The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Three Monday June 19th 2017 – Jim Guerci Tough Geopolitical Wellness Spiritual Questions for Dr Bill Deagle MD

HOUR THREE – RBN, Jim Guerci, Toughest Health and Spiritual Questions, Power of Prayer, Memes adn Corporate Collective Consiousness Thoughts,, QRMA Predictive Quantum Testing, Metapathia Tissue Organ sectioning and fusion with consultation, End Times Issues, Mark of the Beast , Jarrod Kushner Peace Negotiations, Sukkot last Seven Years coming soon, Jewish Covernanct with DEATH, America’s Future if Trump Assassinated or Impeached, Trump-Pence Sign of Mercy by GOD, Next President may be Beast Dictator of Trump if impeached or dead, Warning for Prayer and Repentance of Believers in America and Worldwide,,,, The NutriMedical Report Show,