NutriMedical Report Thurs Jan 23rd ’20 Hr 3 Gaffney Earth Changes Slip

Van Allen Radiation Magnetic Protection BeltAntartica Will NOT Be at South PoleBill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4MCollapse to City StatesEND OF N.W.O. with Pole ShiftEND of Satellite Cyberstate TyrannyEquator Prophecy to Move in Future to Pass Through Havana Cuba NOT South AmericaFive Pole Shift Lithospheric Dysjunction Crustal Slips on Mantel Slip 1657 miles SouthMARK GAFFNEYNorth Rotational Pole Moved from South Baffin Island to SiberiaNutriMedical Report ShowSouth Atlantic Radiation Hole to Fiv e Earth Diameters at Top of Layers 1Southern South America At South PoleTwo Magnetic North and South


This is the Meridian of Maximum Displacement (MoMD) as it passes through China and Siberia.