The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Wednesday July 5th 2017 – Josh Bernstein – www.AMAC.US Association for Mature American Citizens vs AARP – New House Senate Obscene Hate Speech Bill Bipartisan Kamala Harris DemonRat and Collins RepubliCrap – Totalitarian Sharia Compliant Islamic Crafter Mind Control Introduced Over July 4th 2017 USA Birthday!

HOUR ONE – RBN, Josh Bernstein, Amazing Expose of Current House and Senate Hate Speech Bill from Hell, Rename it the Totalitarian Islamic Sharia Compliant Political Correctness Mind Control Bill, Bipartisan Kamala Harris Dem and Collins Rep, Wow People!, Under the Cover of 4th of July 2017 Holiday, Health Care Radioactive Bill in Senate, Repeal now with Two Year replacement bills, Trump pivots, No RepubliCrap or DemonRat solutions Now!,,,, The NutriMedical Report Show, Dr Bill Deagle MD, Total Information Awareness NWO programs, Sharia Compliant Hate Speech Laws USA ScamTastic!,