The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Two Wednesday July 12th 2017 – LessEMF Emile DeToffle DDS MEng – Protection for Electro-Pollution Eletrosmog WiFi Smart Meters Scalar and Ioninzing Radiation UV Light – Harmonic Resonant Generator for Dr Bill with Consult – Mountain Red Deer Velvet – No One is Older than any 7 year Old – Clone your self with LegoBlocks for Humans – You Take It your Stem Cells will Come – Field of Dreams for Organ Regeneration !

LessEMF, Emile DeToffle DDS MEng, ELF Pollution, Electromog, scalar and ionizing radiation detertors and protective materials, harmonic resonator for healing mineral atomic resonance with Dr Bill consult, Mountain Red Deer Velvet, Toner for Life, Lego Blocks for Humans, Build a Better You, No One is older than a Seven Year Old, Take Mtn Red and Regenerate like a Fetus, Reverse Aging Now,