go-between, Hassan Nemazee. Many other Democrats enriched themselves with “dark” foreign money that likely came from Iran’s ayatollahs. When Barack Obama transferred more than $150 billion to Iran, how much of it flowed back into Democrats’ pockets by direct and indirect transfers?

Kerry thinks of himself as a globalist who favors world government and has never been bothered by harming the U.S. A mercenary gigolo, Kerry grew up in a Swiss boarding school speaking and thinking in French, the language he still speaks over dinner with the second of his very wealthy wives, heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune.

Democrats likewise betrayed their African American supporters by approving a flood of Latino immigrants who undercut black jobs and wages.

But Christian Latinos are now being betrayed as Democrats’ loyalty turns to Islamists. Christian Spaniards fought for 800 years to regain their country from Moorish-Islamist occupiers. In New World Mexico, they named one city, Matamoros, “Moor killer.”

The Democrats, however, show allegiance to Islamists who attack other former constituencies – throwing gays to their deaths from atop tall buildings and treating women as second-class sex objects. Rape has skyrocketed in European cities flooded with Islamist immigrants, and feminists are afraid to go outdoors after dark. But is this a surprise when Bill Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express while Hillary pocketed millions from casting-couch Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein? Or when the Clintons knowingly pocketed $400,000 from Macau’s prostitution boss?

Who created the mess in Iran? President Jimmy Carter did, by cutting off key funds helping our ally the shah of Iran, which gave the country to medieval Shiite “Twelvers” bent on Islam triumphing in a global nuclear war. The Shah’s overthrow led to 500,000 deaths in the Iran-Iraq War, to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, to the rise of terrorist group al-Qaida and its leader Osama bin Laden, to the destruction of the World Trade Center and the strike on the Pentagon.

Carter had the best of intentions to save 3,000 Soviet agents the Shah tortured, who when the ayatollah took over were put up against a wall and shot. With bloody hands, Carter took his Nobel Peace Prize.

What’s next? Democrats will soon betray their new Islamist friends to gain the support of Communist China, which today holds at least a million Muslims in concentration camps.

Those Democrats plan to destroy all free markets in the United States, leaving only fake crony capitalism merged with giant government. If Democrats elect president in November, they will confiscate every .22 caliber rifles in the hands of law-abiding Americans – and they will rush to restore the Obama treaty to insure that Iran gets nuclear weapons. They will betray the whole world.

This is the logic of progressives: take tiny guns away from you and me, but give nuclear weapons to apocalyptic religious fanatics in the world’s foremost terrorist sponsor, Iran. Does voting Democrat seem sane to you?  ####

The ‘Outlaw’ Left and the Roaring 2020s

Lowell Ponte warns of plans to abolish cops & prisons — but take your guns

WND, January 2, 2020 URL:

Historians call the 1920s the “Roaring Twenties” because this decade’s Prohibition was intended to end the evils of alcoholism. Instead, it led to big-city mobsters supplying illicit alcohol, and to a widespread breakdown of obedience and respect for law.

As the 2020s dawn, the left intends to make this new decade one that could end respect for the law – and perhaps end law and order as we know it.

Look at the politics of left-leaning cities such as Seattle, and at radical ideas being proposed by law journals from the Cardozo Law Review to the Harvard Law Review, writes Christopher Rufo in the libertarian Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, and you find leftists proposing that we “abolish the police.”

The ideological new goal of these leftists, writes Rufo, is “to dismantle municipal police departments and see ‘police officers disappearing from the streets.'”

“The police,” writes David Graeber of the London School of Economics, “are essentially just bureaucrats with weapons. Their main role in society is to bring the threat of physical force – even, death – into situations where it would never have been otherwise invoked, such as the enforcement of civil ordinances about the sale of untaxed cigarettes.”

Seattle progressive activist Kirsten Harris-Talley argues: “How do you reform an institution that from its inception was made to control, maim, condemn, and kill people?” She believes that “if cities can eliminate poverty through affordable housing and investing in community,” the police will become unnecessary.

Other utopian radicals, writes Rufo, argue that cities must simply “help people resolve conflicts through peace circles and restorative justice programs.” But without law enforcers armed with force, Rufo wonders, could society sustain order?

“I don’t know what a world without police looks like,” writes Mychal Denzel Smith in the far-left magazine The Nation. “I only know there will be less dead black people. I know that a world without police is a world with one less institution dedicated to the maintenance of white supremacy and inequality.”

A world without police would create a “vacuum of physical power,” writes Rufo. In such a world, “wealthy neighborhoods would deploy private police forces, and poor neighborhoods would organize around criminal gangs – deepening structural inequalities and harming the very people that the police abolitionists say they want to help.” Even Heaven, we are told, is a gated community with St. Peter controlling the gate.

We have seen what happens when leftist politicians order police to stand down and not enforce the law. In Baltimore, businesses were looted and burned. In Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, California, antifa masked thugs have been allowed to attack, beat and injure people without police intervening.

But leftists plan to do far more than abolish the police. In October, this column documented plans of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and others to abolish prisons and “decarcerate” nearly all those jailed in them to protect the public.

Leftists are also “decriminalizing crime,” making crimes such as shoplifting up to $950 from a retail store punishment-free, as this column detailed on Nov. 7.

I still remember when the Los Angeles County sheriff tightly restricted the right of citizens to be armed, declaring that people had “no need of guns” because sheriff deputies would protect them. Less than two months after his statement, the deputy sheriffs walked out, staging a “blue flu” strike for higher wages that held the unarmed citizenry as hostages to their demands.

A church congregation in Texas days ago prevented a mass killing because several of its members were armed, under a recently passed law. More than two centuries ago, churchgoing men in New England were required by law to bring a rifle or shotgun to Sunday services in case Native Americans attacked the worshipers.

But the left remains fanatically committed to confiscating your firearms so that you will be unable to defend yourself against violence, as this column documented last Sept. 15.

To recap, the left plans in this Roaring 2020s decade to decriminalize crime, abolish the police, abolish prisons and eliminate your right to keep and bear the arms that could enable you to defend yourself.

But the “outlaw” left does not plan to end all laws. Instead, the Deep State is arming its bureaucrats with firearms and perfecting “lawfare,” the weaponizing of law to wage warfare against businesses, the rich and individuals who dare to criticize our fast-growing, power-mad government. Prepare to be hit by vastly more government regulation, taxation and legal harassment such as government fines, penalties and lawsuits.  ####